The Weekly Love Horoscope For Every Zodiac Sign, April 17 - 23, 2023

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weekly love horoscope for all zodiac signs april 17 - 23, 2023

Each zodiac sign's weekly love horoscope for April 17 - 23, 2023, focuses on how astrology impacts your love life, relationships, friendships and intimate connections. 

The week starts off with the Sun in Aries just a few days before we begin Taurus season. A new solar season invites all zodiac signs to release doubts that dictated how you feared things would turn out. Forget it all, and instead, be in this moment. Open your eyes and allow yourself to see the truth beckoning you. The endings are already starting to fade away, and the beginnings bloom with the promise of love as the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse peaks.  

Mercury will retrograde this week. Retrograde season means it's time to look into your heart and honor who you have become. The spaces of growth and awareness allow you to see things as they are instead of how they used to be. Make room for love to come in. To settle in all the spaces of your heart and to grow stronger than you ever thought was possible.  

On Thursday, April 20th, be conscious of what it feels like. It must end this week so that you can seize the new beginning that is starting to manifest within your relationship. When it comes to love, you need to have space for the relationship that you are seeking. You need to create the space for love to grow.

But sometimes, lingering energies, whether in the form of past lovers or even your own wounds and beliefs, prevent you from embracing and creating what you are seeking. This is where the beginning and the endings are magnified. As the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs this week, it is also precisely what you will focus on within your relationship.

New Moons bring new beginnings, but as this one occurs at the fated last degree of Aries, it also holds within it the clues that something needs to be cleared out to begin. Solar Eclipses often bring a shocking change of events as they rule your external self and the action you choose to take.

Recognize where your truth is. Embrace the direction your heart longs to take and realize that while you can keep trying the same old tactics to create what you want, you will have to do things differently. The Sun shifting into Taurus today supports facing the wounds or energies of past relationships so that you can find greater stability and presence in the now. You will have to create a space for love consciously, or you may find that the new beginning you have been dreaming of is taken off the table as an option.

This Friday, April 21st, you are being guided to slow down. To review what is happening and how you feel about it. The first retrograde of the year begins today as Mercury in Taurus begins its backward journey today. This will have you reflecting on the security and sense of stability you feel within your union, as Taurus is a slow-moving earth sign. Things will move at their own pace, and with it occurring with the Eclipse Portal just opening, you will have to reflect on the past before deciding to move ahead.

Taurus will have you feeling where you need to build greater safety, comfort and even joy into your relationship. You cannot continue how things have been; instead, you must work to make it happen. Most of this retrograde can feel like a slowdown as it connects to Uranus; also, some unexpected moments will arise in this zodiac sign. This is a chance to make sure that your priorities align with your desires and that you are building a relationship that can and will make it through any storm that life may bring.  

Weekly Love Horoscope for every zodiac signs, April 17 – April 23, 2023 


(March 21 - April 19)  

Most romantic day: Friday, April 21st 

Seek to understand what matters most to you so you can make decisions and choices you won't regret. Understanding yourself better allows you to embrace that burning passion for creating changes and leveling up within your life. But first, you must clarify what is unnegotiable to take with you as you move forward.

Helping you with this process is Mercury retrograde in Taurus, which provides space for clarity and helps you reflect on your self-worth. To attract more into your life or make those decisions that have been on your mind, you need to know you are worthy of more. When you feel this deep in your soul, you will naturally hesitate less in aligning your relationship needs with your worth.  

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(April 20 - May 20) 

Most romantic day: Thursday, April 20th 

There are always pieces of the puzzle that you cannot see. Those subtle moments of truth or awareness are hidden by your own fears or even those in your life. When it comes to relationships, being fully aware of the truth is imperative to know whether it is a relationship for only a season or a lifetime.

But as an earth sign, you tend to shy away from these pieces of truth because it can feel like they would disrupt your life rather than create greater stability. As the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries rises this week, you will get a nudge of bravery from the universe, helping you see all the pieces so that you can finally know in your heart whether this relationship is truly meant for you or not.  

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(May 21 - June 20) 

Most romantic day: Friday, April 21st 

It is a lot easier to focus on what feels good. To play into the moments where there is fun and joy. But that does not mean that everything else will go away. You are putting off dealing with a situation within your relationship. You already know the truth, but something blocks you from acting. It may be that you hope it will improve or that the existing unknown will stop you from acting.

But as Mercury in Taurus turns retrograde this week, prepare to slow down and start to open to what that block has been. Even if it feels disruptive, this new awareness about your relationship can help you improve it or decide it is over. Remember that for life to be full of joy genuinely, you also need to deal with what arises. Avoidance never leads to happiness.  

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(June 21 - July 22) 

Most romantic day: Friday, April 21st  

It is okay if it feels like your romantic life is not your top priority. Usually, it is, as is those relationships which are closest to your heart. But you have realized that while you can love those around you, they cannot bring the fulfillment you are seeking right now.

As much as your career has become more important, which will inevitably change how you show up for your relationship, you will also be offered a chance to step out into the new life you want to create. Your relationship should be able to weather the growth that you feel called to pursue. Your partner should encourage you to find happiness, even to find your true self. Don’t let guilt or fear of your relationship hold you back from doing what you feel most drawn to this week. By living your truth, you also will reveal the truth in your relationship.  

