The Weekly 3-Card Tarot Reading For Each Zodiac Sign November 13 - 19, 2023

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three card tarot reading november 13 - 19, 2023

Welcome to each zodiac sign's three-card tarot reading for the week of November 13 - 19, 2023. This week begins with a New Moon in Scorpio, so we're going to change things up a bit and do a three-card reading for each zodiac sign. We will go over the past, present and future as it pertains to this particular week. Astrologically, we know that what is revealed in the tarot started in the stars. The universe is here for us to interpret, and the cards here work in correlation to the weekly transits.

On November 13th, the New Moon in Scorpio has a broad influence on us all, as this is the time when we either move ahead or get left behind. The three-card tarot reading will show us what we are leaving behind and how important it is to pay attention to what we have right now so that we can pave the way for the future.

Leading up to our weekly tarot reading are the transits of Mercury sextile Venus and Sun conjunct Mars. This week, we will have the chance to really look back at what we did to create the situations we're in right now. This week shows us that we can't escape responsibility and that we are ... responsible for all that we do in this life, whether we believe it or not. Is there such a thing as free will? Perhaps the Tarot can give us insight for the week of November 13 - 19, 2023.

Three tarot card reading for all zodiac signs for the week of November 13 - 19, 2023:


Past: Knight of Pentacles

In the past, you were always able to fall back on that one person whom you believed would always come through for you. This was your helper, your trusted friend ... it might even be a romantic partner. This is someone you could turn to for positive energy, even though they were stern and fierce. They may not have been a 'kind' person, but they were someone you could trust, and you trusted in their opinion.

Present: Ten of Swords, reversed

While this card looks violent, in its reversed state, we can see it as you being held aloft by that which tried to end you. Your present state has come as a result of past mistakes and blunders that you only realize now. You are not finished, nor are you hopeless; you have a million hard lessons under your belt now, and it's up to you to make the best of your present situation.

Future: Four of Pentacles

This card shows you that you will get yourself back on track again and that no matter what you thought you lost or what you expected to gain, what's 'real' is the mundane life of making money, finding security in friendships and simply living your life in a way that isn't excessive. This card allows you to know that while it may not all end up miraculously happy, it will definitely be secure and safe, and you will be able to relax.

Keywords: trust, patience, stamina 

Don't lose faith, Aries. Know that everything has a purpose, even if you don't understand what that purpose is. It's all to get you to the next level where you can shine even harder.

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Past: The Devil

OK, apparently, you've got a few shadows in your closet, and that's OK because you're human and nobody's perfect. You may find that this week, your past has come back to haunt you. That doesn't necessarily mean it gains access to everything you've done to get rid of it, but you may find that either an old and not-so-beloved friend is back or that some mistake you've made is here to remind you, once again, not to do the same thing.

Present: The Tower, reversed

Apparently, this isn't your best week to date, but it may be the last of its kind, meaning this is the week where it all crumbles down, and you're finally able to make sense of the rubble. You saw it coming, and now you're in the thick of it. Arguments come to an end this week, and endings are the start of new beginnings. You'll see the destruction of something you once believed in, but you'll also know that you played a conscious part in making it happen.

Future: King of Swords, reversed.

What all of this will end up with is a feeling of distrust for certain people; you will use this as your strength. The future shows that you will learn from the past and apply it in a way that may have you feeling bitter or overly self-protective. You are walking into a place now where you feel that you are the only one who can judge what is right or wrong for you. It's a strong position, and it will suit your needs.

Keywords: trials, lessons, severity.

OK, Taurus, you know that you'll get through it all, but you're also in the middle of learning some hardcore lessons. You won't be fooled again; you can't be. You've lost too much already.

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Past: Seven of Pentacles, reversed

So, it seems that whatever you invested all the time and energy into is still taking its sweet time, showing up as a great success. You stuck with what you believe in, and it's brought you nothing more than the knowledge that you're able to say something faithfully. You refused to give up, even when the odds were against you. You still don't know if it's worth it, but whatever you did in the past is not something you're about to throw out or discard.

