3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Likely Have 'Rough' Horoscopes On March 16, 2023

You can handle this.

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The March 16, 2023 horoscopes are 'a bit tense' for three zodiac signs in astrology. It's not so much that we're destined to have a bad day on this date, March 16, 2023; it's that, for three zodiac signs, the presence of transit Sun square Mars is going to bring out a side to us that may make someone else have a bad day. And, being that everything that goes around comes around, eventually, the rotten luck will hit is where it hurts. During Sun square Mars, we may think we're all fierce and mighty, but what we are is hostile and destructive. Oh boy!


We aren't coming from a bad place, necessarily; it's not like we want to hurt people's feelings or 'teach them lessons.' Rather, we are stuck on our feelings and opinions, and we may be a little too rigid when it comes to bending, meaning we're not about to give an inch to anyone who sees things in a different light than we do. We are unwavering and intolerant during Sun square Mars, and we will fight for our way if we feel the need to.



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Mars energy is always tricky; it can do wonders if we work it the right way. We might be able to work our wily ways today, but during Sun square Mars, that may present a problem. Our main problem is being open to the opinions and suggestions of others. Because we believe so firmly in our ways, during Sun square Mars, we may not want even to entertain the idea that perhaps someone else could be...right.

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on March 16, 2023:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

You may find that you are prone to giving unsolicited advice on this day, Aries. You can't help yourself, and you definitely won't catch on to the idea of 'unsolicited.' You know that you can be helpful, but at times you come off as a psychoanalyst, and not everyone wants to benefit from your brilliant take on their life. During Sun square Mars, in the name of love and psychotherapy, you will change into someone else's life with the purpose of saving them, and you will be resented for it. That will make you feel bad, and when you feel bad, you tend to get angry, and then before you know it, your whole day is shot. Do yourself a favor and wait for someone to ask for help before you dole out your words of wisdom, as everything in this case, is about timing.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

Much like Aries in this case, you believe yourself to be of great help to anyone and everyone who is in trouble. During Sun square Mars, you will be little more concerned about coming across as a miracle worker than actually doing anything miraculous, and when the object of your rescue doesn't appear to be impressed, you get angry with them.

You may even call them names or try to belittle them, which is quite the opposite of what you told them you were there to do, which was to help them. During Sun square Mars, you will get to see that your help is much more about you and your image as a 'helper' than it is about you doing any actual good for this person. You will come to know that you don't care about helping as much as you care about looking like a good and helpful person.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

Today brings you the opportunity to shoot your mouth off, Sagittarius. You do believe that you are some kind of genius, and while you do excel in certain areas, it's not as if you are the healer of the world. And during Sun square Mars, you'll find that you give nobody any leeway to absorb the healing messages you have decided to deliver them.

What this means is that, you want to help people, but if they don't get the point within milliseconds, you give up on them, tell them they are idiots, show that you are truly intolerant and foolish while ending up with a spectacularly bad day to live out. Yes, you are strong and mighty, but do you have to get it all over everyone else? Just pull back a bit. Let time play a part in your scheme to help others.


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