8 Things Guys Do If You're Just A Fling

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When you're dating or talking to a guy, there's something you need to know: By the time they've seen you twice, most men already know whether they see you as a fling, a "dirty little secret," or a potential long-term partner.

Once they've decided where you stand, they'll treat you accordingly. If you want to know how to tell if a guy likes you, he will never do any of these things. If he does, well ... you're just a fling to him.

Here are 8 things guys do if you're just a fling:

1. He doesn't text you on a regular basis.

Here's the fact: guys only ghost girls they don't care about. Moreover, guys who view you as long-term won't suddenly "go dark" for days. And they also won't only text you when they're horny. Guys who see you as long-term relationship material will always be texting you and hitting you up, regardless of how busy their day is.

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2. He won't introduce you to his friends.

Guys who are serious about a girl will introduce her to friends and family. They will be proud to be seen with her and will do what they can to make sure she's part of their circle. If you're a fling, they're going to keep you in the background and make sure you don't meet too many people.

3. He won't take you on proper dates.

Restaurant date? Pfft. Forget about it. Ice skating date? Nope. The only date flings usually will get are Netflix dates... and maybe, if they're lucky, a date at a nightclub.

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4. He won't try to broach subjects related to relationships.

If a guy is very serious about you, he'll ask what you want in a future spouse or talk about kids within a year. If he's serious, he also will try to talk about giving you the "girlfriend" label. If he's seeing you as a fling, he will be silent about this stuff.

5. He doesn't want to be exclusive with you.

A guy who's serious will be begging for exclusivity, make no mistake about it. They won't beat around the bush. They will ask for it. If they are making no effort to be exclusive, you need to move on. He's saying everything you need to know.

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6. He won't have really deep conversations with you.

When you're a fling, they'll gossip or maybe talk about fandoms, but that's about it. The conversations won't be about major things in your life. When you're a fling, guys don't talk about things that get them emotionally attached.

7. He isn't reliable.

Men who are very serious about a girl will be as reliable as a Swiss watch. You can count on a man who's into you for everything. But if he sees you as a fling, he'll become the most irresponsible human being on the planet. If you can't rely on him, he's saying you're not his "One."

8. He'll never tell you he loves you.

Once the L-bomb is dropped, you can't undrop it. It means that he's legit caught feelings and that he's emotional about you. If you're just a fling, he probably won't say that.

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