Present: Six of Cups

You are now at the place where you feel unthreatened and easygoing. This week has you wanting to share and show others in your life that there's nothing to worry about. Whatever you did in the past to get yourself to this state of mind was worthwhile; you put in the time, and now you feel good about yourself, and you're willing to share the wealth of that good feeling. This week has you inviting people over, sharing good, enjoying good times together.

Future: Ten of Cups, reversed

Your fine attitude will bring you wonders in the future, and while you might not be able to create a state of perfection, whatever it is that you're doing right now is bound to glory in its way. You have worked hard for this, Gemini, and the way the cards show it, you'll be well on your way to a happy family life very shortly. Nothing is perfect, but who needs perfection when there is, at least, love?

Keywords:  gratitude, intelligence, stability.

The idea of not seeking out the perfect is very apropos for this week and you, Gemini. Be content in the moment and know that you created the situation you're in right now. You did a good job; be grateful and humble.

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Past: The Star

Whatever you did in the past is now something you're trying to recreate in the present. You can't return to the glory of 'the old days', and you shouldn't try, as what is past is past and cannot be recreated. You were once 'the star' of the show, as this card suggests, and you should revel in the idea that your life has given you brilliant experiences but that each experience is representative of the time in which you lived.

Present: Two of Wands, reversed

While it's pretty typical for people to refer to the past during this second to last month of the year, you might spend a little too much time reflecting over days gone by. You may even find yourself trying to work your past into some kind of project that can be restored for the future. As long as you don't think you can be the person you once were, you could use this week for inspiration.

Future: Knight of Wands

All of your life's experience now has you feeling so much stronger. The future shows that you are fearless and no longer attached to the past. You will be reinventing yourself as someone with much to look forward to. You are able to communicate well, and your presence will be impressive and worthy of the attention you'll be getting. The future is worth working for, after all, Gemini.

Keywords: boldness, introspection, memory.

Nobody knows what's on your mind, Gemini, and even if they did, they wouldn't get the ins and outs of how you know how to make things work ... in spite of how you come across. You can make magic out of nothing at all.

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Past: Ace of Pentacles

You sure knew how to live, and when it came to creating success, you were the ultimate star of the show. While you know that you aren't the same person as you once were, you feel that the kernels of brilliance are still inside you. What you need to figure out is how to take the magic that you created in the past and work it out so that you see the same kind of success in the present. You need a plan of action, Leo.

Present: Nine of Pentacles, reversed

What you've started to notice is that your past success is waning. While that doesn't mean it's gone away, you feel that the past created certain habits that may not suit you today. You spend a lot of money, and you've come to understand that you aren't an endless font of gold. There has to be a limit to your spending, and the way you see that, that means you need to find a new avenue in which to create financial success.

Future: Judgment, reversed

The future shows you in bold terms that you cannot remain passive when it comes to your finances and that nobody's coming in on a white horse to save you. That doesn't mean you'll fall — by no means. However, this card makes it known to you that you must play by the same rules as everyone else: you must work, you must save, and you must, by all means, protect. All will work out well as soon as you're able to understand this.

Keywords: realism, balance, acceptance.

Leo, it's up to you to understand that we're all human and that, even if you see yourself as 'better' than the rest of us, the game is still played the same way. You have to take care of yourself. You can't rely on the idea that someone else will do this for you.

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Past: Three of Wands, reversed

You've come to realize that, in your opinion, your best days are finished with. While that may sound depressing, it's something you've believed for a long time, and the past will hold tight to you for reasons that are obvious to you and you alone. Memories persist, and so do anniversary dates. You look to the past for joy, for reminiscent, but you find very little else.

Present: King of Pentacles, reversed

Your present situation shows that responsibility all but overwhelms you and that you're quite tired of having to be the boss and the authority of ... everything. You're simply overwhelmed this week by bills, by being an adult, by having to take care of this, that and the other thing and still ... you have to work. You might spend the week wondering when you'll get a break, as you didn't envision this much toil for your present self when you were younger.

