The 4 Zodiac Signs Get Major Upgrades To Their Lives During The Big 15-Year Uranus North Node Conjunction Starting July 31, 2022

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The 4 Zodiac Signs Get Major Upgrades To Their Lives During The Big 15-Year Uranus North Node Conjunction Starting July 31, 2022

On July 31, 2022, Uranus and the North Node will form a conjunct in Taurus, which will set off a ripple effect for the next fifteen years, which will have profound effects on your life.

Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected change. This is the planet of rebellion and going their own way.

Uranus has a very distinct way of arranging life events so that you become forced to embrace freedom rather than choose to live through restriction.

Uranus moves through seven-year cycles in each zodiac sign, having begun its phase in Taurus in 2018.

In Taurus, Uranus is concerned with helping you dissolve the blockages related to how you live your life, how you earn money and even how you love.

It is looking for greater stability which will only be found by doing things in its own way instead of following any set of rules or the path of least resistance.

Uranus believes in how it approaches life differently and recognizes that sometimes things must be completely broken away to achieve true freedom.

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As it forms a conjunction with the North Node, it brings in fated events that can only be found through rebelling against the status quo.



In astrology, a conjunct refers to two remarkably close planets. In this way, their energies merge, acting as one powerhouse affecting you and your life.

The North Node is not a planet. Still, it is a point on the moon that represents your divine fate and what you are meant to do and become in this life, while the South Node holds the key to the karmic lessons you need to work through to achieve that.

To have Uranus conjunct the North Node means that these two celestial influences will merge, bringing rapid change that will last for the next fifteen years until the next one occurs in Cancer.

These are extraordinarily rare events, meaning they hold a greater weight over how they will affect your life.

The last Uranus North Node conjunction in Taurus occurred in 180 C.E. The next will not be until 2357, making this a once-in-a-lifetime event.

The best way to describe the events of the Uranus North Node conjunction is a shock and awe event.

Uranus only wants to move forward, learn, and experience life, while the North Node knows that you sometimes need to be pushed to step into the fate, you were born into.

Take this as an opportunity to realize that many of your karmic lessons have been learned, and now you a poised to enter a completely new phase of life. One that will quite possibly blow you away.

The 4 Zodiac Signs Get Major Upgrades To Their Lives During The Big 15-Year Uranus North Node Conjunction Starting July 31, 2022

1. Taurus

(Sun, Moon or Rising Signs)

With Uranus and the North Node forming a conjunction in your sign, it is no surprise that you are one of the main signs that will receive a positive upgrade to your life with this transit. Uranus has already been in your sign since 2018, so the work it is doing in your life should be no surprise.

What Uranus wants you to do is make sure that your life is based on your own beliefs and not just the beliefs of others or the rules of society. You must be the author of your own life, which means, in this case recognizing whether you are fully living your truth.

When you decide what it means to authentically live your own life, how you love, approach a career, and even life decisions will change. But there is something bigger on the horizon today as the North Node unites with Uranus.

This will be a huge moment for you in taking steps to fulfill your soul contract. The gifts of the North Node are only revealed when you can learn the karmic lessons of your South Node, which means that you have passed some critical milestones in relation to this; now it is time to pass through the divine gates of fate and claim the life that you were born to live.

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2. Scorpio

(Sun, Moon or Rising Signs)

As a water sign, it is no surprise that your romantic life is often the central focus for you. This year it has been especially as the Eclipse Cycle has entered Taurus and Scorpio, giving you a dose of change regarding relationships as Taurus represents this aspect of your life.

This year has been about how your beliefs about love control the reality that you end up creating. Uranus and the North Node conjunction in Taurus means big events will begin to come in on July 31, 2022, and will especially continue through early 2023 when the last of the eclipses occur in Taurus and Scorpio.

This means that not only are changes coming in which will be drastic and surprising, but it also means that you will be moving towards growth and a better, more stable romantic life.

This is your fate which the North Node holds for you. It means that while there will always be new things to move through or learn that the bulk of your karmic lessons has been learned.

This is something to celebrate because it means you will attract healthy, stable reciprocal love into your life. Everything that you have ever dreamed about is already on its way to you.

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3. Aquarius

(Sun, Moon or Rising Signs)

Taurus rules your home, family and committed relationships. This means that this conjunction will hit you close to home and square within it.

Uranus is progressive change and rebellion, which is also intensified as a retrograde Saturn in Aquarius continues to move through your sign bringing you positive karma for past actions and decisions.

This being the last retrograde of Saturn while in your chart means that many of the purposes or lessons of this planet in your sign are being put to beneficial use now.

Think about how your sense of home and family has grown and changed over the past few years, specifically since 2020. You had to be able to take a stand and create the life and relationship that you felt called to regardless of if others approved or not.

Now is your chance to see how everything comes together and pays off. You have learned many lessons under Saturn these past few years, and now Uranus and the North Node have some rewards in store for you.

This will all be positive and send your life on a positive upswing. You will finally see that doing things your way also brings unexpected joys you never thought possible.

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4. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

Uranus and the North Node in Taurus will bring a variety of positive influences depending upon what sign you are. Not only does this occur within the zodiac season of Leo, but you will also see this Taurus energy dramatically light of everything related to your career zone.

It is time to look at things as they are and not be afraid to shake the energy up or go off the beaten path if it is in pursuit of what truly calls you. Uranus is a rebel with a cause which means that once you know what is enormously important to you, you will know which rules may be necessary to break to create it.

Do not let yourself think that anything right now is like it was before. You are truly in uncharted territory, meaning you will have to approach it as the self that you have been growing into since last summer.

You are more mature, feeling grounded and balanced in yourself and your life. Now it is time to recognize that these feelings and dreams you have been having are not just passing whims but the foundation to build a new life.

Your career may hold a greater benefit or purpose during this time and bring more financial abundance. All you must do is simply follow the call of your soul as you move forward, trusting it knows the way.

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