Weekly Love Horoscope For January 29 - February 4, 2024

No matter what your zodiac sign is, this week's horoscope proves that the universe works in unexpected ways for us all.

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Take time to feel into the spaces of your heart that you often don't notice, or that may be buried so deep you keep them protected under lock and key.

Explore your true feelings, the depths of your desires and the wishes for the kind of relationship you have always dreamed of.

Give your wounds the attention they need, and remind yourself that heartbreak is only the cost of loving so great that you can embrace the wild winds of change and allow yourself to hope once again.  


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The week of January 29 begins with a divine connection between the cosmic lovers Mars and Venus and the great Awakener, Uranus. Mars and Venus represent the divine masculine and feminine and symbolize the passion, love, and connection that is part of a romantic relationship. Uranus, though, is the planet of shock and awe and great change, which means that there will be moments of unexpected love, opportunity, or even healing in your relationship.


While there is no way to ultimately prepare yourself for the unexpected, by paying attention to your heart and surrendering to the process at hand, you can be sure that wherever you are guided is where you are meant to be.  

Luckily, Jupiter will work with Saturn in the intersection of fate and karmic lessons, helping you to feel greater hope and optimism and giving you the strength to choose the path of your higher self. This is a longer-lasting transit that will actually extend through February 19, 2024.

This experience is giving you an enormous boost to your romantic life as you can cut ties with those you've outgrown and allow a newfound sense of reconnection to blossom in the relationship that is meant for you. Feel into the idea that the universe is always conspiring in your favor so that you can trust not only yourself more deeply but also any sudden turn of events.  

As the week of January 29 comes to a close, the Last Quarter Moon rises in Scorpio, drawing you inward and helping you to reflect on matters in your life. This can make you feel like you're putting the final pieces of your healing together or even give you enough pause to ensure you listen to and follow your heart.


Think of this time as one that is meant to cleanse you of anything that isn't going to help you or be necessary in your new chapter. You no longer have to carry what isn't yours or believe that love should only make you struggle. Instead, you can let go and realize that the greatest love isn't only unexpected but also the one that arrives softly and with ease.  

Important Dates For January 29 - February 4, 2024 

Monday, January 29 

The week begins with the celestial lovers Mars and Venus forming a harmonious trine with Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the planet of sudden and often surprising redirection. With just recently stationing direct, its energy will be amplified and felt more intensely, especially in your romantic life.  

Mars and Venus are currently both in Capricorn, bringing in a desire to look at things with clarity and transparency. This draws a need to make logical plans in your relationship, to be able to plan your future and to look at how this connection adds value to your life. As Mars and Venus unite with Uranus, all aspects of your relationship are prone to sudden changes as you realize more that you want an all-encompassing love.  

Tuesday, January 30 

The lucky alignment of Jupiter in Taurus with Saturn in Pisces begins to peak the week of January 29 and will extend through through the first half of February. Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance, but Saturn is determined to do things right and ensure no steps are being skipped. This brings an energy of greater optimism, integrity and the ability to make grounded and balanced decisions to your romantic life.  


Although this is an energy you can use to your advantage, it becomes especially important the week of January 29 to help you navigate any unexpectedness that Mars, Venus and Uranus bring into your life. Try to find the balance between what your heart wants and the logical steps to ensure the future you are moving into is far brighter than the past.  

Friday, February 2 

The Last Quarter Moon rises in Scorpio, providing a space of healing and release so you can move with a clear heart. A Last Quarter Moon draws you into a period of deeper reflection, introspection, and even quietness, as you may tend to seek out more solitude during this time. Whether you are processing the events from the beginning of the week of 2024 or even the last few years, think of this time as an emotional cleansing.  

You aren't meant to continue to carry the past with you or to hold things over your own heart. Instead, this is your moment to process, to heal and to decide not just the kind of relationship you desire but, ultimately, who you want to become. Through it all, the divine transit of Jupiter and Saturn will help you feel greater hope and balance in knowing whether it's time to let it all go or even begin again.  

Weekly Love Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Sign, January 29 - February 4, 2024 


(March 21 - April 19)  


Best Love Day: Friday, February 2, Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio in your sector of intimacy 

The Last Quarter Moon rises in Scorpio and ends a certain phase of your romantic life while another begins. Scorpio used the area of your life that governs transformation, intimacy, and even significant life partners, while a Last Quarter Moon is about release and reflection. During this time, you are being guided to reflect on your relationship or even how you have been approaching love so that you can move into a space of receiving what you truly desire.  

