The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love & End Relationships For The Week Of December 19 - 25, 2022

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The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love & End Relationships For The Week Of December 19 - 25, 2022

In the week ahead as the holidays and New Year approaches, we get a big shift into Aries and Capricorn energy prompting all zodiac signs to desire freedom at any cost.  

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, enters Aries this week, where it will remain for most of 2023. 

This energy is all about breaking free from past cycles to feel greater optimism and hope for the future. 

Unfortunately, it does not mean that every relationship will be able to survive this shift in energy, but transits such as this help to clear away what has been in your way of moving ahead.  

The Sun also shifts into Capricorn alongside the Capricorn New Moon

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Capricorn is a very grounded energy that is focused on where it wants to go, rather than where it was, again emphasizing the same energy as Jupiter.  

As you begin to make plans for the new year, you may realize that it does not include the person that you are currently in a relationship with.  

Because to truly be free, you also need to be able to be who you are now instead of only being reminded or confined to who you used to be.  

The four zodiac signs who fall out of love & end relationships the week of December 19 - 25, 2022:

1. Aries  

(March 21 - April 19) 

The energy that is going to dominate most of next year for you begins this week as Jupiter moves back into your own sign of Aries. Jupiter in Aries wants to move ahead, to cut away what no longer is useful or that which is outgrown. It is not looking to try and make things better by only doing the same old thing and instead wants to try something different.

Freedom becomes essential to you this time. Jupiter in your zodiac sign activates your sense of self, your needs, and even your beliefs. This directly contradicts whatever you have had to become to accept within your relationship which means that it will likely cause a break.

Things have not been good in your romantic life for a long time, even if there were moments of happiness. As much as you have tried to make it work at various times, the truth will start to seep in this week as you realize that it is your relationship that is standing between you and not only the person you want to become but the life you desire to live. There will be a new romance in store, but you must take care to end this relationship.  

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2. Capricorn  

(December 22 - January 19) 

This week brings the start of the Capricorn Season along with your own New Moon. Normally, this is amazing energy to create new beginnings and to refocus on what matters most to you. But this week Jupiter also enters Aries and Chiron in Aries turns direct. Aries energy governs your home, family life, and committed relationship. Because Jupiter in Aries is seeking freedom and has the desire to sever unnecessary ties to the past, this energy very much spells an ending for a relationship.

Specifically, this energy will target those romantic relationships which are more committed in nature or that you have had children within. For you though, because Mercury is also within your zodiac sign and preparing to turn retrograde next week, you may be feeling a delay in deciding and having that important closure conversation.

It does not mean that the awareness of what you need to do will not come in this week, as it is unavoidable, but likely you will feel a delay that stretches into mid-January until you can finally feel like you are able to enter that new chapter of your life. This week it is enough to finally admit the truth to yourself. As for the delay, try to see it happening so that you can take your time as you transition from one phase to another in your life.  

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3. Taurus  

(April 20 - May 20) 

There is an interesting turn of events this week as Jupiter shifts into Aries and Chiron turns direct within this same fire sign. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, yet it also expands whatever area within your life it touches. In Aries, it hits upon the part of your life that governs secrets and the subconscious.

This causes you to retreat into yourself and prefer to be alone rather than deal with other people’s dramas, which also includes your romantic partner if you currently have one. While Jupiter is in Aries, you may prefer to be alone or only have casual relationships which do not feel too big of a time or even emotional commitment. This energy starts to come in this week and will be in effect for most of 2023.

At the same time, Chiron, known as the wounded healer, turns direct in Aries helping you to do some major healing within your self. The isolation that you may prefer around this time is so that you are making sure you are not repeating any patterns from the past and so that you can finally move through the healing which has already begun for you. Usually, at times of healing, you need to be alone so you can focus on your life. This week, even with the holidays in full force, you start to feel like it is just too much energy to be around people that really do not even truly see you anyway.  

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4. Leo  

(July 23 - August 22) 

When you grow, you also start to want to make healthier decisions for yourself and your life. This also includes the romantic choices involving who you are spending time with and what kind of relationship that you are creating. The big news this week is that the Sun will be moving into Capricorn alongside the New Moon, also occurring within this focused earth sign.

Capricorn energy activates all matters of health. Whether it is physical, emotional, or even mental, you will be concentrating on what feels healthiest for you during this time. You may be craving a new physical health routine, including working out or a new way of eating.

This unto itself may cause friction or a break within your relationship especially if it does not feel like your partner supports this new healthier lifestyle. However, it is really the draw towards being healthier mentally and emotionally that will cause major separation.

This can look like wanting to incorporate healthier ways of communicating, holding space for one another, or being more vulnerable emotionally. Just because you feel determined and passionate about trying to make your relationship healthier does not mean that your partner will. This will have you making whatever choice feels the healthiest for you, even if it means ending your current relationship.  

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