Weekly One-Card Tarot Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs For October 30 - November 5, 2023

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weekly tarot horoscope for october 30 - november 5, 2023

Welcome to the weekly one-card tarot reading for all zodiac signs starting week of October 30 through November 5, 2023. No crystal ball is needed, and no special ambiance is required. Only your concentration and your ability to stay open so that you can take in the advice, warnings and notes given.

Along with this interpretation, you may add your touch as well to interpreting the cards laid before us today. What we see is what we get, and that is why it's recommended for the reader to understand the cards in their own way. We invite you to try.

Astrologically, this week brings us a roller coaster of a week, and we'll see some historically 'gigantic' cosmic moves taking place, one of which will occur on November 4, as Saturn goes direct during the Leo Moon.

This is the week that we may take note of what's happening in the sky and how certain transits seem to fall in line with certain tarot cards. We will also notice that this week has us feeling a range of emotions. Every zodiac sign will get a chance to feel numb and stimulated.

We are looking at several opposing transits that will more than likely stir things up for us, yet as the cards reveal, that stirring will be for our good. We walk out of October and into November during this week, and that comes with the idea of bracing ourselves. The tarot shows us it's always best to take the path of love and kindness. Tis the season and all that, right? Welcome to the week of October 30 - November 5, 2023. Your tarot card reading is waiting for you. May the odds be ever in your favor.

One-card tarot reading for all zodiac signs starting October 30 - November 5, 2023:

AriesNine of Wands, reversed

Keywords for the week: paranoia, attendance, responsibility

This week has you responding to all the negative and opposing transits that exist. While you're not exactly needed for all this work, you don't trust that things will go the right way unless you force your way into the middle of everything. This covers family life as well as work life. You have a terrible fear accompanying you this week that makes you feel as though something is going to be taken away from you.

Because this tarot card is in reverse, you won't be able to see just how intense you come across and this actually bugs a few people. You might get told to 'calm down' or 'relax' during this week, and who doesn't love being told that? You may also see that your nervous energy only works for you ... that is, if it actually IS working for you. Don't be surprised if someone tells you that you're on their nerves. It's not personal, but the truth is, the idea that you can't relax really bothers other people.

Secret meanings: You are unnecessarily on guard. It's as if you can't relax, and while you know you've done all you can, you are still triggered into thinking that something is going to go wrong if you're not the one who stands guard, 24-7, making sure you know what's going on.

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Taurus: The Devil

Keywords for the week: balance, impetuous, daring

Getting The Devil as your tarot card for the week directly after Halloween may seem like a funny little twist, but there's something to it, Taurus. This week, you're going to see that you might very well be someone's little devil after all. What this implies is that during this week, you'll start to see the end of the year as 'time to party' and you'll want to take others into that fold if you know what I mean.

So, think of yourself as the person who tempts your friends into doing fun things, although with energies in the sky like Venus opposite Neptune and the Moon in Leo, you might want to stay on the side of 'fun' rather than bad behavior ... which may be something that automatically happens while the fun and games are on. You need to try and keep the balance so that you don't let things get out of hand.

Secret meanings: You aren't that concerned with how people perceive you and in a way, you want to push their boundaries just to see where this kind of action will take you. You are a little bratty, so you might find that your brand of bratiness is irresistible to others.

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Gemini: Six of Swords

Keywords for the week: pressure, responsibility, drudgery

What's going on for you this week, is that you don't feel comfortable moving on with November until you get all the things that come with October done and put away. You've got Saturn direct heading your way and it has you feeling as though you just want order. You feel scattered but driven to put everything in its place, and you may find that family matters are what are the most 'out of order' things in your life right now.

Responsibility calls and you will answer. You feel that it's a huge drag but that if you don't own up to what you need to do, you'll fall behind and all will turn to chaos. Mercury opposite Uranus, on November 4, will be particularly strong for you, in so much as you might not be able to hold back on telling someone off. You won't be deterred during this week. 

Secret meanings: There's something in your life that you find to be such a royal drag that you can't wait for it to end. It might be a romantic relationship that needs to come to an end or a conversation that needs to take place between you and a friend that really bugs the living daylights out of you.

