3 Zodiac Signs Fling Becomes Serious On April 21, 2023, During The Moon In Taurus

It's the right thing to do.

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Loyalty, baby. It's all about loyalty, and on April 21, 2023, we have the Taurus Moon to guide us through what it takes to know exactly what loyalty is comprised of. Taurus comes with certain conditions; one, you must be loyal to them; two, they must be loyal to you, and three, your relationship must be exclusive.

No ifs, ands, or buts. This is real, and this is the way it is when the Taurus Moon is in the sky. So, if promiscuity is your trip, then you can book your flight for the destination tomorrow. Today is for loyalty, monogamy, and exclusive devotion to one romantic relationship. Has the point been made yet?


It's nice, how cute ... you and your romantic buddy had a fling. So Insta-worthy, and we hope you put up all the pics and got all the approving likes you could hope for. Then, there's today, where suddenly the fling aspect feels cheap and shoddy; it's time to move past this stage.

Sure, sure, it was fun while it lasted, but hearts came into play, didn't they? Now you're both in love with each other. What do you know? It happens. You can't just keep it in fling mode now ... you have to follow the way of Taurus Moon and take this fling into the exclusive zone. Oh yes, it's time. The universe is on to you now, zodiac signs.


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For certain signs of the Zodiac, today, April 21, 2023, is all about the next move, the appropriate move ... the move that brings about security. For the zodiac signs that are most influenced by the Taurus Moon, this is no joke; the strength is in unity and the power is in oneness. You know what you need in your life, and it's to feel as though you are part of something special. You know you can find that in your partner, and it's OK to leave the fling state and move into something more promising and substantial. Go for it.

Three zodiac signs take romance to the next level on April 21, 2023: 


1. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

On this day, April 21, 2023, you will be about ready to either call it quits on the person you've been flinging about with or bring them into the fold of your family for a real, solid relationship. You have done your seduction and it's worked; now you want the payoff. You were never in this for the fun of it all, even though you certainly were able to experience quite a lot of fun ... still, you were always looking for a permanent partner, and it seems the person you are with now definitely fits the bill.

Today is the day you suggest they come on board and join you in a relationship that has no expiration date on it. This isn't casual and it isn't for fun. You need a commitment in order to feel less neurotic, and on this day, you'll get what you want, thanks to the loyalty aspect that comes with the Taurus Moon.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

For you to take a fling and go to the next step, as in loyalty and exclusivity in a relationship, then you must be hella serious about this person ... and you are. On April 21, 2023, during the Taurus Moon, you will recognize something about yourself, Libra, and it is that you are not the player you thought you were. You created an ideal in your mind that you could be this invulnerable lover who experiences passion without having to be made vulnerable by the love.

Yet, here you are, in love and ready to see serious committing. Well then, it seems people do change, after all. You will be very influenced by the Taurus Moon, and you will see the point in things like monogamy and devotion. It all seems very appealing to you now, and that is because you truly do love the person you've been having a fling with. It's time to upgrade that experience, Libra.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

You have had so many romantic experiences that have left you feeling cold and sad that you've built yourself into being this stoic, invulnerable being who can't let your soft side exist for too long. In your recent affair, you've tried to maintain your distance, but your heart would not allow for that. It seems you are no longer the stoic one, but the one who wants more.

During the Taurus Moon on April 21, 2023, you will be the one who tells it like it is, and you will share with the person you've been in a fling with your desire for more. They have been waiting around for you to see things this way, so all will work out beautifully and smoothly. Your person of interest is so much more to you than someone you want to remember as a fling partner; you want this person exclusively and for as long as you can have them. Aw.


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