April 16, 2023 Horoscopes Are 'Freeing' For 3 Zodiac Signs

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zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on april 16, 2023

Three zodiac signs have the best horoscope on April 16, 2023, during Mars in Cancer. Even in the most optimistic light, the tug of what if? can create illusions of doubt. Certainty is seldom guaranteed, yet, you don’t need to be certain to progress. You don’t need proof to know that whatever you feel deserves to be acted upon with courage. 

The Moon in Pisces will unite with Mars in Cancer today, prompting you to find the strength to ride whatever wave has drenched your heart. This disturbance has allowed you to rise and see clearly to take action, no matter how small toward what it is that pulses like truth beneath the what-ifs.  



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It helps you understand where to care for yourself so you don’t become entangled in the noise around you. Doing things differently is challenging but worth it. You are tired of only ever playing the same rules, and you crave newness so ripe it tickles your hope with possibilities. And so, you begin here by riding whatever feelings surface, trusting yourself and valiantly pursuing the truth to set yourself free at all costs.  

Three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on April 16, 2023: 

1. Cancer  

(June 21 - July 22) 

It’s time to gather all your emotional strength and take that first step. The first step need not be a dramatic initiation of shock and awe but can instead be done quietly and gingerly, especially if you’re still becoming accustomed to this new path you feel prompted to take.

The smallest step matters when you consider seizing new opportunities in your life for greater expansion. What is most important is that you are all in both mentally and emotionally during this new chapter. Even if it begins with affirmations and positive thinking, you have to step into the place of believing in yourself to attract the necessary people and situations that will help make it a reality.

This new place you are in is likely foreign. It feels different because you’re not bending backward to please people or sacrificing yourself for their wants. It is a precious time for you as you begin to dive deeper into the questions involving what you want and dream for your life. When you admit the truth about these matters, you also change the vibration you attract from the universe. You change how you move within this world and create a ripple that fans out into other relationships within your life.

As you move through today’s energy, staying rooted in what you need for yourself is important. Extend grace to those around you who are going through their process. There is a balance between understanding and self-sacrifice; you’re currently practicing because nothing should make you give up on your dreams.  

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2. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 

You have everything you need within yourself. Every feeling and motivation already exists within your heart. You have everything you need to begin. As you ride these waves of stopping and starting, recognize that much of what you’re feeling may be an old wound surfacing to be healed. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have doubts or toss everything away and begin again. Sometimes it’s enough to have this old feeling surface so that you can give it the love that it's craving.

In this, you learn there is a benefit to having old feelings surface as you are on the brink of beginning something new as it reminds you how different you are in this moment than you have ever been. You still are the zodiac’s dreamer; however, you’re taking yourself more seriously now that Saturn has entered your zodiac sign. Today, along with the Moon in your sign, brings your emotions to the forefront of your focus. You’ll be able to recognize feelings for what they are to create a space of movement within your life.

Mars in Cancer helps you embrace more of your sense of expression so you can do whatever it takes to create more joy in your life. But this time, joy isn’t coming in the form of running away from reality, but instead by shaping it into the life you want to live. Things always appear differently and even more challenging when you initiate a new beginning. Today you are ready for whatever the universe brings.  

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3. Scorpio  

(October 23 - November 21) 

You are being guided to live bigger. Embrace more of life's wonderfulness and stretch yourself beyond any stories you’ve told yourself about how you think life would go. As you have dived into the learning and growing that the universe has been delivering you the past few years, you’re slowly emerging as an entirely new individual.

You know with certainty that the depth of your thoughts, which have felt overwhelming sometimes, isn't a place you need to live. You know what you deserve, so don't settle for less. A big part of how you want your life and even relationship needs to come down to stepping out of that comfort zone into a new area. There's abundance in your future, but the universe will ask you to take risks to create happiness.

You are being fully supported and guided by the universe at this time, so it’s crucial that those opportunities are fully seized, whatever they might be. When you’re in this expansion process, it can be challenging because, inevitably, you are leaving something behind. But whatever you are leaving behind or even moving beyond are those things that were only supposed to be a part of a chapter of your life — not the whole thing.

Remind yourself that whatever feels like it’s lost along your journey of learning and growing is because it’s no longer needed. The worst thing you can let happen is to have an old lesson taking up space from new blessings coming in. Take today to seize that vastness of possibility you’re craving, not forgetting you absolutely deserve it.  

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