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Cancer: Seven of Cups, reversed

Keywords for the week: forgetfulness, worry, scatterbrain

This week, you're going to want to finalize everything you've worked so hard on during the year, and that includes love. It doesn't mean you want to end your relationship. In fact, it's just the opposite. You want to nail it down so that you know what's to come. while you are aware that you can't control the future, you want a sign from above telling you that your efforts were, at least, fruitful.

This card implies that you did a lot of work to make your love life successful. Yet, in its reversed state, you still don't know where it's at or if you even did the right thing. There's a very good chance that you're overthinking it all and that you're safe and secure in the love relationship that you've built. You have nothing to worry about, but that's not going to stop you from putting in overtime in the worry department.

Secret meanings: This tarot card really shows you that your fears can totally get the best of you if you let them. This is all about love and your sudden awareness that, perhaps, this IS going to work, and that's what actually scares you the most. You've put in so much time trying to make it happen. Now that it's looking good ... you're wondering when it will all collapse.

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Leo: Page of Cups

Keywords for the week: sincerity, honesty, innocence

After a rousing good time on Halloween, you'll feel like a kid again, and while you know perfectly well that you are a responsible adult, you won't be able to stop kidding around with those you love. This week has you reflecting on old memories, but not the kind that are bittersweet, the kind that always put a smile on your face.

It will be during this week that the transits support your desire to take it easy and bring good cheer to the people you care about. You are not interested in being anything less than a loving friend and a caring partner, and you feel that if anyone can do it, you can. You believe in yourself and because of that, others believe in you as well. You are charming and kind this week. 

Secret meanings: Be careful to know the difference between relishing childlike moments and thinking that everything you do is adorable. You could grate on other people's nerves if your 'happy' act starts turning into a 'look at me' act. Stay humble, Leo. Work your magic in earnest and don't push your luck.

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Virgo: Knight of Cups, reversed

Keywords for the week: keen, timing, awareness

What has the potential to be a wonderful week also has the same potential to turn into a raging nightmare if you don't handle yourself correctly. This starts with work but ends up affecting your home life, so make sure you compartmentalize your emotions. You may run into some anger this week, and it's advised for you to keep your anger directed at the person or thing that is responsible for it.

You've got a lot of good that you can do this week, and with Saturn going direct, it's definitely the right time to ask for a raise or challenge authority. However, it's all about how you 'work the room.' If you are too brash, you'll miss out. Discretion and timing are ultimately key for you during this week. You mean well, so don't end up blowing it for yourself.

Secret meanings: There's something you want and you don't know how to get it, and this will frustrate you. You feel that you deserve better than you presently have, and yet, your anger gets the best of you and you spew the wrong words to the wrong people. Do yourself a favor and stand back before you deliver the wrong message.

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Libra: The Moon

Keywords for the week: intuition, psychic, solitude

It's that time of the year and you can't help but feel like that 'inner witch' is here to commune with nature and change things for the good. This week will have you being very in touch with spirit and spirituality, so don't be surprised if you do a lot of meditating or howling at the Moon. You believe in yourself and your solitude. You will get much done on your own, at your own pace.

This week has you trusting your gut feeling as well, especially when it comes to your love life. You aren't here to be swayed or seduced, and if you are presently involved with someone, then it will be during this week that you find out more about this person. What you discover will alter your perspective on them, which may be a very good thing.

Secret meanings: This tarot card brings you right back to your roots and it will be during this week that you feel the need to pull back and make your own decisions. You feel as though you are in your power, and you like the vibe that comes with November, as it enhances your clairvoyance and intuitive skill.

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Scorpio: The Lovers

Keywords for the week: adoration, passion, union

Well, that basically spells it out. If there is any card in the deck that makes it into all the movies and TV shows, it's the card of The Lovers. You, being a Scorpio, can fully accept this card as it shows you exactly what this week is going to be about for you. Whether it ends up being a meeting of the minds or the gateway to a physical expression of love, what you do know is that LOVE is the engine here.

You really can't go wrong with this card unless, of course, it leads you into an affair with someone while you are in love with someone else, as that is up for grabs, too. Keeping in mind that we've got several Venus transits and they are all somewhat 'sketchy,' you might want to 'vet' the area before proceeding.

