The Weekly Tarot Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs For September 18 - 24

It's all in the interpretation for each tarot card we receive this week for our individual zodiac sign.

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Once again, we read the cards and interpret the imagery and the ancient wisdom associated with each card. Depending on the interpreter, we may see new visions each time we approach the same cards ... the Tarot is flux, fluid ... it implies but doesn't demand.

During the week of September 18 - 24, 2023, each zodiac sign will receive a message made especially for them.

This week has us coming to terms with the fact that the year is starting its descent into the darker months. We may wonder how time has flown by so fast and ask ourselves if we are where we want to be. The Autumn Equinox is here and while most of us are ready for it, some of us are still hesitant and wondering how it will all play out.


This is a season of change that begins this week, September 18 - 24, 2023. New jobs and new romances are being held in balance, and as the Libra Sun moves into position, we will notice that personal transformation is required of us if we are to play this game like pros. Some of us are ready, while others are still wandering around with our heads in the clouds. Overall, according to the Tarot, it's a very positive week, and we are all wise enough to utilize the interpretations to our benefit.

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The weekly tarot horoscope for each zodiac sign this week, September 18 - 24, 2023:

Aries: The Fool

Keywords for the week: innocence, play, curiosity


During the week of September 18 - 24, 2023, you will try something new, and it will delight you. It's the newness of it rather than what it holds in store for you. You are less ambitious and more curious this week, and for the first time in a long while, you will feel innocent and playful. You don't care what people think of you because it all feels so good. You are carefree and happy.

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Taurus: Eight of Wands, reversed

Keywords for the week: strength, fortitude, determination

This week will be spent getting back into something you knew demanded your attention, yet you let fall to the wayside. You are eager to return to work and have the energy to do what is necessary. During the week of September 18, you will find that you are unfailing, strong, and ready to tackle even the hardest of responsibilities.


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Gemini: The Emperor

Keywords for the week: protection, stubbornness, law

You feel as though you are the authority on your own life this week, and while that is obvious, it will also be what has you making a strong decision as to what you will do next. In an act of self-protection, you will declare what is yours and that it cannot be removed from you. You are stoic and overbearing, but you are this way because you feel you have no choice.

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Cancer: The Moon, reversed

Keywords for the week: reflection, absorption, inner peace


With The Moon as your card, it's only natural to spend much time inside your head, where you feel safe and sound. In its reversed state, this card symbolizes the need for mental retreat, and you're very good at that. Take all the time you need to process whatever is happening in your life. You are being wise to do so.

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Leo: Three of Swords

Keywords for the week: heartache, betrayal, emotion

This week has you wondering whether or not you will be the one to break someone's heart or if you will wait around to be the one whose heart gets broken. It's a harsh game of hearts, and you are a Leo, after all, so you will likely deliver the fatal blow during the week of September 18 - 24, 2023. Nobody wins this game, but you still have the upper hand.


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Virgo: Three of Pentacles

Keywords for the week: gratitude, honor, appreciation

Work finally brings you a sense of satisfaction, and this is long overdue. Just as you thought nobody appreciated your great efforts to provide excellence, this week lets you know that you are most certainly appreciated. Expect a bonus or monetary gift during this time. Possibly a promotion. Good things, Virgo!

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Libra: Knight of Swords

Keywords for the week: messenger, truth, purpose

This week is fantastic for you, and it's all because you know exactly what you need to accomplish the tasks ahead. You're heading into Libra season, so all's well on that front, but you also feel powerful when it comes to letting those in your life what's up. It's time to make BIG changes and you are here to complete it.


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Scorpio: Queen of Cups

Keywords for the week: compassion, adoration, kindness

Love is in the air and all around you, as your attitude is one of positivity and generosity. You are the figure everyone in your life turns to for love and compassion, and you know how to give it in bucketfuls. You are not depleted by acts of kindness this week and will be remembered for your generosity.

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Sagittarius: Page of Wands

Keywords for the week: ideas, focus, solo

This week marks the beginning of a whole new attitude for you, as Libra season kicks in and so does your glorious Autumn. This card shows that you are directed and independent. You feel new at everything you try and are willing to try many new things. This week has you focusing on one new hobby, and it will make you very happy.


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Capricorn: Queen of Wands, reversed

Keywords for the week: steadfastness, waiting, knowledge

You'll need patience during the week, as your well-laid plans seem to be put on hold indefinitely. That's OK because you can deal with just about anything. You have enough experience to know that just because something didn't happen when you expected it to, it isn't slated for never. You have hope and you will prevail. Hang tight and be patient.


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Aquarius: The Magician, reversed

Keywords for the week: expectation, disappointment, humbling

Plans backfire for you this week, and only because you got a little too arrogant when you created those plans. You became hubristic and decided that nothing could go wrong, and even though what goes wrong this week isn't all that bad, you'll take it to heart because you had expected so much more than what you got. It's OK, it will pass.

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Pisces: The High Priestess, reversed

Keywords for the week: turnabout, decision, reverse


You may receive word this week that isn't what you were hoping for, and while it's not necessarily 'bad' news, it may be the kind of news that has you scrambling for immediate change. This card lets you know that you are not as in control as you might have thought and need to rely on new productivity methods.

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