Future: Death

Here's a card that gives you a reprieve, and no, it doesn't mean you're going to die out of it. In fact, this card shows that you overcome the odds and are able to march through your situation with your head held high, knowing that whatever got you here was something you got over. This card is always good and shows that you are able to accept and move on. Your future is one where the past is that which you will be walking away from.

Keywords: memory, glory, weariness.

Just keep this in mind, Virgo: Your best days are yet to come. Enough is enough with your constant reference to the past. It's time to think positively, as you've spent way too much time drowning in your self-pity. Move on.

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Past: Six of Swords

You may have been the caretaker for someone in your family, or you played a great role in helping someone out. You remember that you gave it all for the sake of this person and that there's the possibility in there that you started to define yourself as a 'caretaker.' The past reminds you that you lost yourself in your 'role' and that you became confused as to who you really are. You associated yourself so intensely with this other person that you lost yourself in the process.

Present: Page of Pentacles

This week, November 13 - 19, 2023, has you figuring something out about your life, and that is that it's up to you to start anew and that there is nothing someone else can do for you. While you may have felt lost in the past, you never stopped believing in yourself or your abilities. This week will show you that if you decide to chuck the past, you will rise and regain yourself once again. The past does not define you. You are simply forged into the new person you are now because of it.

Future: The Chariot, reversed

The direction you were taking is rerouting itself, as this card not only represents travel but also a change in plans. You saw yourself as one way, and as this week progresses, it occurs to you that you don't have to lock into being that 'one' way. You have plenty of options now, and being that you're in a much more positive state of mind, you feel accepting of change and interested in new things. You are not afraid of the unknown, and you will go in that direction.

Keywords:  change, direction, newness.

Self-belief is what's going to get you from there to here, Libra. You know now that you've done your time as a caretaker and that there's no need to remain stuck in the mindset that this is all you know how to do. The world awaits you, and so, you go for it.

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Past: Two of Pentacles, reversed

You made up your mind, and whatever you got was not necessarily what you wanted. Your recent past shows that you acted on impulse, and while things may have worked out for you, you're still not sure if you made the right move. All you know is that the person you are this week is not the same person you were only last week. The difference hinges on the idea that you opted for change. You are still not sure you did the right thing, however.

Present: King of Wands, reversed

So, your past decision that this week, November 13 - 19, 2023, is going to have you feeling somewhat secure in your decision. All is well in your world, but there's still that lingering feeling that this is not exactly what you wanted. Right now, you feel good, stable ... secure ... but are you being true to yourself, Scorpio? You can't help but feel foolish and fraudulent during this week, as if you know you're not supposed to be here in the way that you arrived.

Future: Nine of Wands, reversed

Because you never really felt complete about your actions of the past, you feel that whatever the future holds for you, it will be somewhat insecure. The future shows that because of your inability to commit to a decision, a person or a way of life, you may find that you continue with that unstable feeling. While you know you'll be OK, you aren't quite sure you'll be happy being 'OK.' You are also conscious that you created this.

Keywords: perspective, shift, reversal.

This reading really shows you that you have to be more assertive when it comes to choosing a path in life. While you are strong and vital, you tend to back down right before the big decisions require your full attention. The future still exists for you, Scorpio; you need to be more proactive in creating it for yourself.

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Past: Knight of Swords, reversed

The past has shown you that you need to be more humble and that even though you've believed in yourself, your way of going about things has been haphazard and insensitive to those around you. You have acted out of naïveté and hubris, never considering the consequences or how your moves may come back to bite you in the future. You have been brazen and bold, and you might have believed you were doing the right thing. You hurt people along the way, and that's never a good thing.

Present: Nine of Swords

Today, this week, have you fully taken responsibility for the damage you've caused others in the past. This week brings you a fresh new outlook, and even though that vision was born in pain, you know that as for this week, November 13 - 19, 2023, you need to take a step back and think things through before acting. Bold moves are not what's needed right now. You've made mistakes, and you won't want a repeat performance. You've learned your lessons.

Future: Four of Swords

From now on, what you see in your future is the ability to witness your surroundings before changing. This card shows that you are completely aware of your power and that in order to use it for good, you need to pull off and meditate before acting. The future shows that there are no more spontaneous acts of selfishness on your part. You've learned the hard way but you know that from now on, you think before you speak.

