6 Perfect Comebacks For Dealing With Arrogant People

Beat them at their own game.

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Arrogant people make for some of the most unpleasant folks to be around. They don't just think they're better than you, they act as if they know they're better than you.

They also share a few traits and characteristics with narcissists, including believing that they are unique and only understood by high-status people, always expecting admiration from others, having a large degree of entitlement, and a lack of empathy.


Their condescending attitudes and behaviors can make other people angry and put off by them, but you don't have to let these people bring you down. Those who stand up to arrogance are seen as having integrity; they're not going to just let someone disrespect them.

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7 Signs of Arrogant People

Now, arrogant people are not the same as confident people, though they are often confused with each other. Confidence is based on demonstrated abilities, while arrogance is based solely on ego, not ability.

Here are a few traits that set arrogant people apart from confident people.

1. Ignoring opinions of others

A solid sign of an arrogant person is if they are not open to other people's opinions.

They never take advice from the people around them because they believe they are on a higher level. If they do discuss someone's opinion, it will only be to point out how flawed they believe it to be.

2. Refusing to give credit where credit is due

Arrogant people are adamant about not needing help in any area. This is evident when they don't give credit for anything that deserves it.


Yes, be proud of an accomplishment, but if other people helped out, they deserve some glory, too.

3. Talking over others

An arrogant person doesn't care about others' feelings, so they have no trouble stem-rolling someone in the middle of talking.

They have no regard for what other people are saying and will interrupt often to "bless" everyone with their words.

4. Inability to accept criticism

People who are arrogant always have to be right. They can't take criticism and only approve of positive feedback... That is, compliments and praise.

If you have anything else to offer up to them, it will fall on deaf ears. They won't hear it because, to them, they are correct and will do anything to make sure other people know it. They do this to cover up insecurities.


5. Feelings of superiority

A good sign of an arrogant person if they get frustrated easily when things don't go their way.

If a plan of theirs falls through, they will get upset quickly. They don't understand how something they planned went wrong, because that shouldn't be possible in their mind.

6. Chronic lateness

Arrogant people do not respect others' time, so they will be late for everything. They show up when they want to show up, and will not go out of their way to arrive on time for any event unless it's their own.

They believe their time is precious and how they choose to spend it is of utmost importance.

7. Struggling to build relationships

Because arrogant people have an inflated ego and often have a superiority complex, they struggle to build any sort of relationship, whether platonic or romantic.


Anything they do build will feel superficial, leading to a lot of problems when trying to make a genuine connection. They also often sacrifice those around them for success and self-gratification.

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6 Perfect Comebacks When Dealing With Arrogant People

1. 'What makes you say that?'

This question simply asks the arrogant person to reflect on why they're generalizing, insulting or stereotyping a person.

Hopefully, the arrogant person will recognize that they've said something negative and in poor taste and will quit their behavior.

2. 'Ouch' or 'That one hurt.'

Arrogant people have a knack for hurting other people's feelings. They may or may not show empathy, but they definitely understand what it means to make someone feel bad.


Tell them that they're hurting you emotionally, and don't be afraid. At least they will become aware of the fact that they're doing damage; they might even try to stop.

3. 'That's not the only way of seeing things.'

Of course, everyone in the free world has the right to voice their opinion and thoughts, but it's obviously incredibly naive and foolish to think that only one way of thinking (or one opinion) is some kind of universal truth.

Let the arrogant person know that others do not share their negative outlook on the world.

4. 'That sounded kind of arrogant... I'm sure you meant it another way.'

This shows the arrogant person that you want to give them the benefit of the doubt and believe they're good-intentioned.


In fact, you actually give them a chance to save face by reiterating what they meant in a kinder way while simultaneously letting them know you won't be pushed around.

5. 'Did you know, my mother is actually ___?'

When an arrogant person starts to belittle a group of people, try to turn it back around on them by saying you have a relative or sibling who is of that group of people.

They only do this so they can appear to be of higher status. Shock them a bit by letting them know how close it hits to home. This tells them that they're also insulting you now. They'll usually apologize and try to move on.

6. 'I'd appreciate it if we stopped talking about this now.'

Just as the arrogant person has rudely steamrolled the entire conversation, you can rudely put an end to it.


Arrogant folks like to talk and talk, so sometimes it's very necessary to simply end the conversation before it derails into something else entirely.

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