Love Won't Fool These 3 Zodiac Signs On July 5, Thanks To Moon Square Jupiter

I ain't buyin' no bag of rotten goods!

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On July 5, 2023 three zodiac signs won't allow love to fool them any longer, thanks to the Moon square Jupiter transit. We all have someone in our lives who cannot just tell a story; they have to exaggerate it so much because, for some reason, the story alone needs embellishment in their eyes. They will get a better reaction from others when telling the story because they've 'added' their touch. Things aren't just 'as is.' They are 'gigantic, ultimate, extreme and THE BEST.' They don't just tell a story. They perform it, they indulge in the art of storytelling and while all of this can be enormously entertaining, an odd thing happens: the truth of the tale begins to dissolve. What really happened? We may never know.




During Moon square Jupiter, on July 5, 2023, we will catch on to the idea that there is someone in our life who has taken the story too far and one of the reasons we care is because this person has taken us on a wild goose chase before. And, we've gone with them; we've believed them. While their intentions may be good, one thing is starting to show up: they aren't telling us the truth. They are distorting the truth so that we will either like them better, think they are better than they are, or manipulate us into thinking something we wouldn't be thinking had their story not been so 'adjusted.' During Moon square Jupiter, we aren't taking the bait. This enchantment won't fool us.


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Three zodiac signs will see this in action today. We will know that this person is deliberately pulling the wool over our eyes and while we might not 'hate' them for it, we certainly aren't going to fall for it. Nope, not this time. We may love this person to pieces, but the thing is, no matter how much we love them, we're starting to see them as a liar, and that will simply not do. Not for these three zodiac signs, that's for sure.

Love won't fool these three zodiac signs on July 5:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

There's something about this day you've seen before as if you're living through some kind of deja-vu experience. The difference between the original experience and what you see going on today is that on July 5, 2023, you won't feel as vulnerable because you have learned to sit with information, as opposed to react to it, as you have in the past.


This means that today, during the Moon square Jupiter transit, you'll see someone try and pull a fast one on you, and while this may even come off as comical to you, you won't be laughing. This is because you have grown callous. That's not to say you are cold and hard, but you are experienced and if there's someone in your life who is trying to sell you a bag of rotten goods, you'll let them know you are not buying. I can't fool you.

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

Oh, no way. No way will you fall for someone in your life as they tell you a story that is so ridiculous that it will cause you to laugh out loud. What's going on today is that there is someone in your life who actually believes that you are foolish enough to trust them, as they regale you with a story that is so preposterous — and it's all set up so that you feel sorry for them and eventually give them money.


Yep, bingo! That scamming friend is back and you're starting to see them as less of a friend and more of a burden. This person clearly cannot take care of themselves. During Moon square Jupiter, they'll come to you with praise and admiration, all there to butter you up so you can release funds upon their head. They are sly and sneaky, but you are clever and unmoving. This nauseating faux friendship does not fool you.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

Fool you? That's a laugh riot, though the joke was on you at one point, which is why you aren't laughing today. The past has taught you not to be so naive and trusting. You've definitely seen your share of idealism. While you've wanted so many things to come through, you've seen enough to know that most things don't come through, especially if there's a person involved who is over-hyping it to the point where it all becomes unbelievable.


Well, you've learned the hard way, and on July 5, 2023, during the transit of Moon square Jupiter, you'll once again get the chance to evaluate the truth. Once again, you'll see that whoever is trying to push their idea on you is not only missing their mark but that they may just see that you are nobody's fool. Sorry, not this time. Next window, please.

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