What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On September 3, During Venus Direct In Leo

We can tap into the power of a purposeful Venus to manifest property, love, and a beautiful life.

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Venus turns direct today, and this helps each zodiac sign to manifest something that they need, want or desire. Today, take a deep breath, and light a candle with rose essential oil. Place your hands on your heart, and smile because you have survived another Venus retrograde and, with it, are ready to embody the critical lessons in this astrological phase.

Venus, the planet that rules relationships and abundance, first entered Leo on June 2, 2023. Since then, it's moved through its pre-shadow retrograde and is now set to work through the lessons of the post-shadow phase.


While Venus was retrograde from July 22 to September 3, 2023, it challenged you to focus on your heart's truth, to clear away anything that no longer resonates confidently, and to step more fully into your power.  



This planet's pre and post-shadow periods are just as important, sometimes even more so. The pre-shadow period for Venus can be even more impactful, representing when the planet is beginning to slow down and prepare for its retrograde. This year began on June 19, 2023, and would have ended as Venus retrograde started on July 22. Now that Venus is finally direct after its forty-day journey through the underworld, it's time to use its post-shadow phase in your life.  


The post-shadow period refers to the time the planet is still direct but is not quite moving as it usually would, making this a slower period. In this case, Venus also must move through the degrees of Leo it already passed through, which will help you bring resolution, closure and healing to any themes that arose during its retrograde journey.

The post-shadow phase will last until October 7, just before Venus shifts into the earth sign of Virgo on October 8, 2023, helping you extract the necessary lessons so you are genuinely manifesting with the universe and not in opposition to the divine flow of life.  

Embrace this period to reflect, learn and set intentions for what you want to call into your life. Think of adding sunflower, calendula or rosemary to your rituals. You can also use teas or foods during this time and anoint yourself with the essential oils representing Leo, such as frankincense, geranium and cypress. To feel more grounded and empowered speaking your truth as you move through the post-shadow phase, you can wear or place in your clothing crystals like amber, sunstone or opal, which carry the energies of Leo.  

What your zodiac sign can manifest during Venus direct in Leo on September 3, 2023:


(March 21 - April 19)  


How to manifest: A commitment to healing 

Honor Venus direct Leo in your joy and commitment sector by dedicating yourself to manifesting more of what you want to experience. Take your ritual outside and sit in the Sun with a yellow candle and a sunflower. Once the candle is lit, take the sunflower apart petal by petal, and label aloud each petal as something you are releasing or creating more space for, repeating your affirmation and safely burning them once you're finished.  

Daily affirmation: I am committed to healing and beginning a new chapter of joy.  

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(April 20 - May 20) 


How to manifest: Renewing your sense of home 

Venus direct in Leo highlights themes around your home and family as you are focused on healing and renewing your sense of home. Create an offering bowl with calendula and rosemary, and sprinkle in mint for luck and love. As you burn your offering, walk outside your home as you repeat your affirmation, focusing on what you want to bring into your new space and then return the cooled ashes to the wind.  

Daily affirmation: I am healing myself to renew my sense of home with love and patience.  

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(May 21 - June 20) 

How to manifest: Honoring your emotional self 


Take time for a quiet reflection to honor all your feelings as Venus direct in Leo activates your sector of communication. Begin by anointing a pink candle with geranium essential oil and placing it next to your bed in the quiet of the evening.

Anoint your crown chakra with the geranium essential oil and massage any remainder into the pulse points on your wrists. Allow yourself to lie down and silently repeat your affirmation as you reflect on your feelings. Once you feel ready, write down the emotions that arose for you that represent this Venus retrograde, and safely burn them, returning the cooled ashes to the earth and sprinkling lavender on them for love.  

Daily affirmation: My emotions and feelings matter; as I create space to honor this part of myself, I am committing to embracing all aspects of myself.  

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(June 21 - July 22) 

How to manifest: Embodying your worth 

Venus direct in Leo will help you step more fiercely into your power and self-worth as you can feel some significant lessons concluding. Create an altar space of self-worth using sunflowers, white copal incense and amber, which increases your optimism and helps with any decision-making. As the incense burns, repeat your affirmation, allowing it to go out entirely and then place the sunflowers around the perimeter of your bed while you sleep, tucking the amber beneath your pillow.  

Daily affirmation: I am a radiant being of worthiness.  