Keywords: wisdom, hardship, life lessons.

It takes a big person to admit they are wrong, and while you don't want to make a spectacle of yourself doing this, you will absolutely be able to see that you cannot continue if people are to become casualties. Your ego has taken a blow, but that blow is what's going to change your life for the better.

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Past: Five of Cups

Like many others, you will fall into memories of the past, and all because that's how it goes for you around this time of the year. Life has been good to you, and as you reminisce over the many precious memories that life has afforded you, you may shed a tear or two in the process. You may not have gotten everything you wanted, but you're OK with that.

Present: Ace of Cups

It's hard to beat the Ace of Cups, as this card represents love at its ultimate, and you will find that this is the perfect week to get in touch with that deep well of gratitude that resides within you. Hey, it's Thanksgiving season, after all, and you are inspired to reflect on your life with joy and appreciation. You are one of the lucky ones, Capricorn, and during the week, you will know love, feel love and experience the giving of it.

Future: Three of Swords

Betrayal is what you'll want to avoid in the future, and while nobody knows when such a thing is coming, what you do know is that if you've been this lucky so far, then you can handle anything. In your case, if there is a betrayal in your future, it's something that can be talked out. All situations have solutions where you are concerned, and while this proves to you that life isn't perfect, you are also aware that you can deal with whatever comes your way.

Keywords: surprise, stability, insecurity.

What you tend to suffer from, Capricorn, is too much of a good thing. What this means is that you'll see how well your life has gone, and you'll wonder when it will all collapse. You can't help it, as you are someone who is always looking to see the big picture.

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Past: Seven of Cups, reversed

You've always been someone who has lived according to their terms, and while the past shows that you might also be someone who doesn't want to grow up, you've made things work for yourself. This card implies that you've always gotten your way and that not everyone in your life likes that idea. You are aware of the naysayers in your life, and you see them as jealous and envious of your ability to survive on your terms.

Present: Strength, reversed

At present, you aren't fond of having to change anything, as the past showed you that if you stick to your guns, you can get away with anything. This card lets you know that while you are strong, you are also a target for others to take down. Your strength has always been something that other people, including close friends, find annoying, and that truly is jealousy on their part. However, just because you are strong does not mean you like what's going on.

Future: The Sun, reversed

You will make your life work, no matter what. You no longer care about pleasing the masses and their mass expectation of you. You have learned that, even if you come across as selfish or self-serving, well, hey, that's the way it goes, folks. Pleasing people is not what the future holds for you, and you will find your place in the Sun, your way, despite the naysayers who can't wait to take you down a notch.

Keywords: stubborn, willful, independent.

Oh, Aquarius, you will always march to the beat of your drum. What you have that others do not have is the same kind of consciousness that wants to please everyone around you. You don't care about what others think, and that's not an act for you.

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Past: Five of Swords, reversed

The past reminds you that you fought hard to get where you are today and that nobody on earth can take away the pride you have for accomplishing what you have personally achieved. You feel as though your entire life is a battle and that the work you've done just leads to more work, but hey, at least you're the one in charge of what you do. You fought hard to be your boss.

Present: Ten of Wands, reversed

As it stands, that work is still going on, and it shows you that, while it's been a long and hard trip, you are hellbent on success. You will not give up the ghost until you feel you're ready. What you are is a workaholic, and while this might not be everyone's cup of tea, well, that's them, not you. You are a hard worker, and you will work because that's what brings you life. No one can ever accuse you of being a slacker, that's for sure.

Future: The High Priestess

In the long run, you get it all, Pisces. You may not be understood, but you will end up being someone's inspiration, that's for sure. There are people in your life who will, in the future, see you as a magical being. Yes, you have worked for all of it, and you will set the example for others as to how to live a decent and hardworking life in peace and on your terms. You are a winner in every sense of the world, Pisces.

Keywords: stamina, endurance, vision.

Nobody does it quite like you do, Pisces, and you feel proud and happy simply to be the person you've created yourself to be. You rely on nobody to make this happen; you are self-sufficient and ambitious.

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