What Day Will Be Luckiest This Week For Each Zodiac Sign In Astrology Beginning November 6

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lucky day of the week november 6 - 12

There are times in your life when you need to walk the path by yourself as you create what you've always dreamed of, yet at others, you need to embrace the beneficial connections within your life to make magic happen. Everyone sometimes needs help, whether with professional connections or emotional support, as you begin to follow your heart toward your destiny.

As George Shinn states, "You will reach your goals only with the help of others." When you can embrace the new and existing connections within your life without being too proud to seek help, you also allow yourself to flow in the direction of manifesting all you desire for your life.  

In the week of November 6, Venus shifts into Libra, helping pave a path forward as you focus on cooperative relationships with others. Venus rules matters of the heart, but it also governs over financial and real estate themes, helping you love yourself and know without a shadow of a doubt that you are worthy of all you seek in this life.

In Libra, Venus seeks to open to your positive connections as you embrace the power that working with others can have in your life. This creates the awareness that the luck you seek may very well be in that friend, family member or within a stranger that becomes more. Luck is all around you, and as Venus shifts into Libra, it will be found within the connections you make with others.  

Although Sagittarius Season is still a few weeks away, Mercury begins the procession of planets into this philosophical and exploratory fire sign — Mercury rules over your conversations, agreements with others and your internal dialogue with yourself. As Mercury shifts into Sagittarius, it helps to open your mind in new and exciting ways as you become aware of different possibilities, options and greater meanings of recent events.

During this time, you are encouraged to seek another resolution or path forward, as in Sagittarius, Mercury is looking to do things differently. Speaking your truth will still be essential, but as Venus draws you closer to working with others, Mercury in Sagittarius inspires you to reflect on communicating the greater meaning behind your intentions. Everything you do and say matters under this new energy, and as you embrace both, you will find that once you change how you look at things, everything tends to show up in a more positive and luckier light.  

Here's what day will be the luckiest for your zodiac sign this week:

Aries luckiest day: Friday, November 10 

Leading Energy: Mercury in Sagittarius, ruler of your house of luck 

It's time to open yourself up to new possibilities and endeavors as Mercury shifts into Sagittarius, ruler of all matters of luck within your life. Sagittarius inspires you to reach that far-reaching horizon to make your dreams come true. Remember that what you say and how you say it matters, as this will heavily influence your inner dialogue and conversations with others, helping you to lay the foundation for your beautiful new future.  

Under this Sagittarian energy, you will be invited to dive deeper into the meaning of the connections with your life as well as the dreams that you have for your life. Focus on embracing a positive ritual of self-talk while also allowing yourself to lean into conversations to hear what the other person is saying or offering so that you can make the most of every opportunity headed your way.  

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Taurus luckiest day: Wednesday, November 8 

Leading Energy: Venus in Libra, ruler of your sector of dedication 

It's time to focus on your inner self and set your life up to make the most of each moment. Libra energy rules your dedication to achieving your dreams, how you care for yourself and the routines you have set up. Venus in Libra signifies a shift to incorporating others into your plans and dreams, not just to help you externally achieve what you desire but also to help you remain dedicated to what in your heart you most want to pursue.  

Venus in Libra will encourage you to reflect on your self-care methods, inner dedication and how to make the most of each moment of your day. This will also include more excellent balance, so it's not just about abandoning everything for a new career opportunity but how to live your best life as you work to create all you desire. When you embrace having multiple priorities, you also make the space to generate widespread luck in many facets of your life.  

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Gemini luckiest day: Wednesday, November 8 

Leading Energy: Venus in Libra, ruler of your house of joy and commitment 

Let your hair down and focus on how to enjoy your life more. After a phase of intense self-growth and lessons, you are being guided to commit to creating a life of happiness. While this can positively affect your relationships with others and your career, it must begin with your promise to never diminish the importance of joy within your life.  

To begin embracing this energy, reflect on what goes into creating joy in your life. It may be simple moments of happiness or fun events, but it also may revolve around greater peace, understanding and ease as you move forward. The more you can identify what constitutes joy within your life, the more focused you can be on creating a life that surrounds it.  

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Cancer luckiest day: Friday, November 10 

Leading Energy: Mercury in Sagittarius, ruler of your house, becoming your best self 

As you continue to embrace this transformation phase within your life, you are being guided to focus on yourself as Mercury shifts into Sagittarius. While this area of your life focuses on becoming your best self, it also incorporates changes to your daily routines or how you care for yourself. When you can embrace that being your best self isn't just about the books you read. How you care for every aspect of yourself, you are also in the position to truly feel like you have achieved it. 

To be your best self is to put you where you can attract that. If you've felt depleted recently or are unsure of the next summit to reach, then take a pause and direct all the energy you've been putting into the world back into yourself. When you truly feel your best, you make decisions from that space, which is precisely what goes into creating a life based on divine luck.  

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Leo luckiest day: Wednesday, November 8 

Leading Energy: Venus in Libra, ruler of your sector of communication 

When you embrace the power of your words, you also embrace your inner power. Take the necessary time to truly focus on how each word you speak goes into creating your life. Whether it's conversations in your career, personal life or your inner self, you are guided to genuinely embrace the greater meaning and purpose behind all aspects of communication. At this moment, as you begin to transition into a phase of life that includes more balance, it's vital to ensure you are genuinely communicating your desires to others. Don't speak life into something you don't want to grow because, inevitably, it will.  

You are now gifted with compassion, diplomacy and truth in the words you speak or write. Use this to your full advantage as you heal relationships and plant the seeds for your professional development. As you practice the art of listening, you will see how everything can be transformed for the better and that living the life you dream of is always one lucky conversation away. 

