How The 'Deep' Spiritual Meaning Of The Rare March 28, 2023 Planetary Alignment Affects Us All

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In the ethereal nighttime sky on March 28th, you will be treated to the soul-expanding event of the Procession of the Planets. The Procession of the Planets describes the alignment of five planets: Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus, that will arrange themselves in a single line across the sky.  This rare phenomenon started on March 25th and will peak on March 30th, with the height of it being in the evening hours of March 28th, holding deep spiritual meaning for us all.


All planets will be visible with the naked eye, especially Mars and Venus, which tend to be the brightest, though you may benefit from binoculars to see Uranus more clearly as its distance means it will not be as bright. The rarer an astrological event, the more potent and powerful it is. This event seldom occurs, and although the last time it did was in June of 2022, before that, it was in 2016. It is truly a moment not to be missed or passed on. But to utterly understand the significance of your own life, it is important to understand the meaning of each planet and what themes they will bring to this collective event.  


How the deep spiritual meaning of the rare March 28, 2023 planetary alignment in Aries & Taurus affects us all:

Mars: action, direction, passion, and your ability to succeed no matter the obstacle.

Venus: Venus, love, relationships, beauty, security, and peace. Mercury, communication, understanding and intelligence.  

Jupiter: abundance, luck, success, and optimism. 

Uranus: independence, consciousness, and the desire to evolve continually.  

What makes this especially potent is the zodiac signs that these planets will be within during this unique Procession of the Planets.  



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Some of these planets will work closely together, creating intense energy.

Venus and Uranus will both be in Taurus just two degrees apart, while Mercury and Jupiter will both be in Aries with only a degree of separation, creating an intensified energy source as these planets not just form an alignment in the sky but truly merge their themes into one powerful force that will awaken your soul.  

Mars is the only planet in a single zodiac sign.

Mars just shifted into Cancer after its seven-month-long journey through Gemini. Mars in Cancer adds emotional intensity, and the desire for connection will drive many of your opportunities during this spectacular alignment. But to have the zodiac signs of both Aries and Taurus activated to such an intensity highlight many of the themes that have recently surfaced within your life as holding greater meaning. 


Adding greater significance to this event is that there is also a Stellium occurring within Aries and Taurus right now as well with the asteroids and astrological points present.

Chiron in Aries

Chiron in Aries brings healing, self-mastery and integration of lessons. 

Juno in Taurus

Juno in Taurus is deeply sensual, committed and longing for a secure home. 

Vesta in Aries

Vesta in Aries is self-sacrificing, directed, bringing expansion and a seeker of individuality. 

North Node in Taurus

North Node in Taurus, patience and dedication towards achieving your ultimate purpose. 

Midheaven in Aries

A midheaven in Aries feels impulsive, unconventional, and strong leadership traits.  


While the Procession of Planets is an intense and rare event, with a Stellium occurring within Taurus and Aries, it adds a deeper level of meaning and spiritual significance because many of these asteroids and planets are close enough that they will be operating as one energy. 

For instance, Venus and Juno will be within five degrees, which means the desires for sensuality, love connection and relationship become magnified, especially as Uranus will reside here too. This exemplifies an important relationship that the planets and asteroids share. Together they help direct your soul’s path in this lifetime.  

The Taurus/Scorpio Eclipse Season is ending

Part of this convergence of spiritual significance is that the eclipse cycle will shift from Taurus and Scorpio to Aries and Libra this year. Specifically, the North Node, which rules matters related to fate and destiny, will shift from Taurus into Aries this July initiating a brand-new cycle within your life, which is also starting to manifest around the Procession of the Planets.  


When you consider this shift along with Mars driving greater emotional meaning and connection, the alignment this week represents a time of becoming clear on what it is that you desire to create within your life and then allowing yourself to believe that the only option is the best possible outcome for all involved.  

The Procession of the Planets represents things working out in your favor, especially if you allow yourself to take that chance.  

But when there is such focused energy as there is now with Aries and Taurus, it is not enough to act, but you must be certain in the choices you are making and align your own positive energy with the action you take. Aries represents new beginnings at its most primal level, being the first sign of the zodiac; however, Taurus is known for pleasure, joy, stability, and growth. 

Together, they ensure that you are entering a time of being divinely guided by the universe; however, it cannot do its work if you do not do yours.  


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Venus and Uranus also point to the possibility of you making a change within your life that creates an opportunity for greater balance and peace through embracing your truth and desires. However, what this perfect alignment also reveals is that it is difficult to find harmony and balance in life if you are not feeling that way inside of yourself.  

If feeling ill at ease or all over the place has been something that you have been experiencing, this is an opportune time to realign yourself with your truth and what it is that you really want from life and from those that occupy it.  

When speaking about the impossibility of certain events occurring, it is always said that one day the stars will align and it will happen – yet that is precisely what is happening, made even more powerful by the fact that it is being made by powerful planets.  


Mercury and Jupiter together in Aries create an opportunity to create successful expansion by honoring and communicating your deepest desires. 

In other respects, Venus and Uranus converging together in Taurus bring opportunities not just for love but also for finances and money. Truly, whatever you wish and have the capacity to work for around this time is favored.  

The North Node in Taurus has been about persistence and patience towards achieving a goal of greater stability and security, and while this year, you dance on the cusp of invoking the energies of the North Node shifting into Aries. 

The North Node in Aries will help you develop the courage that you need to step forward, become the author of your own life and create what it is you desire instead of simply waiting around for another to do it.  


As you begin to dive into what this year holds, the Procession of Planets offers you an important moment in the evolution of your soul contract, helping you to reaffirm that not only are you precisely where you are meant to be but that success may be just one step away. 

It just so happens that often that one step is also the one that matters because it changes everything. Yet when you honor the direction you are receiving from the universe along with your own unique soul downloads, then you can embody the quiet confidence of knowing you cannot fail.  

To succeed means that you are honoring your own truth, which is the compass that will forever direct you toward your fate. The more in alignment you are with yourself, the more you will be with the universe, and while the Procession of Planets offers you a chance to realign if you are not, it also stands as the moment you declare your own authentic intentions for your life, believing without a doubt that what you are called towards is also what is meant for you. 

Because the true catalyst for any great transformation will always be the quiet truth you admit to yourself, which changes everything – including the doubt you may have about following your deepest desires.  


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