Love Horoscopes Are The Luckiest For 3 Specific Zodiac Signs On July 5

Surprise me, you Aquarius Moon, you.

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On July 5, 2023, three zodiac signs will be luckiest in love. For those zodiac signs who tend to 'feel' transits like the Moon in Aquarius, Wednesday will provide us with entertainment. We may be people who feel we are different or a bit unique, but while everyone on Earth has their beautiful difference, we still share certain universal truths. One of those truths is that we want to be loved. During Moon in Aquarius, we try to convince ourselves that maybe we don't need it as badly as everyone else does, and maybe we can get away with just living our lives without someone we could call our 'serious' romantic partner.


Time to change what we are thinking, zodiac signs. During the Moon in Aquarius, those born under three specific zodiac signs will know we're not as stoic and independent as we thought. We think this way because there will be someone in our lives who suddenly presents to us as a lover.

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What happened to the friendship? We might think that our relationship with this person was on a 'friends only' basis, but because we're changing with the tides, so is our perception, which makes today so entertaining. We surprise ourselves with the idea that maybe, just maybe, we could fall in love ... just like everybody else.


So, what makes today 'lucky' is that we say yes to love. We say yes to change, and we say yes to the idea that we don't have to lock into being any certain way. Today we can open the doors to love and romance, and shockingly, we will take the bait. Which three zodiac signs will be lured into love on July 5, 2023?

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Three zodiac signs are luckiest in love on July 5:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You take pride in your independent thinking, and you've also accused a certain amount of praise from those who see your life as a great accomplishment. You do what you want and avoid what you don't want. It makes sense, but it's also created a certain kind of rigidity in you, and that's about to be tested today, July 5, during the Moon in Aquarius.


Aquarius supports the idea of you being you, but this transit happens to fall during Cancer season, and for you, that means that something in your world is about to be knocked on its side. And, what do you know? Your independence will take a beating in so much as you will run into someone today — a person from your past — who stirs your romantic interest once again. Today is your lucky day because you fall in love with someone unexpectedly.

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2. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

If there's one thing you know, it's yourself. You can't stand it when people assume they 'know you' as you believe nobody can truly know another person. You have your ways, and you are set in them, and on this day, when it comes to love, you're going to get a strange and wonderful wake-up call that lets you see that your way isn't the only highway in town.


During Moon in Aquarius on July 5, 2023, you will reunite with someone you were once friends with. While getting together with friends is always something you cherish, this person will find you very attractive to the point where you might even buy into the ego trip. You will buy into it. You'll let their attention make you feel good, and before you know it, you'll feel the same towards them like attracts like.

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3. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

You've never felt like anything other than a total alien ... and you're proud of it. You like being different, and you love not flowing with the crowd. You take pride in it, for that matter. During the transit of the Moon in Aquarius, you'll feel exceptionally unique and on your own, which is why today is about to bring you such a shock when it comes to love.


As soon as you thought you didn't need anyone, July 5 comes with 'other' news. Don't be surprised if today allows you to get in touch with a past love ... just to see how they are. What starts as a friendly, concerned conversation may very well turn into the beginning of Chapter Two in a relationship you thought was over. That's Moon in Aquarius for you; unpredictable and satisfying.

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