How To Harness The Power Of Feng Shui To Manifest True Love

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How To Manifest True Love Using Feng Shui

Does Feng Shui for love work? Does it improve your romantic chances?

There's more to finding love than meeting new people and going on dates. You also want your energy to be aligned with love, so you'll be at your most magnetic and attractive.

You can attract love energetically using feng shui.

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What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that works with the elements and energy of the home to improve energy flow, harmony, and good fortune.

So, how do you ensure that everything aligns for the best possible outcome in attracting your heart’s desire?

Here are 9 proven feng shui tips to manifest love in your life.

1. Find your "love corner."

Your "love corner" is the area of your home that has to do with love and loving energy.

There are two different ways to find it:

  • From the door you enter your home most often, the love corner is the farthest right-hand corner — the back of your home on the right side. If you don't use your front door, figure out which door you do use.
  • Your love corner can also be in the southwest part of your home. Check your compass or find out where the sun rises and sets each day. Either way works.

You have a love corner for your home on each floor and in every single room, if you use the first method of the farthest right corner. So, you have many opportunities to manifest love!

The top two love corners you want to pay attention to are the main floor and the bedroom.

To know your bedroom’s love corner, use the first method: the farthest right corner while standing at the door.

2. Set up your love corner.

Now it's time for the fun part — setting up and decorating your love corner to improve energy flow and harmony.

Focus on the main love corner in your home and bedroom. You can always create additional love corners in other areas.

Clear the clutter in this area, and put away the piled-up things. Energy can’t flow smoothly when there is clutter in the way, so clear the spot and let the love flow!

Gather items and set up a vignette or altar. Place everything on a tray or placemat to designate the space. While it's not required, it does help visually establish the space.

Include a pair of candles or candlesticks positioned together. Pink is a good color, but white or red are also appropriate. This is symbolic, so don't split them up. You want the pair to be close in the same way you want your relationship to be.

Have a silk flower arrangement or keep fresh-cut flowers in a vase in your love corner. Dried flowers are not recommended because they're not alive. You want your love vibe to be vibrant and thriving!

Romantic symbols such as hearts or an ornament of two doves together can represent you and your partner. A pair of anything works, as long as they're a unit or positioned next to each other.

A chunk of rose quartz or tumbled stone — for the heart and love— is a nice addition to your love corner.

Write a love note or card to your future partner about how happy you are to have met them and be in an ideal relationship. Use your imagination. You can also make this a wedding card if you hope to marry.

Feel free to place other items that mean love to you — pink objects or a picture frame with the word "love" cut from a card or created with flowers or paper hearts. Get creative and make it fun.

3. Ditch items from past lovers and work.

Regardless of how much you like something a past lover gave you, move it out of your bedroom. You don't want that energy lingering — because that relationship is over.

You're looking for something new, so clear out all of those trinkets and mementos.

Additionally, you definitely don’t want work energy where you sleep. Nothing romantic about work!

Remove computers, papers, or other items from your work life. In fact, it's best not to have too many books in the bedroom, because they can take the focus off love. Just move them to another room.

Another important tip is to remove your TV from the bedroom. Or hide it inside a closed armoire while you sleep. This keeps the love vibe flowing without distractions that drain the energy.

4. Position bedroom furniture for love attraction.

Feng shui looks at the position of the furniture in the room and how it all fits with other elements for optimal flow.

Get a solid headboard that offers you real support to represent the supportive relationship you hope to attract. A pair of night tables, one on each side, provides balance in the relationship. Have two table lamps or sconces instead of light only on one side.

Don't push the bed up against the wall — you need room on both sides for balance. If possible, have a solid section of the wall behind the head of your bed. Avoid positioning your bed against a window, which leaks the energy outside.

Keep the area under your bed clear and don’t store anything under there, which interferes with your sleep and comfort.

If possible, it's best to not have the foot of your bed facing a doorway.

Hang mirrors where you cannot see yourself from the bed, like behind a closet door. If you can see the bathroom from the bed, keep the door closed so your love vibe doesn’t go down the toilet.

5. Make room for new love.

You may be single now, but you want the room set up like you're already with your dream partner. Make room in your closet, in the other nightstand, and in your medicine chest to show the Universe there is room for love in your life.

Reduce pillows and remove all stuffed animals to make room on your bed for you and your future love. You don't want to send any signals that your bed is already full!

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6. Hang art that symbolizes love.

Take a good look at the art in your bedroom. Many single women have art that features a single woman or a single animal — this detracts from the energy needed to manifest love.

Look for new art that shows a couple or a pair of animals. Or purchase or create art that features romantic scenery or love symbols like hearts.

On the other hand, remove family photos or photos of friends from the bedroom. Symbolically, you don't want anyone "watching you" in your most private space. They are feel-good mementos, but move them to another room.

If you have any pictures of you alone, move them as well. No point reinforcing that you're alone in your bedroom!

7. Add plants for growing energy.

Green plants are a wonderful addition to the energy of your bedroom. Green is a healing color for the heart. Plants add oxygen to the air, representing life and growth.

Choose plants with heart-shaped leaves to reinforce your love energy. Some examples are the philodendron (which grows in low or indirect light and is very low maintenance), golden pothos, flowering cyclamen, green nephthytist, and African violets.

8. Choose loving colors.

Nothing says love like the color pink, especially in feng shui. Pale pink walls can be soothing and romantic.

If pink's not your thing, pink accents will do — pillows, candles, curtains, silk flowers, or as one of the colors in artwork.

Other accent colors include red, coral, and magenta. All the pink-red hues, even as pastels, will boost the bedroom's love energy and set you up for manifesting love.

9. Live like you're in love now.

This is where positive love vibes can really blossom. When you live "as if" you're in a loving relationship, that energy builds up in your home.

Set your dining table like you're expecting company and leave it that way. This adds to the beauty of your dining area, especially if it's unused or becomes a dumping ground for whatever you bring home that day.

Treat yourself to new sheets, the kind you'd want to share with your new love.

Freshen up your bathroom décor with new towels or a new shower curtain. Get a new soap dish or toothbrush holder, so everything looks beautiful and is in your style.

Be sure you have shades, curtains, or a valence on the window, so the energy is finished and offers privacy for those intimate times with your partner to be.

Wear perfume and upgrade your personal presentation. Think about how your style might shift if you were in love, and go from there.

With the help of feng shui, you can easily establish enticing love energy to heighten your love vibe dramatically, because you're now behaving like a woman in love.

The Universe wants to deliver and you're demonstrating your readiness for good fortune and the lasting love relationship you long for.

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Ronnie Ann Ryan is a love and dating coach who works with smart, successful single women who have hot careers but chilly love life. Listen to her free audio program 8 Ways to Raise Your Love Vibe today. For more information, visit her website