3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Is Thinking Of Them During Mercury In Pisces On March 2, 2023

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zodiac signs ex thinking of them march 2 2023

The three zodiac signs whose ex is thinking of them during Mercury in Pisces on March 2, 2023:

If we are curious whether or not a certain ex of ours is thinking about us, we might be the person in question here.

They might be asking the same question as us. On March 2, 2023, we will have the transit of Mercury in Pisces, adding to our experience.

This astrological transit is good for memories, communication, nostalgia and compassion. If we wonder if our ex is thinking of us, it is because we have good feelings about this person.



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Today is not the day we keep vengeful fantasies about ex-lovers going on a loop all day long; no, today is about reminiscing and wondering.

And, as it stands, today makes it very easy for our ex's to think of us because they are under the same set of influences as we are.

The only difference is that their zodiac sign might be different than ours, and in that case, their thoughts are unpredictable. Yes, they think of us today, but are their thoughts necessarily good? Or better...do we need to care? After all, they are our exes, not our present partners.

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When we wonder about things like this, we know that we are still attached to that person, and there's a very good chance that that attachment is ethereal, or psychic, even. If we are thinking of them, and our connection to them was at one point super strong, then they are, indeed, thinking of us.

Until we break that attachment, which may never happen at all, we can know that during transits like Mercury in Pisces, our exes are most definitely thinking about us.

The three zodiac signs whose ex is thinking of them during Mercury in Pisces starting March 2, 2023:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

During Mercury in Pisces, you may get a text or a message on one of your social media accounts, and this note may come from your ex.

At first, you may be happy to hear from them, but as you read on or engage, you'll notice that this person is still the same and that it didn't take long for them to resume their old posture.

They are pushy and assuming, and apparently, they've assumed themselves into thinking that you will react well to being pushed around again.

Oh, how wrong they are. While Mercury in Pisces energy is passive, it's not weak; you will come to know that not only has this person been thinking about you, they've been obsessed with you, and they are just as annoying as they ever were.

They are the person you broke up with, and it seems they haven't done anything since that day but focus on you. Time to block.

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2. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

Your ex is thinking about you today, Gemini, and you are thinking of them. If only thinking about a person could wipe clean the slate that held so many bad memories.

You might feel a little sentimental during Mercury in Pisces, as March 2 may have a deeper meaning for you as an anniversary.

Still, because of this date, the emotions will run deep, and you may want to reach out to them, as you can 'feel' them out there, wanting to talk with you.

It won't take long, however, for you to regroup your feelings as those memories start to reveal your true feelings about this person: they are trouble, and they've caused you so much heartache over the years that you wish they'd gone away already.

They will not reach out to you, so no worries on that account, but just knowing they ARE thinking of you might give you pause for concern.

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3. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

You might have seen something about your ex on social media, as you still follow your their pages, and what do you know? They mention you in their post, and its positive.

Well, that's something to be grateful for, but still, you wonder what's got into them and why now they are deciding to show you and perceive you in such a stellar light? During Mercury in Pisces, your ex may realize they played a large role in destroying the relationship, and now, perhaps, they feel contrite.

Since too much time has passed to right any wrongdoings, they take the Mercury in Pisces energy and do what they can: put up a post that mentions you kindly.

No harm done, and no can of worms being reopened. They are simply being kind, and you might take it incorrectly. Let it go, Virgo; they may never mention you again. All is well.

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