A Last Quarter Moon is less about a breakup and more about ending a certain way of connecting or even thinking about love. Try to see if you've been practicing what you hope to receive, and remember that you can't play it safe in love and expect to enjoy all its benefits fully.  

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(April 20 - May 20) 

Best Love Day: Friday, February 2, Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio in your house of love  

Scorpio energy rules over your house of love and affects how you show up for your partner and your relationships. This Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio is coming off two years of dramatic changes in how you relate to your partner thanks to the Nodes of Fate, but now it's time to start putting together more of what you want. 

You are in a rebuilding phase of your life, which is about taking a lot more risk and less about staying in any comfort zone. Use the energy of the Last Quarter Moon to help you set the tone for the connection you want to create or even continue to build by honoring what no longer resonates with you. This may also be a time of some deeper healing for you so that you can take a new chance on love.  


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(May 21 - June 20) 

Best Love Day: Monday, January 29, Venus trine Uranus in your sector of transformation and desire 

Venus, the planet of love, is currently in Capricorn, ruler of your house of intimate connections. Uranus in Taurus is brimming with positive growth and desires to enjoy life again. As much as you may have withdrawn from certain areas of your life last year, this new energy invites you to take your relationship to the next level. 

You may consider introducing your partner to friends or family, which would be supported under this trine between Venus and Uranus. But it may also be about how you connect and spend quality time with your partner as well. Try to spend some time reflecting on whether you are prioritizing socializing, joy, or even quality time as much now as you previously did. Enjoying moments of happiness with your partner will only ever serve to bring you closer together.  


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(June 21 - July 22) 

Best Love Day: Monday, January 29, Venus trine Uranus in your sector of romance and wishes 

You must remember that new opportunities for love and commitment don't arrive when you are ready but when they are destined to occur. Venus, the planet of love, is currently in Capricorn, ruler of your romantic sector. Alongside Mars, this is activating you to put your energy and heart into either healing any recent challenges you've had with an existing partner or even allowing yourself to trust more deeply in a new love. 

Uranus in Taurus helps you trust the process and have greater faith in your romantic life. You may be introduced to someone new or even start seeing an existing connection in a new light during the week of January 29. Whatever you wish truly is possible, but you must believe in yourself enough to see that just because heartbreak is always possible doesn't mean it's actually going to happen.  


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(July 23 - August 22) 

Best Love Day: Friday, February 2, Last Quater Moon in Scorpio in your sector of home  

The Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio is rising in your home and family sector, helping you to reflect on what you want to release that will honor your deep emotional truth. Scorpio energy governs the healing that is part of any wounds, trauma, or conditioning and can help you move to a more balanced and healthier frame of mind and heart.  

Under the Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio, you are being guided to reflect on what you want or even need to release during this time. It likely will be a theme, belief, or even a way of operating within a committed relationship that you now realize doesn't serve you in what you want to create. In the process of letting go, there is always a space that is created, which is also the very same one that love needs to grow.


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(August 23 - September 22) 

Best Love Day: Tuesday, January 30, Jupiter with Saturn in your house of relationships 

There is a great deal of lucky and expansive energy surrounding you right now as Jupiter forms a sweet aspect with Saturn. Jupiter in Taurus rules your house of luck, abundance, and new opportunities, while Saturn in Pisces governs your romantic relationship. Together, they create a fervent desire and urge to bring your relationship to a new level. Whether it's a greater commitment, starting a business together, or even simply indulging in travel, seize the opportunity to explore this new horizon. 


Jupiter will work with Saturn from Tuesday, January 30, until Tuesday, February 19, giving you a significant amount of time to reflect on how you want or hope your relationship will grow. Everything that is occurring right now is part of the past growth and process that you've done within yourself, so trust in your ability to articulate your desires to your partner and live an incredible life together.  

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(September 23 - October 22) 

Best Love Day: Monday, January 29, Mars trine Uranus in your house of healing and connection 

There may be a significant change within your home during the week of January 29 as Mars in Capricorn forms a trine to Uranus in Taurus. Mars, the planet of action and ambition, is currently in Capricorn, ruler of your home and healing. As Mars creates a trine with Uranus in Taurus, it brings in unexpected developments and changes that will lead to a more profound connection with your partner. 


