The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Wednesday, December 14, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The Moon shifts into Virgo overnight, casting a challenge to find gratitude within the changing winds of fate.

Today's intensity is stronger than earlier in the week. You are more aware of life's details that don't feel up to par. The past few days have held opportunities for healing, emotional freedom, and the start of new action steps.

Today, though, there is more of a sense of what will be going into that, which can lead to disappointment early in the day.

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Not letting a momentary feeling make you question the truth you have worked hard to reach is essential, and there's help from the Sun in Sagittarius when it squares Neptune in Pisces.



Sagittarius and Pisces are bigger-picture thinkers. Sagittarius is a master of the big picture, while Neptune will pause the archer in its pursuits to ensure a plan is in place for success.

They prefer a more philosophical approach to life, meaning the logical real-life details are not always considered part of the picture.

You are suddenly facing challenges; understand that the universe is making sure you are thinking about all the steps you need to take to reach that beautiful dream and not just the outcome.

Today is an opportunity to believe more deeply in yourself. Slow down a bit and take care of the not-so-fun details which make a significant difference when trying to implement change or create success within your life.

There’s good news as the day progresses and the Virgo Moon meets up with Venus in Capricorn. Together, these two create the perfect time for love, fun, and socializing.

Even though the beginning of the day may have felt challenging, the afternoon and evening host a sweet ending for you that will make it all worth it. Venus in Capricorn has a similar energy to Virgo because it is an earth sign.

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It also does not matter a bit of challenging work or dedication to accomplish a dream or goal; it is what you need right now. The ultimate goal is never to give up, no matter how big the dream or even the obstacle to creating it may seem.

Days like today will happen. Either because you needed to focus on a foundational step first or because others have been projecting their doubts upon you. But it does not mean the entire day will feel like that, nor does it mean that the path ahead is doomed.

It is simply a moment, and as the day ends, you will also be gifted with the moments that make everything else feel worthwhile.

The three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes for Wednesday, December 14, 2022:

1. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

The Moon is in Virgo today, meaning you will be asked to do the opposite of what most are today. You already have the exact plan-orientated nature down. For you, work exists in simply taking stock of how you feel.

It is natural for you to sort through your emotions to understand them. When you do this, though, you can also take away from their experience of them. Today, as Neptune in Pisces is activated, it will raise your hopes for your love life.

Venus is also in Capricorn today, activating a return to fun, joy, and wonderment in your life. You can make sense of anything, but it does not mean you will make sense of love or what those feelings mean. Let yourself loose from trying to figure everything out and enjoy however love shows up for you today.

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2. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

Mercury and Venus are currently in Capricorn, which helps you express yourself authentically in romantic relationships.

Today is a great day to discuss closeness within your relationship. It may involve physical touch, but there is much more to intimacy. Have you been neglecting your partner recently? If work has been demanding or if you have been going through something else, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and even domesticity could be affected.

These are all essential components of a relationship. As Neptune in Pisces lights up your communication zone, you will find it easier to talk about these topics than you usually do. If you have been stuck lately in this area of your life, sharing with your partner will help the situation and develop greater emotional intimacy.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

Neptune, your ruling planet, is in Pisces as it squares with the Sagittarius Sun. This will bring a deciding moment with your career where you can give up on your dream or recommit to it even more deeply.

Jupiter is still in your sign, encouraging you never to stop dreaming big and bringing expansion energy to your life. It is a beautiful time to let go of those limiting beliefs and fears that may hold you back.

Remember that you will always do things differently than others. It does not mean that you are wrong but only that you can see what others cannot.

The Virgo Moon may bring up some romantic themes for you as Venus in Capricorn highlights the importance of those around you and enjoying time with friends. It likely feels like a lot is going on in your life, but remember, it is all good and all you have been praying for.

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