Tarot Card Reading For All 12 Zodiac Signs For March 11, 2023

Life takes an unexpected turn.

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Today's March 11, 2023 daily tarot horoscope brings an unexpected turn of events for all 12 zodiac signs in astrology. No cards in reverse demonstrate that we can expect to take action in an important area of our lives. Wonder what advice today's tarot card horoscope has for you? Check out your zodiac sign to find out.

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Learn what your zodiac sign's daily tarot card reading has in store for you on Saturday, March 11, 2023.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)


Tarot card: The Sun

What the universe promises, it also delivers. No matter what's on your schedule, today is set to be one of those magnificent days.

You've got the Midas touch, Aries. Everything that comes into contact with your magic turns to gold. If you have something important to do, today is a great day to pursue it will full passion.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)


Tarot card: Temperance

Worrying does not help matters, nor does it solve any problems. Today, toss your worry out the window to focus on what you can do.

If you must overthink, give yourself a deadline to stop lamenting and pining over the things, you've lost. Then, get back to work and make the most of today.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)


Tarot card: The Devil

Expect resistance to change, Gemini, because the worst enemy in your life will be yourself. Today, the one thing you said you would quit will be your greatest craving.

You must outsmart your mind to trick it into thinking this is not what it wants. Overcoming the temptation to backslide into old patterns requires filling your day with new habits until this internal war stops.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)


Tarot card: The World

From the time you were young, you had a purpose, and even though things have happened to stop you from reaching a goal, you have remained strong.

This tarot card signifies that everything in life comes down to one word, 'grit.' Stay true to yourself, no matter what fears you may face. Each day brings you closer to realizing the dream you carry in your heart.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)


Tarot card: Judgement

It's perfectly normal to wonder what other people think, but there comes a time when your gut instincts become enough for you to make an important decision.

You can waste time, actually, asking people for advice, especially if you know you're going to do what you want to do anyway. Spare yourself the misery; go for what you know you must do.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)


Tarot card: Death

Our lives are made up of seasons, and when you have outgrown a situation, place or thing, the doors start to close, and no matter how much you'd like to stay where you are, the universe refuses to allow you to remain comfortable.

It's your season to grow, starting with 'goodbye.' So long, old you. Virgo, it's time for you to meet your future self.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)


Tarot card: The Emperor

People see your sweet side, but they don't know that beneath the surface is a fierce bear willing to protect your family and the people you love without a second thought. Today, someone may try to push your protector button, and they will see how strong you can be when you feel someone is being unfair to a person you love.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)


Tarot card: The Chariot

You aren't afraid of hard work, but being so focused on a goal means you have to say no to other things. Stage right: In walks your good old friend, 'Regret.' How nice!

Yep, the F.O.M.O is real today, and you might want to cancel plans. Don't let yourself appear flaky, Scorpio. That is not your style. Be dependable and stick to the original plan if you can. You won't regret doing what you already set your mind to do.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)


Tarot card: The Magician

No one should ever underestimate you, Sagittarius. You've got amazing power, resilience and perseverance.

So, when you feel like you have to give up and toss in the towel, out of nowhere, your resolve kicks back in. You're metaphorically with both fists up, ready to take on the world. Today, you get yours.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)


Tarot card: The Star

Starting a new spiritual journey looks very easy from a distance, but there is so much inner work to do that it can sometimes be emotionally and physically draining.

You're learning to let go and heal parts of yourself you forgot were there. Today, be gentle with yourself. Things will be OK, but for today, aim for simplicity.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)


Tarot card: The Moon

A person can only hide a secret for so long. Someone may not admit to being dishonest; you may never hear them say sorry. But when the universe is looking out for you, weird things happen.

You find what you're looking for — even when you didn't know it was there. Don't worry if you're feeling suspicious today; things will manifest right before your eyes to give you an answer.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)


Tarot card: The Fool

You were ready yesterday, so you're in a hurry to get to 'the good stuff' in a new relationship. Go slow, Pisces. When you've been single for so long and start dating a new person, the past has a strange way of invading your memory.

You may not even realize it's happening, but the inner monologue is there. Give yourself time to process and to know you're 100 percent ready to commit.

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