Uranus always tends to work in the most surprising of ways, and while you may not always be comfortable embracing the unknown, in this case, it's all part of helping you create this new life you've begun dreaming about. Mars in Capricorn is direct and focused, so themes such as moving in together, relocating, or even making a purchase may all be a part of not only creating a deeper commitment to one another but also healing as you are finally ready to receive the love that has always been meant for you.  

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(October 23 - November 21) 

Best Love Day: Tuesday, January 30, Jupiter with Saturn in your sector of marriage and love  


The week of January 29 will be quite interesting for you as Jupiter in Taurus, ruler of your romantic sector, forms a trine with Saturn in Pisces, which governs over marriage, commitment, and happiness. What you've been realizing is that to grow and create the love you have always truly desired, you also have needed to believe you were worth it. This reflects the deep healing you have already moved through, but it's also about trusting the process and where you are directed. 

While you may meet someone significant and encounter a proposal, you may also finally be in the place to choose your happiness simply. The energy of Taurus and Pisces denotes a significant positive relationship that will affect everything you choose to create from this point on. If it's all about a relationship, then you know it's meant to be in your life, and if instead, it's simply about prioritizing your happiness, then know the love you seek is closer than you think it is.  

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(November 22 - December 21) 


Best Love Day: Tuesday, January 30, Jupiter with Saturn in your sector of healthy relationships 

Ever since Jupiter shifted into Taurus in 2023, you have been enmeshed in an up-leveling in your life. This has not only helped you prioritize what you need to feel your best, but it's also positively affected all aspects of your life, especially your romantic relationship. In the week of January 29, Jupiter in Taurus, ruler of your well-being and determination, unites with Saturn in Pisces, which governs over your home and domestic intimacy. Expect a new and positive shift in your relationship. 

With Pluto recently shifted into Aquarius, ruler of your communication sector, you have already embraced a new level of honesty and transparency, which is based on knowing what you deserve. Gone are the days of self-sabotage because you doubted that you deserved the best possible love, and so now all that's left is confidence, trust, and determination to make your relationship the best it can be.  


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(December 22 - January 19) 

Best Love Day: Monday, January 29, Venus trine Uranus in your house of commitment and joy  

Mars and Venus, known as the celestial lovers, are currently in your zodiac sign of Capricorn, which helps you to be more determined in pursuing what you want. As Venus in Capricorn forms a trine with Uranus in Taurus, lighting up your sector of commitment and joy, you will feel more free to move in the direction of your heart. Leave behind the rules or even beliefs for what you said you did or didn't want, and let yourself feel the truth of this moment as it's set to bring you everything you've ever dreamed of.  


You will likely make a significant move in love during the week of January 29 as Venus unites with Uranus. This will bring in a surprise declaration of love, engagement, or even another type of proposal that is meant to bring greater joy and passion into your life. As much as you've been about developing a better balance in your life, this week is all about listening to your heart and knowing that when it feels right, the only answer that exists is yes.  

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(January 20 - February 18) 

Best Love Day: Tuesday, January 30, Jupiter with Saturn in your sector of value and intimacy 


When you know what you are worth, the universe will always rise to deliver just that. As much as you've made amazing progress in your romantic life over the past few years, it's time to ready yourself for some exciting and surprising opportunities for deeper commitment and intimacy.  

As Jupiter forms a complimentary aspect to Saturn, your sectors of value, self-worth, intimacy, and healing will all be activated, helping to bring in a new opportunity involving living together, family matters, or even finally being able to trust that is being offered to you is actually real. Remember that things only actually change when you've reached the point of attracting them. While things might feel like they're moving faster than you expected this year, it's also all part of you continuing to build the romantic relationship you've always been worthy of.  

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(February 19 - March 20) 


Best Love Day: Monday, January 29, Venus trine Uranus in your house of compromise  

There is a saying regarding relationships: you can either be right, or you can be in love. In your case, you've often veered on the side of overly compromising to make past partners happy because of a deep-seated fear that if you disagreed, you would be abandoned. But with self-worth and exploration comes the knowledge that compromise, in general, is what allows love to continue to flourish, as long, of course, as you are also practicing healthy boundaries. 

In the week of January 29, Venus in Capricorn will trine Uranus in Taurus, highlighting your need to compromise with others but also hold space for important conversations. Make sure to give yourself time before you agree to anything and be mindful of how any decisions feel in your somatic body first. You have learned so much about what goes into creating a healthy, amazing love that the only thing left to do is put it into practice.  

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