3 Specific Zodiac Signs May Have An Ex Who's Thinking Of Them On July 18, During The Moon In Leo

Remember when we did that?

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The date is July 18, 2023, and today, three zodiac signs may have an ex who is thinking of them. 

The transit of the day is the Moon in Leo, and it will be on this day that we know something that only we can know: our ex is thinking of us. Why? Because it's an anniversary, of course. It may not be this exact date, but something happened during Leo season and we might not be able to avoid remembering that day, on this one.


We might never be able to escape the memory of this one person and our time with them, and it makes a lot of sense as so many memories of ours are made during the summertime. Well, here we are, and it's summer, and for many of us, it's Memory Lane season...and as we all know, romantic memories are made of two people, generally.

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That means, if you are thinking of them, they are thinking of you. And memory differently for different zodiac signs. Three zodiac signs will be fully locked into the idea of remembering what happened way back then, and as mentioned, if we're thinking of them, well...you know the rest. During the Moon in Leo, our ex has one thing on their mind: us.

This doesn't mean it's a time for sadness, nor does it mean there's going to be some kind of reunion. This day is not leading anywhere; it's uniquely locked into memory and does not go beyond. We tend to think of our ex's as these dreaded people of the past, but that's not necessarily how our feelings will be today. Today brings us good memories of these ex's, and we can more than likely trust that the memories they have of us will be equally as good.

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Three zodiac signs whose ex is thinking of them on July 18:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)


For the most part, you try to avoid strolling down Memory Lane as it usually brings us sad feelings for you, or feelings of loss. Still, there are certain times of the year that you can't help but remember the people who gave your life meaning, and one of these people is your ex. You loved this person more than you can say, and you know that on July 18, 2023, they are thinking of you. You share something wonderful together, and the summer season brings back so many of those good old memories that you can't help but 'feel' them out there, thinking of you. This is made all the more possible with the transit of the Moon in Leo, which adds a positive tone to just about everything. You can't remember if you and your ex were ever at odds due to this transit, but one thing is for sure; they've got you on their mind today, and that makes you happy-ish.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

There will only ever be one love-of-your-life and it was on this day, a long time ago, that you shared something with that special person...and you know they are thinking about it, too. Time has changed everything and you are both different people now, but your experience together can never really fade away. While the two of you rarely, if ever, think about each other, during the Moon in Leo on July 18, 2023, something will come up that will remind you of what you both once shared. It's a good feeling, though it may lead to melancholy, but that's OK; you don't mind sinking into a little melancholy every now and then. Your ex is definitely thinking about you today, and they may even reach out, just to say a friendly 'hi.' It's all good, and you can be proud of the fact that you have moved on.


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3. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

Nothing like a blast from the past to jolt you into wondering what the heck your ex is up to. Well, it's July 18, 2023, and you now recognize why you're thinking of them: you guys were together on this date a long time ago and something very curious happened between you ... and it became memorable. It may be this date itself, literally, or this season, but it will be on this day that something in the air rings with the memory of that person. What you shared together was a unique and marvelous experience, and it can never be recreated with anyone else. That's why you know that if your memory is so strong on this day, it has to be equally as strong for them, too. And it is. They are definitely going about their business, smiling and having fine memories of your time together as well. You meant the world to this person, Scorpio. Of course they are thinking of you today.


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