3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Sunday, March 12, 2023 Horoscopes

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best horoscopes for three zodiac signs on sunday, march 12, 2023

The horoscopes for March 12, 2023 are the best for three zodiac signs who kick off the week in a big way this Sunday.

This entire year is marked with the overflowing theme of being one of healing which means that you also need to give your time to move through that however you need. Today is an important step within this journey as Jupiter and Chiron unite in Aries, literally at the exact same degree, creating one powerful energetic wave of healing.  

Jupiter re-entered Aries at the end of last year, joining Chiron here, where it’s resided since 2019.  Jupiter will spend half of this year in this passionate fire sign helping you to move ahead in all ways and take advantage of new opportunities; however, Chiron will continue its journey here until 2026.  

The purpose of these two meetings, though, is to provide a divine moment of healing for you on your journey and set the stage for the new era that Saturn in Pisces began earlier in the week.

Jupiter expands whatever it touches, in this case, it is your healing. Chiron’s claim to fame isn’t as illustrious, but one just as necessary. The wounded healer represents that part within you that doubts your innate ability to heal, overcome and succeed. In relationships, an unhealed Chiron can have you taking on codependent energies or becoming extremely triggered or threatened around those who haven’t yet stepped into the truth of their power and healing. 

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Ultimately the journey of Chiron is teaching you that you have to heal yourself before you heal any other. You have to take responsibility for fixing or changing your life path, and your growth and healing are yours alone. Of course, it is helpful and supportive to have those around who can cheer you on, but that does not mean they can take those steps for you. Chiron in Aries can be more independent. 

It has taken this role as the healer seriously, and in many ways, it has created distance between itself and others so that healing can become its main priority. 

As Chiron and Jupiter align perfectly in the heavens today, they will become one; they will operate under one energy meaning that your healing journey is about to reach a powerful pinnacle. This is the moment that can change everything, and while no one ever is finished healing, today is a moment you will reach one of those summits which change your perspective on everything.  

Together Jupiter and Chiron also help fuel you with faith in the universe and help you to lean into greater trust and patience for the process at hand, which is of benefit because this mindset will become essential to making the most of the Saturn in Pisces chapter that just began.  

This month is like the building blocks of growth, and while today is not the last, it does offer you a chance to feel like you have finally come too far to go back. And that maybe, just maybe, you can feel one step closer to where you want to be.  

Three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes for March 12, 2023:

1. Aries  

(March 21 - April 19) 

Don’t underestimate the importance of seeing things from a new and fresh perspective. Remember there is more than just two sides to every story. You are being reintroduced to yourself right now. You are being asked to embody your truth more greatly and to remember that you are a powerful and strong force within your life and this world. There has been too much doubt around you and likely addictions have even played a significant part of your journey in the past few years.

Or even just the feeling of not being in control of yourself or your life. In order to make the most of this Aries Stellium, you have to not just take the opportunities, but do the work. Today is an important step as Jupiter and Chiron meet, helping you understand the significance of healing. Of facing your innermost self. Because Jupiter is here to bless everything, to show you why it is worth it, you just must decide to do it — and everything else will fall into place.  

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2. Leo  

(July 23 - August 22) 

You have to believe in all the good things if you want to receive it. This Aries Stellium has been activating themes around luck, abundance, expansion, travel and even opening up your desire to learn again. It’s almost as if your zest for life is being renewed and you’re remembering the joy exists within life when you’re able to see it. While the current stellium has been bringing new opportunities into your life encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone, you’ve been challenged to believe in it. To see it’s worthwhile to take a risk, not just on yourself or life, but even on a new love.

Things have very auspiciously come together for you recently so that it suddenly seems like you are being offered so much of what you have always wanted. The question is though, have you allowed yourself to receive it all. And this is where today’s energy becomes so important. Chiron and Jupiter offer you a chance to heal, not just in a general way, but so you can move past the wound centered around lack and worthiness. So, you can genuinely believe you deserve all the good headed your way and fully open to receive it all.  

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3. Libra  

(September 23 - October 22) 

Today’s energy is coming in at the perfect time for you. Aries energy rules your romantic relationships and all matters of the heart. With the recent stellium you have seen enormous opportunities for new beginnings or growth within existing relationships. This unto itself is something that you have been working towards for about a year and a half, which does involve your worthiness and not being afraid to advocate for your desires and needs. Now that you are seeing your work pay off and you are feeling the best kind of challenge there is — the ability to receive what it is that you have always dreamed of.

This is why it is easier to accept less often because there is no challenge in not receiving what it is that you need as usually that is the status quo. But to begin to heal, to stretch yourself and then start to have that relationship and connection you’ve always desired can seem scary. But today Jupiter and Chiron help you to not miss the beauty and pleasure that exists around you – especially as they unite within the fourteenth degree of Aries which represents just this. 

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