The 4 Zodiac Signs With Incredible Love Horoscopes For The Week Of January 2 - 8 , 2022

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zodiac signs incredible love horoscopes week January 2 to 8 2023

The love that you were seeking always existed, this week you discover how easy it is to receive once you realize you are worthy to receive it. 

One of the most important aspects this week is Chiron in Aries joining the fated North Node in Taurus

Chiron is the wounded healer able to take all the pain it has been through and transform it into something stable and beautiful. It represents your own ability to be able to heal yourself and because of that make different decisions for your life.  

As you do, you start to see how easy it is to attract what was always meant for you.  

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This is the mysterious nature of the North Node and the promises that it holds to help you connect more deeply with your purpose in this life.  

Venus, the planet of love will shift into Aquarius bringing changes, individuality, and independence to your romantic life. 

This will allow you to follow your heart at any cost and to give yourself permission to create the relationship that truly fulfills your own needs regardless of the thoughts or opinions of others.  

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The zodiac signs who have the best love horoscopes & see relationships improve for the week of January 2 to 8, 2022:

1. Leo  

(July 23 - August 22) 

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters Aquarius this week bringing new opportunities for love and romance. Aquarius is your polarizing sign and the one that represents your romantic sector which means when Venus is transiting this sign, it tends to open your love life up in ways you could never have expected.

During this time, it is more likely to meet someone new that you could have a meaningful relationship with or even become more committed to an existing one.

It is a time when you are welcoming and open to the balance that comes from being connected with someone who truly adds value to your life. It is now easier to work through challenges that may have existed within your relationship and even to feel like you are reaching a new level of connectedness.

The Full Moon in Cancer will highlight anything that has been unknown or unconscious within your life. Combined with the Venusian energy it can bring the sudden awareness that you are ready and open for new love or even that you and your existing partner have both decided that you want to take your relationship to the next level.

This week is a time for growth which allows in all the love that you have been seeking.  

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2. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 

This is a powerful week which may very well bring an unexpected proposal or deeper admission of commitment.

Cancer energy rules the sector of your life which rules marriage, long-term relationships and even pregnancy. During the Full Moon in Cancer a theme within your relationship that has been ongoing since the end of June 2022 will reach fruition and will provide a bit of surprise with it.

The reason for this is that Venus will also enter Aquarius this week. Aquarius rules the subconscious, unknown and even those things that are kept secret. What you are not always aware of is not always bad and often can also give you the greatest surprise of your life.

It is common in relationships to feel like you are plateauing or even reaching that point where you are starting to wonder where the relationship is heading. These are normal thoughts especially for those who, regardless of type of commitment, believe that their union should keep growing and developing.

This week will bring a surprise or two when it comes to committed love (and even pregnancy), but it will be the kind of surprise that makes you appreciate the unexpected moments of joy.  

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3. Capricorn  

(December 22 - January 19) 

The Full Moon in Cancer is going to be a bright shining light within the romantic area of your life this week. Cancer rules all things connected to love and romance, while Full Moons bring things to fruition.

Since the New Moon in Cancer at the end of June 2022, there has been an ongoing theme of home, family, and the ability to accept what it is you truly deserve into your life.

During this time, there have been opportunities to clear out the old, embrace the healing and forgiveness associated with growth and begin to prepare yourself for a new chapter in your romantic life.

This Cancer Full Moon brings all of that to light and helps you embrace the courage and the love to be able to take that next step. The past will always be something which can affect others; however, it should never be the reason you are scared to take a chance.

No relationship is a guarantee, but if you do not give yourself a chance to start over with a new or existing partner, then you will never actually know how it will turn out.

Lucky for you, with Venus moving into Aquarius you are going to be able to focus more deeply on what relationship you truly value allowing you to take that risk no matter how intimidating it might be. 

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4. Libra  

(September 23 - October 22) 

When you no longer hold fear of receiving what it is you most want, you also finally allow yourself to receive it.

This week is nothing short of magical. Jupiter has just moved into Aries, your polarizing sign, and the energy which rules over your romantic life. This means that expansion and abundance are in store for you as you head into the beginning of next year.

Aries also comes into play this week as Chiron within this sign is aligning with the North Node in Taurus. Chiron is the asteroid known as the wounded healer, recently having turned direct, it is allowing a completely new level of healing to take root within you.

This is emphasized by the North Node in Taurus, a sign that rules transformation and intimacy. The North Node represents your fate, and the rewards for finally scaling your own darkness and healing what you never thought you would.

As if that was not enough, Venus moves into Aquarius creating the perfect opportunity to take an existing relationship to a new level. Venus in Aquarius activates the part of your life related to marriage and commitment which means that during this time an engagement is not out of the question.

Take one day at a time, but this week truly has magic in store if you can hopefully receive it.  

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