Love Surprises These 3 Zodiac Signs On May 2, 2023

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zodiac sign surprised by love on may 2, 2023 during libra moon

Three zodiac signs are surprised by love on May 2, 2023, due to the Moon in Libra. Today brings eye-opening news to those who wondered about the mysterious person we just happen to be in love with. While we all love a good mystery, there does come a point when we wish to know more about the person we devote so much time and energy to. 

The mystery may be romantic and exciting, but as time goes on, we can't help but want to know the truth about a person, and during the Libra Moon, such a situation will arise for Geminis, Leos and Sagittarians. On May 2, we will learn something new about our romantic partners, and it will be up to us to judge whether this new insight is either good or bad. The truth is, it could be fantastic, so let's hope for that!

When we discover something new about the person we believe we've shown our best and worst, we can only hope to accept them as they have accepted us. After all, it's only human to take a step back if we find out something that is ... not exactly what we thought. There we go again, working with the idea that the unknown is always scary ... is it? Is the fear of the unknown something we can work with, and is the known even scarier? On May 2, during today's Libra Moon, we will find out if we can handle the truth.



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During the Libra Moon, we want things to make sense, so when we learn about this other side of our romantic partners, we can only hope that whatever they reveal, we can love it. We want them to love us for all of our weirdnesses, so we need to be able to accept them 'as is' as well. What's most important about this day is that we stay open. We anticipate horrors when there are none.

If we are to let the Libra Moon do its work, then we need to stay open for the big reveal that our partner has in store for us ... because sometimes there is no reason to fear the unknown. Which zodiac signs will learn something new about their partners today?

Three zodiac signs are surprised by love on May 2, 2023:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

Well, you asked for it, Gemini. You pushed and pushed and gave your partner the right space to share something about their lives, and welp, now, you have the truth right in front of your face. Can you deal with it? During the Libra Moon on May 2, you will get what you want because what you want is the truth, and you want it to come from the one person who always seemed to withhold that truth, your partner.

Now, they are right out in the open with you, and what you will discover is that maybe they should have kept it to themselves. This day will be a big lesson in love for you. At first, you thought that the sharing of all secrets would be a fabulous idea and that, with all the cards out on the table, you and your partner could now live perfect lives in perfect truth ... but the reality is that, what you will be discovering during the Libra Moon, is something you wished you never heard. Yikes!

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

You're about to discover today that your partner is not who you thought they were. Oh sure, they're still wonderful and faithful and completely devoted to you, but now that they have revealed this 'alternate version' of themselves to you, thanks to the Libra Moon, are tempted to step back and re-evaluate your need for truth from now on. On May 2, you will get what you want, meaning you'll finally find out the 'real' reason why your partner has always been 'this way.'

You like to think of yourself as the great analyst, the Sigmund Freud of your romantic relationships, but you're about to discover nothing as you imagined it to be. It seems that your partner is radically different than you in ways you might not be able to handle ... but you'll try. This one will be a good test for you, Leo. Are you really a person of your word, and will you stand by your mate now that you know their truth? We shall see.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

During the Libra Moon, you will get to find out something about your mate that will surprise you, and fortunately, in your case, it's a good thing. Still, in all, it will be a surprising thing, and it may take you off guard. Your partner is a thinker; they have the future in mind, and for them, this future involves you. While that's good and sounds exciting and promising, their idea of the future may not be aligned with what you want.

On May 2, during the Libra Moon, you may have to let them know that while you appreciate what they've shared, you aren't quite sure you are ready for that kind of compromise. Being a Sagittarius, you really do follow your path, and even though you love your partner and respect their needs and desires, you may find that what you discover about them today may not ultimately be what you want in your life.

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