The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Wednesday, March 1, 2023

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It may be true that life is not always easy, but as a new way of thinking about everything comes into focus, it is a reminder that what you choose to live and create should be something you are excited about.

Being excited about your life means you are happy, and there is a level of fulfillment there.

You feel freedom in creating or exercising some control over what happens and feel optimistic about the future, but excitement is also related to growth.

It is hard to feel excited if things feel stagnant or like you have outgrown numerous aspects of your life, yet nothing has changed.

It is as if it is perpetually Groundhog Day, where you are just going through the motions and repeating the same cycles and events.

While difference can equate to the excitement, it is the ability to grow those fuels you with that intoxicating feeling of life.

Every day will not feel like this. Every day will not be incredible or even easy.

Sometimes, you must remember things will improve. Sometimes you must keep going even though you are unsure how to do it. And sometimes, you take a leap of faith, which is exactly what the month of March promises.

As a new month begins, it is important to hold it like a sacred intention, a breath of life for a hope that somehow within the next few weeks, the universe will work its magic.

It is a new beginning that will be amplified this month. While the month begins in Pisces Season, with the Aries stellium still in effect, it is important to hold both the beginning and the ending in a compromised balance as you will have to go through both in the coming weeks.

On a larger scale, though, in just a few days, Saturn is preparing to leave behind the world of Aquarius for the deep seas of Pisces, ushering out one cycle and bringing in another for the next couple of years.

And in an even more divine stroke of the universe, Pluto will shift into Aquarius, closing out a fifteen-year cycle and allowing you the fresh start of a beautiful new one.

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The month ahead promises to be one that will bring clarity, help you transform and even provide moments that you will reflect on and smile about for years to come.

In the next few weeks, the biggest thing is just to let the universe work its magic.

On whatever area of your life is currently in transition, on whatever wounds are coming up for healing, surrender it all and trust that everything that is happening is all part of the divine plan.

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Today, give yourself space to feel excited, to reflect on what excitement even means for you and promise to honor that desire and joy as you begin a brand-new era of your life.

The three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes for Wednesday, March 1, 2023:

1. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

As March begins and a new phase of Pisces Season, pause to reflect on the past few weeks. For you, Joy is something that will be a focus as the year progresses. These are not short-term moments of thrills but the joy that will last a lifetime.

As you progress through the week and feel the weight of Saturn start to move into your zodiac sign, it is important to remain committed to ensuring that whatever you are giving your time to, whatever you’ve entertaining within your life, are all things that you are comfortable having indefinitely.

Saturn makes things permanent. Life situations, careers, opportunities, growth and even relationships. It is a valuable time when you will be asked to take that leap of faith for the dream only you can see. It is all about excitement, Pisces.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

The Moon is in your sign of Cancer as a beautiful new month begins. You are the home sign for the Moon, so it is not just about benefiting you but truly being able to work at its strongest frequency here.

The Moon governs your emotions and feelings. With the Sun and soon Mercury within the lucky sector of your life, you are about to feel the expansion of new opportunities. But no great reward also does not come with significant risk. Use this to your advantage today as you reflect on what is coming in that you are afraid to take a chance on.

There is never going to be a situation where you will not feel some hesitation at moving ahead and taking a risk, especially because you are a supporter of comfort zones. Today celebrate your new ability or even desire to take risks, advocate more for your feelings and allow yourself to prioritize your feelings and desires.

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3. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

As you begin a brand-new month, the Cancer Moon brings your focus to your home and family. You are going through some powerful internal transformations as the Aries stellium continues to help you embrace more of your authentic truth.

This means you are in the space to start breaking up with your current reality. You will need to leave certain situations or relationships behind as you honor this healing process that you are in, thanks to Chiron.

But it does not mean you must blow up your whole life. Today, the Cancer Moon lets you find peace or gentleness in this part of your life. It does not mean you are trying to band-aid the whole situation, but it does let you find some control over how you will go about it and the reassurance that things will be better for everyone. Look for peace today, and ensure you are not compromising to make it happen.

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