The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are 'Luckiest' In Love On May 12, 2023

Thank you Moon sextile Jupiter!

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Big ideas and bold endeavors await the three lucky in love zodiac signs on May 12, 2023. We have the broad-minded and very 'loving' transit of Moon sextile Jupiter in our midst, and for those who are up for a good time, let's just put it this way: Nothing will stop us. We are on a roll, folks, and all we want is for the day to go well in luck and love — and for there to be as little tension as possible.


During Moon sextile Jupiter, the anxiety and stress of an ordinary day will melt away. It's nice to think that we could enjoy our partnership with someone romantic without drama or anxiety, and that's exactly what Moon sextile Jupiter will provide. This allows us to work with concepts like hope, freedom and acceptance.

We want to do our best during Moon sextile Jupiter because we aren't waiting for something to fail. We have faith in our judgments and believe in ourselves. We're not about to get neurotic over the little things because we know that if we go down the slippery slope, we end up sliding down. So, on May 12, 20, 2023, we give ourselves to positivity. Hope is good; it keeps us alive, inspired and in love. When two people are inspired, especially by the relationship itself, it's like a fire that can't be contained; it just burns and burns. In this case, the fire is all about energetic inspiration and positive thinking.




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What makes today so lucky for the zodiac signs that will experience it in its full glory is our willingness to say YES to the good things in life. Today is when we set aside our suspicious minds and just go with the flow; Jupiter energy is always about the flow. We aren't getting in the way today. We are working in tandem with the universal flow, and because we don't present ourselves as obstacles, we will have a very blissful day.

Three zodiac signs who are luckiest in love May 12, 2023:

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)


Today is when you and your loved one know there's something more you can do with your future together. WHY NOT brainstorm something that you both can focus on? You are highly inspired today, Cancer, and during Moon sextile Jupiter on May 12, you won't be able to stop bringing up more crazy ideas to inspire the person you are with. You want to see them get on board with your enthusiasm, and they will ... they will because this transit, Moon sextile Jupiter, inspires them just as much.

They just happen to be with you, a Cancer, and you're leading the pack today to charm a person into feeling good about the things to come. You are unstoppable today, and your positive energy is infectious, which is fantastically lucky for you, as your relationship needed this booster shot.

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2. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)


On May 12, during the transit of Moon sextile Jupiter, you and your partner will be ready to let bygones be bygones, and in your case, Capricorn, that's saying a LOT. It also shows that you've been through it all but stayed together. Today is the day that this smacks you hard in the head: if you can go through all of this, then you can certainly continue.

The difference is that on this day, during Moon sextile Jupiter, you won't see the rest of your life with this person as some kind of endurance test. You passed that test long ago, and it will occur to you both that you should give yourselves a break. Nobody is stabbing the other one in the back, and whatever happened in the past belongs in the past. The energy given off by Moon sextile Jupiter lets you see that hope is a good thing. The days of being jaded are over. Phew!

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)


You'll take this day as a sign to continue, meaning that if you and your partner ever needed a day to get it together so that you can grasp what's ahead of you, but what you'll experience on this day is enough to set you on the right course for your future. You have never wanted anything less than a wonderful, friendly, understanding romantic life, and you've put in the time and effort to design it in such a way.

Today, during Moon sextile Jupiter, you'll see how your efforts start coming forth as realities. This transit, Moon sextile Jupiter, is so positively charged that you won't be able to slip off into your world, where you fantasize about a disastrous ending. Not today! May 12 brings you renewed optimism in the love you've always believed in and sets your trajectory for brilliant love and passion in the coming days.

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