How Do Pisces Act When They're Hurt

What did you do to upset our water babies!?

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How do Pisces act when hurt? Ruled by the planet Neptune, Pisces zodiac signs are some of the most creative, compassionate people in the entire world.

As most of you may know (or not), Pisceans are highly sensitive and they tend to battle within themselves if they want to express their emotions or not.

When a Pisces gets hurt they act as if they feel nothing at all.

A hurt Pisces will run away from their problems. This zodiac sign will hide from reality to protect their heart.


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Drew Barrymore is a Pisces zodiac sign who has shared her life's struggles openly on social media.

When Barrymore got her feelings hurt by trolls, she took to Instagram and shared that her solution was to cut her hair into a bob.


Erykah Badu, Albert Einstein, and Jon Bon Jovi, are all Pisceans who handled being hurt in different ways.

When Erykah Badu got upset, she channelled it into her music and applied her energy constructively.


Einstein invented. Bon Jovi wrote music, these Pisces demonstrate when this water sign gets hurt, they act in ways that involve creativity.

Pisces zodiac signs are intuitive and can get a good read on anyone they meet based on first impressions.

Pisces get hurt easily because they are one of the few zodiac signs who can be considered close to being psychic.

Why do Pisces act creatively when they get hurt?

Those born through February 19-March 20 are one of the three water signs. Their ruling planet is Neptune, which is coincidentally the planet of inspiration, illusion, and dreams.

Pisces have a high standard for intelligence among all things they look for in friendships and relationships.


They love digging deep into conspiracies and everything life has to offer, their admiration for the human mind is profound.

Sometimes it seems as though they have two separate personalities because they do not know how to differentiate their inner and outer self— hence their "yin and yang" symbol.

A wounded Pisces will act with love when hurt.

A true Pisces will express their emotions through art, whether that be music, art, poetry, or dancing. Pisceans love the arts and spend a lot of time tuning into their creative nature.

They are the type of zodiac signs who take in much of the baggage of everyone around them.

If you confide in them about conflicting issues, the Pisces will start to feel the impact of someone else's feelings.


Being the last horoscope sign of the zodiac wheel can make a Pisces as if the weight of the world is on their shoulders.

When someone crosses the line or hurts a Pisces, they will not lash out or become fully enraged like a Scorpio or an Aries.

Here are other ways Pisces act when act, using astrology:

Pisces act aggressively when they get hurt.

Pisces often become passive-aggressive when they get their feelings hurt.

Once you have hurt a Pisces, you will immediately feel an overwhelming sense of passive-aggressiveness.

They will not respond to any of your calls or texts, and they won't be their cheerful self if you are at the same event.

They will fake a smile and conversation if they aren't feeling you at that moment, and you will surely feel the heat.


Pisceans will not be completely rude or disrespectful to you in any way, but you will instantly regret the moment you decided to say or do something that you knew would offend them.

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A hurt Pisces will seek revenge (sometimes).

Pisces will never throw you the side and disregard your relationship.

However, if you have truly stabbed them in the back or betrayed them in any sort of way, be aware that a Pisces will not let you get away with it.

Most Pisceans will give you the cold shoulder and speak to you for a few days (even weeks).

However, the most extreme Pisces will turn into a shape-shifting creature who will wait for the right moment to strike and intentionally hurt you.


Don't worry, though, most of the time they will create their own revenge stories in their head and not act out on their thoughts.

It's the best decision for both of you!

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Pisces will be a martyr when hurt.

Because of how big their hearts are, the Pisces will take on all of the pain and hurt feelings that both parties might be experiencing.

If you are an important person in their life, the consequences will be even greater and the Pisces will fall into a deep depression.

They tend to suppress their feelings and by doing so creates a hurricane of emotions.

This kind of pain and hurt can lead to self-destructive behavior.

A hurt Pisces may act out by turning to negative scapegoats like drugs and alcohol, this is the only way they feel will help them escape from their painful reality.

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