10 Legit Signs He Will Eventually Commit And Is Ready For A Serious Relationship

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You may be trying to figure out how to tell if a guy likes you enough to commit to a serious relationship.

When a man is interested in a commitment, there will be some major signs he likes you more than a friend — and sees a real future with you.

You enjoy spending time with him, he makes you happy, he's touchy with you, and he appreciates you. But whether you two are in the stage of friendship, dating, or in the initial stage of your relationship, it can still be hard figuring out if he is ready for a serious relationship.

Before you invest more of your time and effort into this guy, and to avoid ending up broken-hearted, you must know what his intentions are before you fall head over heels.

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Fortunately, there are signs to tell if a guy really likes you and is serious about you.

Here are 10 legit signs he will eventually commit and he's ready for a serious relationship with you.

1. He's transparent with you.

A guy is ready for a relationship when he's honest and open about his feelings and thoughts with you. He expresses himself to you freely and may even tell you how much you mean to him.

Most guys have their guard up and don’t share much of what they're feeling. When a guy feels comfortable confiding in you, he is not afraid to share his personal thoughts or even his past.

He trusts you so well that he is not afraid to reveal anything about him and be vulnerable when he is with you.

2. He makes time for you.

Guys make time for things that matter. If he is serious about you, no matter how busy his schedule might be, he will make time for you.

This kind of guy will still want to hang out with you even if he has a lot on his plate; this is because he makes you his priority.

3. He keeps in touch.

He's not ghosting you and is always in contact with you. He calls you or sends you a message when something comes up.

He always asks how your day was, and tells you how his day went. If he is interested in you, he'll always keep you in the loop because he wants you to be part of his life.

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4. He keeps his promises.

When a guy often makes promises and fails to keep them, it probably means he lacks feelings for you.

A guy who wants to be in a serious relationship will keep his promises, because he doesn’t want to disappoint you. He knows that by keeping his integrity, you won't lose your trust in him.

5. He asks you for advice and opinions.

He takes your advice into consideration when he has a problem or an important life decision. This shows that he values what you feel and think. There are plenty of reasons why a guy asks for a girl’s opinion.

He may simply just want to ask the opinion from a girl in general, but he could also be making an excuse to be closer to you. Maybe because he's thinking of having a long-term relationship with you.

He wouldn’t be interested in getting serious with you if he doesn’t care about your opinions and outlook in life.

6. He is protective of you.

Does he get affected or even furious when someone does something to hurt you? Does he ask for you to call him or text him when you got home safely? Guys protect the things that they care about.

If a guy feels you're special, he'll be protective of you. He may also be jealous when you get attention from other guys, since he'll feel threatened that he might lose you.

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7. He wants to meet your family and friends.

He genuinely asks about your family and friends and shows interest in meeting them. If a guy wants to meet your family, it means that he really likes you.

Many guys are terrified of meeting the family and friends of the girl they like because they want to impress them for her sake.

If a guy is ready for a relationship, he's willing to meet your family and friends.

8. He wants to introduce you to his family and friends.

When a guy wants to introduce you to his family and friends, this is a sign that he wants to maintain a close relationship with you.

He also wants you to be close to the people in his circle; the people he cares about.

9. He shares his passion with you.

Some guys get intimidated when they think about exposing their feelings. So if he puts his guard down and makes himself vulnerable, this is a big sign that he wants to commit to a relationship with you.

When he shares his passion with you, it means he wants you to experience what he loves, what he can do, and how those make him feel.

He wants you to be part of his world because you matter to him.

10. He talks about his future plans.

If a guy talks about this, then he's ready for a relationship. He wants to show and might even try to impress you with how serious he is about his future life — and that he's not like those "other guys" who aren't responsible and don’t plan for their future.

He also wants to see how you are going to react to his plans and how you would fit to his plans.

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