Secret meanings: The real secret behind the Lovers tarot card is that what creates the situation of 'The Lovers' is infatuation, which is not exactly love itself. You may experience the idea of falling in love, which will definitely make you feel great but holds no promises, so ... be careful with that heart, Scorpio.

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Sagittarius: Five of Wands, reversed

Keywords for the week: battle, fatigue, integrity

Yeah, great. Just what you wanted to see: a card that represents relentless work and strife in the workplace. You really do feel burdened by work,  and you are having a hard time reconciling the idea that you are part of what created this situation. That's OK. In the long run, you're getting what you want, but boy, oh boy, did you bite off more than you could chew Sagittarius.

This week has you living up to some kind of ideal just to prove that you're the best at what you do. It's tiring and you'll find that you'll take solace in knowing that this kind of pressure can't last forever. Nothing does, right? You'll be OK but expect weariness and repetition. You can hold your own, and you will as long as you keep your eyes on the prize.

Secret meanings: One great thing about this particular card is that it totally recognizes the idea of balance. This state of pressure cannot last and the Five of Wands shows you that no matter how hard you work now, you will get your 'rest' state. It also implies that hard work is how you get from point A to point B. You're doing well, Sagittarius ... don't sweat the small stuff.

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Capricorn: Three of Wands, reversed

Keywords for the week: memories, enchantment, nostalgia

Well, it's that time of the year and every time November rolls around, you get yourself into a funk. It doesn't take you all the way down and you're still able to function and get things done. During the week of October 30 - November 5, 2023, you'll find that your old friend 'depression' may come a-knocking on your door, just for a friendly visit.

While you are reminiscing, you'll find a certain kind of self-pride in your work. You did a great job getting to the place you're at today, and though you feel like you sacrificed perhaps too much to get here, you won't look back in anger. Expect this week to bring back sweet memories that may end up making you feel sad. What's nice is that if you want to reach out for love and companionship, that is there for you, too. You are not alone.

Secret meanings: This card may bring up past regrets as well as good memories, Capricorn, and you, being YOU, have to understand that you cannot change the past. You must accept that what happened happened and that it's futile to put too much of your precious time thinking about 'what could have been.'

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Aquarius: Nine of Swords

Keywords for the week: transformation, shock, realization

It's always best to back off from immediately interpreting this tarot card with shock and horror, as the visuals of it are never that promising. Seeing someone rise from their sleep, head in hands, by a wall of swords certainly doesn't paint a happy picture, but this tarot card has a deeper meaning for you this week, from October 30 - November 5, 2023.

This is the week you wake up from your nightmare. Oh, doesn't that make sense now that you think about it? This is a good card, in its roundabout way, because it shows you that the darkness that has been surrounding you is just a mental state and that it's now up to you to walk out of it. With Moon opposite Pluto, it's only natural to experience this kind of transformative energy, and you'll know at this time that you need to make a drastic change in your life.

Secret meanings: Something's gotta give, as they say, and this card lets you know in visually stirring ways that you need to get on the move, Aquarius. Your life has become one big sleep and you need to get out there and start living. It's as if this card needed to be that harsh in order for you to take notice ... so ... take notice. 

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Pisces: Eight of Swords, reversed

Keywords for the week: guts, glory, ownership

Another of the 'uh oh' cards, ready to be interpreted for you, Pisces. Here, we see a person bound and blindfolded, standing by a fence made of swords, and this sword tarot card is upside down, at that. OK, whoa. What do we see here? What's the message? The message is that during the week of October 30 - November 5, 2023, you will find that your hands are tied when it comes to making a decision that will change your life.

Is this hopeless? Oh, hell no. All you have to do is wriggle yourself free. In this case, 'wriggle' means that you need to find a way out of the mess you've gotten yourself into. There is nothing here that says this is irreversible. There is luck to be found during this week, but it's most definitely up to you to find it. This week is going to require courage and nerve. Are you up for the challenge?

Secret meanings: This tarot card confronts you and tells you point blank that you did this to yourself and that if you aren't fond of your new, negatively charged conditions, then it's up to you to get yourself out of them. This is a 'take responsibility for your actions' card. You can save yourself from further grief, but you have to have the nerve to do so. Be brave, Pisces.

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Ruby Miranda interprets I Ching, Tarot, Runes, and Astrology. She gives private readings and has worked as an intuitive reader for over 20 years.