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Virgo luckiest day: Wednesday, November 8 

Leading Energy: Venus in Libra, ruler of your house of finances 

As Venus shifts into Libra, allow yourself the space to reflect on how your inner self-worth has also affected the financial area of your life so that you can make the positive changes you are seeking. Finances, in general, are merely an exchange of energy. When you hold an energy of abundance within yourself, that is what you will project out into the world as you attract it financially. Use this to your full advantage to ensure you're not underselling yourself and truly setting the bar for what you are worth receiving in this life.  

Allow yourself to focus on attracting more financial abundance into your life. This can include raising your rates, advocating for a raise or promotion or simply demonstrating that you can handle the abundance you have already received. When you declare to the universe that you are worth more, you also position yourself to attract that into your life precisely. 

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Libra luckiest day: Friday, November 10 

Leading Energy: Mercury in Sagittarius, ruler of your house of communication 

Let yourself embrace a new way of seeing old situations to find the luck you seek. Mercury rules communication, but it also governs agreements and contracts with others. Sagittarius is looking for a new way of doing things, but it serves a more significant meaning in your life. Take the time to look behind the scenes and delve into any recent obstacles or challenges so that you can use your words' power to create resolutions and new opportunities.  

As you progress on your path and look toward your professional life with more determination, this is a great chance to start speaking up for yourself and try out innovative ideas. Whether you're called to return to school or apply for a new position, this is the time to sit on your dreams and put in the effort and work to make them a reality.  

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Scorpio luckiest day: Wednesday, November 8 

Leading Energy: Venus in Libra, ruler of your house of intuition 

When it comes to knowing what is divinely meant for you, your intuition is your most substantial connection. As a water sign, that is no surprise, but because you are the zodiac sign representing transformation and growth, you tend to rely more deeply on your inner self. As Venus shifts into Libra, ruler of your dreams, intuition and connection with the spiritual world, it's essential to honor your visions as truth. Every idea and dream you have serves a higher purpose in your life, but to make the most of them, you must also embrace them as a divine truth and something you can build upon.  

Venus in Libra not only helps you use your intuitive side to generate more income to start dreaming of a new home, but it can also help heal any feelings of lack you may be carrying around with you. Abundance isn't just the bottom line in your bank account but the mindset you carry through life. When you can ensure that you are radiating abundance within your soul, you are also far more likely to take advantage of the lucky opportunities your intuition is guiding you toward.  

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Sagittarius luckiest day: Friday, November 10 

Leading Energy: Mercury in Sagittarius, ruler of your inner truth 

As a Sagittarius, you can tend to hold a great deal within yourself as you continually try to excavate it for a more profound truth. Part of your strength is seeing the world differently and holding the greater meaning of events and possibilities with more understanding and compassion. As Mercury shifts into Sagittarius, you will feel greater empowerment to advocate from this internal space of truth as you always trust yourself to know what is best for yourself and the life you want to build. 

Mercury in Sagittarius inspires you to reflect more on your inner self, promoting an atmosphere of sharing, advocating and trusting within your desires to be those meant for you. When you can self-validate and practice confidence in expressing your dreams to the world, you will find that you are the luck you have been seeking. Don't be afraid to unleash your greatness into the world, as the universe divinely guides any project or idea. 

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Capricorn luckiest day: Wednesday, November 8 

Leading Energy: Venus in Libra, ruler of your career sector 

Balance can be achieved in all things, especially those closest to your heart. This is especially true when it comes to your professional and personal life, which you often must work the most to create. Your personal life isn't just your interactions and relationships with others, but even the time you dedicate to do what nurtures your soul. As Venus moves into Libra, highlighting your career sector, it's also bringing in the awareness for balance within your life as you are reminded of what matters the most to you.  

Use the energy of Venus in Libra to create the career success you desire, but also ensure you are giving yourself enough time to enjoy all the other areas of your life. Promotions and new jobs are all on the table, but so is stepping away for a family trip or other activity that feels like it nurtures the life you want to build. Expand your vision of success during this time, and you will ensure that you create it in every area of your life that matters most.  

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Aquarius luckiest day: Wednesday, November 8 

Leading Energy: Venus in Libra, ruler of your house of luck 

Libra energy rules over your house of luck, which also includes adventure, travel and education. Use this as the green light to focus your energy on the new and how to break up any routines or mundane aspects of life to let some excitement back in. While all the themes of Libra in your house of luck sound fun, it's also about expanding your soul, which becomes possible when you open yourself up to the new. As you do, you will encounter new connections and opportunities that may be what you've been trying to find.  

Feel empowered to answer the call to travel to a specific area or to visit an old friend, as there is something in that experience that you need to encounter. Every moment of life matters, and as you embrace the unexpected and seize the opportunity to leave your comfort zone, you are met with lucky possibilities to help bring in the abundance and zest for life you seek. Sometimes, all it takes is the choice to do things differently to change your life in the best possible way completely.  

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Pisces luckiest day: Friday, November 10 

Leading Energy: Mercury in Sagittarius, ruler of your professional life  

The time is ripe for growth and opportunity as Mercury shifts into Sagittarius, spotlighting your career and professional life. Sagittarius is all about greater meaning, higher purpose and new opportunities, meaning a new job or career path may suddenly open during this transit. Make the most of this time by embracing an openness for the latest and being willing to advocate for what you know you are worth.  

You can trust with greater intensity the exciting and often unpredictable paths that life can take. In this case, you will be asked to take a risk regarding your career by focusing on what you feel is part of your divine purpose as you seize a new opportunity within your professional life. Please prepare by reflecting on what you feel called to pursue and then confirming your abilities to ensure you can maximize this lucky energy. Don't forget that things always turn around when you least expect them, so look at everything that comes your way as a divine opportunity to grow and achieve your desired success.  

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