3 Zodiac Signs May Emotionally Detach On July 8, During Moon Sextile Pluto

I think that's enough sharing for the day.

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On July 8, there's an excellent reason three zodiac signs can emotionally detach: they become dangerously close to feeling 'too much.' We're examining how Moon sextile Pluto affects us on July 8, 2023. From what we can tell, this transit has the power to push us to the edge, and while that may sound racy and edgy and all of the trendy things we're supposed to be, we, as individuals, may not want to become 'that' vulnerable.


The first place many of us go when we feel too much empathy is to turn it all off. Sometimes, that's just how it goes. We are at a loss for words and don't know the next action, so we simply emotionally shut down when it becomes too much. The act of shutting down is made easier by the transit of Moon sextile Pluto.



It takes us a long time to reach a point in our relationships where we are seriously 'letting it all hang out.' There's a reason for that. At the same time, we want relationships built on total transparency and no secrets. The reality is that we all come with secrets we don't necessarily want to divulge. When we do get into sharing 'it all' with a loved one, we may start to recognize that old familiar cliche come into practice: Familiarity breeds resentment, and with a transit like Moon sextile Pluto, things like resentment pop up very quickly. That's what the three zodiac signs need to watch on July 8, 2023 ... resenting our partners for knowing who we are.


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That is why we turn off our feelings like a switch on a wall. We just don't what to be that exposed. We don't even want to be that exposed to ourselves! It's all OK. Just be on the lookout for radical mood swings today. It'll pass, and it'll be fine. Just a little ol' 'fun with Moon sextile Pluto' to get us through the day. Are you one of the zodiac signs who will be affected?

Three zodiac signs emotionally detach on July 8:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

There's a part of you that enjoys pushing the boundaries and going 'where no one has ever gone before,' but on this day, your love of being daring may come to a shuddering halt as you realize that on this day, July 8, 2023, you may have 'over-shared.' Yikes, that's not like you, yet it is just like you. Thanks to the help of Moon sextile Pluto, you have created a condition where you are now totally exposed and vulnerable.


Your romantic partner knows 'everything' about you now, and while that might be the ultimate romantic goal, to you, it looks like chaos and mania, and being this exposed is NOT what you had in mind. And so, because of Moon sextile Pluto, you will need to 'implode.' This is the day you shut off your motor and pull back. You need distance from all this raw vulnerability, Cancer.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

You have always made your partner think that they know you inside out. You do it with charm and let them assume things about you that are not necessarily true. It's Libra nature to let things build on their own, and while you have many secrets to hide from your romantic partner, it's not that necessary, in your mind, for them to know 'this' much about you.


On July 8, 2023, your partner will confront you on something you must answer. You can't imagine how they've come to know this certain 'thing' about you, yet you can't deny it. That's how Moon sextile Pluto works in your life. It puts you in the spotlight and makes you feel like you're getting the 'third-degree' treatment from your partner. All this makes you want to do is hide. You are the first person to shut down, and you'll be turning off all emotional switches today, that's for sure.

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3. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

You might resent your mouth today as the words that condemn you to be known will come out of your lips before you can stop them. This means that, in a moment of Scorpio passion, on July 8, 2023, you will tell someone something about yourself that you might instantly regret saying. During the transit of Moon sextile Pluto, you'll see the only way 'out' where you just shut your mouth for the rest of the day and see if your partner catches on.


You are NOT up for being asked questions, and while you don't want them to think you're in a state of shut-down vulnerability, the truth is that you can't stand the idea that you just told them so much. Why did you overshare like that, Scorpio? Well, you did because Moon sextile Pluto inspired you to. Yow!

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