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(July 23 - August 22) 

How to manifest: Authentic truth 

Own your immense power as Venus is direct in your zodiac sign of Leo, helping you to feel like any recent weight has been lifted and you are entering a new phase of your life. Create an intention jar using your written affirmation, calendula, opal and other items that represent more of what you want to call in, such as a heart for love, a plane ticket for travel or a dollar bill. Repeat your affirmation while sealing your intention jar using blue wax, and then place it somewhere private for the remainder of Venus's post-shadow phase.  

Daily affirmation: I accept my divine authentic truth and allow it to lead me forward.  


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(August 23 - September 22) 

How to manifest: Inner trust 

Begin to generate a deeper level of inner trust as Venus directs in Leo, which helps you honor your intuitive side more profoundly. Begin by collecting a gardening pot, soil and freesia seeds representing trust. Write down your affirmation on a white paper, folding it three times toward you and anointing it with geranium essential oil. Place this in the bottom of the gardening pot, then add the soil and seeds to the plant. Place a sunstone for courage and luck on top of the soil while repeating your affirmation twelve times. Keep this in a south-facing window to harness the element of fire and help restore new beginnings in your life.  


Daily affirmation: I trust myself and my intuition as I release the need to rationalize or prove anything.  

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(September 23 - October 22) 

How to manifest: A new life path 

Embrace the newness of life as Venus direct in Leo, which will help you make essential strides in creating the life of your dreams. Begin by creating an herbal sachet using calendula and rosemary for healing and endurance for the path ahead. Take this outside with an orange candle, surround it with sunflowers and then safely burn the sachet as you repeat your affirmation, allowing the cooled ashes to fall around the sunflowers.  


Daily affirmation: I am excited to embark on a new life path as I have aligned myself more closely with my growth and personal needs.  

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(October 23 - November 21) 

How to manifest: Career clarity 

Set a new intention for clarity in your career as Venus direct in Leo activates a period of clarity and success in your professional life. Begin by writing your affirmation on a green candle and anointing it with cypress essential oil. Place it on an offering plate, surrounding it with sunflowers and rosemary. As you light the candle, close your eyes and visualize what you wish for your career while you repeat your affirmation. Allow the candle to thoroughly burn out, and then return the materials to the earth.  


Daily affirmation: I am focused on creating clarity in my career as I strive for success and a sense of well-being. 

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(November 22 - December 21) 

How to manifest: Your soul's path 

Embrace the truth of your soul's path as Venus is direct in Leo, activating your sector of luck and abundance. Create an aura intention spray to help keep you focused and allow you the space for reflection by collecting a small spray bottle, plain witch hazel and the essential oils of cypress, geranium and frankincense. Place a small piece of sunstone in the spray for greater confidence. Use this as often as you need for inspiration and insight while repeating your affirmation and paying particular attention to your crown chakra, which Leo rules. 


Daily affirmation: I am committed to honoring my soul's path as I trust my truth and integrity to lead me forward.  

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(December 22 - January 19) 


How to manifest: Transformative courage 

Venus direct in Leo activates themes surrounding transformation within your personal life. To embrace this energy, begin by writing down your affirmation on a white paper, rolling it up like a scroll and anointing it with cypress essential oil. Next, slice an apple in half and place the scroll the long way so it sticks out of the apple just a bit, binding the apple back together with violet ribbon. Take your ritual outside, place the apple on your ground, and then light the paper while repeating your affirmation. Leave everything where it is for the post-shadow Venus phase, and sprinkle it with cloves for luck.  

Daily affirmation: I embrace the courage to face anything head-on, knowing it is the only way to approach profound transformation.  

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(January 20 - February 18) 

How to manifest: Romantic growth 

Venus direct in Leo activates your sector of romance and relationships, helping to bring about a period of growth. Begin by writing your affirmation on a pink slip of paper and bind it to a piece of dark chocolate using a red ribbon. Take this now and place it in a sacred pouch with rosemary and white rose petals, and place it in a south-facing window to call in the element of fire and help you focus on your new romantic beginning.  

Daily affirmation: I am preparing for a phase of immense romantic growth as I release past hurts to create more space for love.  

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(February 19 - March 20) 

How to manifest: Inner peace 

As Venus direct in Leo, it creates a space of change within your daily routines to incorporate greater well-being and dedication. Take time to focus on your inner peace. Create an offering disk using lavender, rosemary and white copal incense.

Place a piece of amber in your offering for greater optimism and luck, and as the incense burns down, repeat your affirmation, breathing in deeply and then placing the cooled ashes in a white cloth on your altar for the remainder of the post-shadow phase of Venus.  

Daily affirmation: My inner peace matters, and as I create my day and life, I prioritize my mental well-being.  


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