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(July 23 - August 22) 

Most romantic day: Thursday, April 20th 

Don’t be afraid to take a risk. To speak your desires, to take your relationship to an entirely new level. Don’t be afraid to throw your old rules out the window as you venture into this new and exciting space of anything is possible. Everything changes within your life; it is all part of you creating more of what you feel passionate about. What feels like it is inherently a part of you and your purpose.

This includes the kind of relationship that you are seeking. But to achieve it, you will need to embrace the expansiveness of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries that beckons you to reach for the stars. Step into authentic radical vulnerability and remember that only your and your partner's feelings matter. Not anyone else's. Set yourself free and let yourself create the love you’ve always desired, no matter how it looks.  

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(August 23 - September 22) 

Most romantic day: Thursday, April 20th 

Lean into your desires. Into the space where you can create a deep, meaningful connection with yourself and your partner. Take off the masks you wear for others and the mentality that you are only worthy if you are in a state of doing. Suppose you are somehow of benefit to others and return to your own needs, your own sensuality. Love is more than just checking the boxes. You know this, yet sometimes you cannot help but do it anyway.

Yet you are not locked into being only a certain way with your partner. As the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries peaks this week, you will have all the guidance and support from the universe to transform your relationship into something deep and meaningful.  

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(September 23 - October 22) 

Most romantic day: Thursday, April 20th 

There is nowhere left to hide. Nowhere to stash your fears or even the demons that call to you from the recesses of your mind. There is nowhere to pretend you are moving through some major clearing. But you don’t need to be so hard on yourself.

You don’t need to feel like you must keep it. Your partner wants to be let into this part of your world. They want to reassure you of what you are building and the direction they hope to take in this relationship. You are doing your best, but as the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse highlights themes of healing and romance, you can sink deeper into both. When you speak about what you are going through, you inherently bring light to it. You can help heal yourself and, in the process, strengthen the romantic connection with your partner.  

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(October 23 - November 21) 

Most romantic day: Friday, April 21st 

In all matters of change, it is important not to rush the process. To understand that while you may want to move ahead at lightning speed, it sometimes pays to slow down, to reflect and to allow things to unfold naturally. Discover the benefits of patience this week.

Recognize that a not yet is different from a no. Don’t feel that desire for intensity rise so hot that it makes you force things or become reactive. Mercury retrograde signals a time to be more reflective in your relationship. Take your time building the next chapter of your romantic life and realize that when it feels like little to nothing is happening, it is all for a higher purpose – one you will soon see.  

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(November 22 - December 21) 

Most romantic day: Thursday, April 20th 

You must cut away what you no longer need. Releasing the stagnant energy, the old mechanisms and the wounded beliefs that have only stolen the joy from your romantic life. Don’t be so afraid that things change that you don’t see the benefit they create.

You honor truth above all else. Yet the truth is seldom easy to hear or accept. Truth challenges the status quo and pushes you to act, and it helps lead the way to a better you and a better relationship. The Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse will remove something from your romantic life next week so you can have more space for what you genuinely want and need. Don’t fight the endings; instead, trust that it is part of manifesting the life you have dreamed of.  

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(December 22 - January 19) 

Most romantic day: Friday, April 21st 

When you give yourself time to honor the past, you also can ensure that it is not repeated. This is not about emotions but instead about remembering the promises that you have made to yourself to do things differently. You don’t have to keep trying so hard, especially if that effort is not based on all that you have previously learned. As rocky as things have felt lately, you do have an opportunity to become better.

You can use the time Mercury retrograde provides to reflect more closely on your past relationship patterns so that you can genuinely choose to do things differently this time. It is never too late, especially when you are willing to work.  

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(January 20 - February 18) 

Most romantic day: Friday, April 21st 

You are on the cusp of greatness. Being so happy and in love that you can hardly stand it. You pinch yourself, wondering if it is real or only a figment of the dreams you held right to for so long. Part of this transformation will change the love you receive from your partner. You have done the inner work to allow that to happen; now, it is just a matter of practicing it and letting yourself fully commit to love once again.

Mercury retrograde will allow you to reflect and organize plans at your own pace. Fears will always arise when it concerns something that matters to you. But this time, these fears are only memories from the past and nothing that will dictate your future. It is safe to trust once again. It is safe to go all in. It is safe to receive the love that you have always desired.  

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(February 19 - March 20) 

Most romantic day: Friday, April 21st 

Words can heal; what you say matters. How you speak to your partner and how you are spoken to matters. The action of love makes your relationship what it is, but the words you speak lay the foundation for you to continue to grow. But honest, transparent conversations are seldom romantic.

They often require you to dig deep to the point that you uncover what is most raw and real. Yet, this place within you needs to surface so that you can begin to have the conversations that will heal your relationship. Mercury retrograde in Taurus reflects your words and those you still need to say. It opens the portal for deeper reflection and conversations with your partner. And it holds the promise of showing you that the relationship that lasts forever is the one you put in the work to ensure it does.  

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