What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On October 25, During Moon Conjunct Neptune In Pisces

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manifest with the moon conjunct neptune october 25, 2023

Open yourself up for a more profound spiritual awakening ahead of the Taurus Eclipse on October 28. The universe is preparing you to welcome in the gifts and the healing this lunar event will bring. Within the Piscean waters today, you are given a gift of intuitive healing as you are guided to awaken to the divine energy within yourself and the world.  

On Wednesday, October 25, the Moon and Neptune align in Pisces, giving you the space to slow down, quiet your mind and connect to the spiritual power of the universe. A spiritual awakening is a moment of healing in which you begin to see a larger purpose of the events in your life as you are suddenly faced with the truth.



To continue to evolve into your higher self, you will be ushered through many moments of spiritual awakening, some of which are known as the dark night of the soul, simply because you are invited to see everything with divine clarity. While some spiritual awakenings can be more challenging to move through, this one is centered around healing and release as you prepare to cleanse yourself of the past eclipse cycle that began in 2021.  

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The Moon rules your emotional self, while Neptune governs over dreams, fantasies, illusions and unconditional love. While the Moon always helps you to connect with your feelings, Neptune can often cloud reality and have you seeing things through a veil of what you wish instead of what was real.

However, Neptune is currently retrograde in Pisces until December, which means you can see more of the truth, providing the opportunity for a new spiritual awakening. With deeper spiritual awareness and connection to the divine, the universe hears your intentions more profoundly, which will allow you to manifest with greater ease.  

The elements you'll need for your ritual

Leading Energy: Pisces, Water 

Best Time For Your Ritual: Evening 

Chakra Point: Sacral  

Herbs: Blue Lotus, Mugwort and Yarrow 

Essential Oils: Lavender, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang 

Crystals: Amethyst for relaxation, Picture Jasper for freedom and Black Obsidian for protection 

Incense: Angelica 

What your zodiac sign can manifest on October 25, 2023 

Aries: Intuitive Dreams 

(March 21 - April 19)  

Daily Affirmation: I trust my intuitive dreams for the guidance they provide.  

Under the energy of the union between the Moon and Neptune in Pisces, let yourself focus on lucid dreaming as you embrace greater trust in the divine. Begin by creating a sleep spray using plain witch hazel and the essences of lavender, yarrow and mugwort. Repeat your affirmation as you spray your bed, and then place a journal on your nightstand for any dream recall.  

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Taurus: Connection 

(April 20 - May 20) 

Daily Affirmation: I am deeply connected to others and the world around me.  

It's important to fully feel your connection to the world around you as the Moon and Neptune unite in Pisces. Brew a cup of cinnamon tea and send in the energy from your affirmation into it while it steeps. Repeat your affirmation with each sip to set the intention for greater connection.  

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Gemini: Soul Purpose 

(May 21 - June 20) 

Daily Affirmation: I am honoring my soul purpose as I embrace inner growth.  

Reflect not just on your career but on your soul purpose while the Moon and Neptune unite in Pisces. Begin by writing down what you feel called to pursue or create as part of your purpose. Fold the letter three times toward you, then anoint it with lavender essential oil and place it under your pillow. Repeat your affirmation as you fall asleep.  

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Cancer: Spiritual Awakening 

(June 21 - July 22) 

Daily Affirmation: I am safe to grow and leave behind who I was.  

As the Moon and Neptune unite in Pisces in the part of your life that governs spirituality, you are guided to embrace a moment of clarity and awakening. Begin by writing down statements of truth on a piece of paper regarding your childhood, relationships or life in general. When ready, tear it up into small pieces and place it in an offering bowl with rosemary. Repeat your affirmation as you safely burn it before bed, then scatter the ashes over the earth.  

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Leo: Passion 

(July 23 - August 22) 

Daily Affirmation: I am passionate about creating a life that resonates with my soul.  

Your passions are where you will tap into the greatest divine connection as the Moon and Neptune connect in Pisces. Create an intention jar using rosemary, parsley, rose petals and blue lotus. Repeat your affirmation as you seal the jar with pink wax, then place it next to your bed before sleeping. 

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Virgo: Healing Love 

(August 23 - September 22) 

Daily Affirmation: I allow love to heal my heart.  

Embrace the healing that love can offer you while the Moon and Neptune unite in Pisces. Begin by drawing a warm bath and adding lavender, blue lotus and yarrow essences. Repeat your affirmation as you scatter a few rose petals into the water, and then let yourself open to receive all the love surrounding you.  

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Libra: Forgiveness 

(September 23 - October 22) 

Daily Affirmation: I forgive myself and others and no longer hold pain in my heart.  

Set an intention to practice forgiveness for yourself and others while the Moon and Neptune connect in Pisces. Please write your affirmation in your journal five times, then place a sprig of rosemary inside it. Repeat your affirmation before bed as you anoint your heart chakra with lavender essential oil.  

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Scorpio: Soul Joy 

(October 23 - November 21) 

Daily Affirmation: I am embracing joy with every part of my soul.  

Embrace your desire for more happiness and joy while the Moon and Neptune connect in Pisces. Begin by collecting a yellow flower that represents happiness, then bind its step with a yellow or violet ribbon. Repeat your affirmation as you place this in front of a picture of yourself.  

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Sagittarius: A Loving Home 

(November 22 - December 21) 

Daily Affirmation: My home is a place of love, care and comfort.  

Focus your energy on creating a loving and peaceful atmosphere within your home as the Moon and Neptune connect in Pisces. Gather a bouquet of four lilies, then trim the stamen from the center of each flower. Take these and place them in an offering dish with cinnamon and lavender. Repeat your affirmation as you safely use your offering to smudge your home, and then scatter the cooled ashes around your front steps.  

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Capricorn: Understanding 

(December 22 - January 19) 

Daily Affirmation: I can practice understanding others even if I disagree.  

Embrace a more profound energy of understanding others while the Moon and Neptune together in Pisces help you bring healing to your relationships. Begin by winding a white string around a blue candle, then light it. Repeat your affirmation as it burns. 

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Aquarius: Divine Wealth 

(January 20 - February 18) 

Daily Affirmation: My self-worth is a portal to creating divine wealth.  

Allow yourself to see that your self-worth is the path to creating the divine wealth you seek in every area of your life while the Moon and Neptune unite in Pisces. Begin by writing your name on a coin, then place it in the center of a lily. Repeat your affirmation as you bind the lily closed with a gold ribbon and put it beneath your pillow or beside your bed.  

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Pisces: Self-Love 

(February 19 - March 20) 

Daily Affirmation: I love and accept every part of myself as the universe divinely created me.  

Fall into more profound love with yourself while the Moon and Neptune connect in your zodiac sign of Pisces. Create a sacred oil blend using lavender, patchouli and lily. Once you're almost finished in the shower, repeat your affirmation while you massage the sacred oil blend into your skin and then rinse off before dressing for bed.  

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