What Day Will Be Luckiest For Each Chinese Zodiac Sign From November 1 - 30, 2023

The might of the cosmos is here for you.

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We are back with every Chinese zodiac sign's luckiest day of the month for November 2023! First, here's the lucky message of the month for everyone. This month's I Ching hexagram of luck is Thunder over Water (#40). As a symbol of "deliverance," this hexagram is a strong reminder that cosmic forces are conspiring in your favor. Their effects often feel like luck, but what you can't see behind that luck is something greater. You are being asked to remember this unseen force's role in your life and look at your past to see the patterns of when that help emerged out of the blue.


Some of you were favored when you took a stand against the crowd, whether against hate speech or for technological advancement or climate protection. Others experienced that luck when they followed their hearts and let fate guide their wings. You can journal your thoughts for more clarity. Now, let's focus on every Chinese zodiac sign's luckiest day for November 2023.

Read on to find out what day will be luckiest for your Chinese zodiac sign during the month of November 1 - 30, 2023:

Rat Luckiest Day: November 15

Rat, your luck in November will bring fruit and flowers after the second week. The first week of the month will be more laid-back and regular. So don't be surprised when things suddenly pick up pace after November 10th, and you find yourself confronted by opportunities and challenges that force you to level up.


There are strong rewards attached to these adventures. So don't squander your blessings because of fear! Reading more books will help you stay grounded and aware at this time. Luck may even put one on your path that completely changes your life and perspective.

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Ox Luckiest Day: November 21

Ox, the first week of November will be super lucky for you, especially in socializing and making new friends. So let your extrovert side take over and have fun. You will set yourself up for even more adventures later in the year, especially during Thanksgiving and the Holiday season.

If you feel called, do a candle ritual this month during the New Moon on November 13 to align with the cosmic forces and receive your blessings more easily. A white candle placed at the center of a salt ring and set alight with a strong intention is what you need to do, but feel free to modify the ritual according to your needs.


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Tiger Luckiest Day: November 3

Tiger, your luck in November has a weird quality. It depends heavily on the actions you take and the decisions you make, especially in the first half of the month. So be cautious and careful as you move forward right now. You can reap extraordinary fruits if you are on the right path.

For some of you, your luck is tied to a Rat zodiac sign individual, especially if you are a business partner or work together on the same team. In general, you will enhance your luck this month by taking a chance on yourself and refusing to follow the crowd blindly.

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Rabbit Luckiest Day: November 5

Rabbit, your luck in November strongly ties to the luck you had in October. It may even feel like circumstances are just going on as they did, whether good or bad. It seems you are missing something in your life right now that will enable you to take control of your destiny.

For some of you, it's an education degree (perhaps higher education). For others, this key can be a new home, a new friend or even refusing to associate with certain toxic people. You know your circumstances best. Use the key to unlock your luck. Your gut will guide you to the right answer. If you second-guess yourself often, do a deep meditation with music plugged into your ears to help you instead.

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Dragon Luckiest Day: November 24

Dragon, it looks like your luck in November is a little dicey. Some of you have allowed someone to take advantage of you by giving them access to your personal space and intimacy. Your luck is being affected by this dynamic. Don't be disheartened. There's a way you can counter this.


Your friends (the ones you trust) and acquaintances who you know have a good heart will come to your aid if you ask them for it. That's your luck this month. You can also wear a rose quartz pendant to attract more such people and good Samaritans.

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Snake Luckiest Day: November 29

Snake, your luck in November is strong at the beginning of the month, especially in your close interpersonal relationships and those areas of life where you feel stable and strong. You are entering a phase where you are being called to step out of your comfort zone.

It will bring discomfort and doubts but aligns with your highest good. By the end of the month, you will have a greater understanding of the path forward in this new chapter, bringing a fresh burst of good luck and fortune to your doorsteps.


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Horse Luckiest Day: November 1

Horse, your luck in November is strong at the beginning of the month, especially for those in a relationship. You can reap the benefits of this luck by spending more time with your loved ones and your significant other, whether on vacation, a trip to the amusement park or other outings and gatherings.

The second half of the month will be more laid-back for you in terms of luck. So, rely on your strength of will and hard work to push you forward. Thanksgiving time (even if you don't celebrate) will be especially positive for many of you.

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Goat Luckiest Day: November 22 & 23

Goat, you will make your luck this month in November. Your destiny is firmly in your hands. Are you going to make it or break it? Don't let self-sabotaging thoughts defeat you even before you take charge of this cosmic gift. You are being urged to stay focused to direct this luck and good fortune in the areas that matter the most to you, whether that's personal finances, love, career or something else. You can also do a new Moon ritual on November 13 to heighten your luck and good fortune.

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Monkey Luckiest Day: November 21

Monkey, your luck in November is good. It will either be extraordinarily good or just modestly so. The degree of it depends on how much you allow fear to rule over your life and whether or not you can do what feels right inside you. This is especially true in matters of the heart for many of you.

If you follow the cosmic nudging, you will have a fabulous month ending even better than it started. It will be quite memorable, too. If not, you will still be happy but won't realize what you missed. Keep a clear quartz crystal in your pocket or bag to help you stay clear-headed at this time.


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Rooster Luckiest Day: November 11

Rooster, your luck in November is pretty regular. It will be good on some days and as usual on others. You will be fine if you focus on your priorities and work hard on what's important.

Some of you stand to gain a lot from the good relationships in your life, whether with your significant other, best friend or teacher. The end of the month will be a bit slow and bland for you. If you feel called to, pick up a journaling habit this month and do a #NaNoWriMo of your choice to stay grounded and blessed.

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Dog Luckiest Day: November 15

Dog, your luck in November is pretty regular. It won't be memorable even when it blesses you. That's okay. Sometimes, we experience windfalls. Other times, we must rely on our spirit and willpower to push through. Steer clear of judgmental folks, though! They may hurt your psyche and decisions this month.

The end of the month will be lucky for you, especially if you love to volunteer at charities or do good wherever you can anonymously. If possible, join a communal bonfire sometime this month or gather your friends to create your own. You can set intentions for the last few weeks of the year and 2024.

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Pig Luckiest Day: November 19

Pig, your luck in November is not too great. Neither will it hamper you as you move forward. So try not to rely too much on it or gamble with your decisions, literally or metaphorically. Some of you will be extremely lucky in the love department, though.


If you treat each other with love, care and respect, your luck and good fortune will bloom and grow stronger. If you feel called to, do a Sun ritual each Sunday of the month to help you align yourself with the cosmic forces of good. You can go to the roof of your house and meditate while the Sun slowly rises in the sky. Do this preferably during dawn hours so you don't get scorched!

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