The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love & End Relationships The Week Of November 21 - 27, 2022

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 The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love & End Relationships The Week Of November 21 - 27, 2022

Jupiter, the planet that governs abundance and luck, turns direct this week bringing an end to the confusion and indecision that you have felt in your romantic relationship.

Jupiter, when retrograde, helps you to focus on your own self.

Themes of spirituality, growth, transformation and even soul development are all parts of what you have been going through.

Because of this and with so many other retrograde planets, the last few months of taking any sort of external action have been challenging.

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Mars is still retrograde until early January, so the realization that you have this week is one that may end up lingering until after the holidays which is normal this time of year.



Usually, seldom do people break up from November to January unless absolutely unavoidable as there get to be too many challenges with the holidays and families.

But that does not mean that it cannot happen, especially if it has been a situation that has been on your mind for quite a while.

As much as you may struggle with knowing when the perfect time is to have that conversation or take action, now that Jupiter turns direct in Pisces, it not only ends the period of overthinking you have been in but also reminds you about what love is really supposed to be.

The four zodiac signs who fall out of love and end relationships the week of November 21 - November 27, 2022:

1. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

In the week ahead, the big news for you is that Jupiter turns direct into Pisces. Jupiter is the planet that rules good luck and abundance while Pisces is the sign that represents romantic relationships for you. In some ways, this is a positive thing for you, but turning direct, it may also disrupt some negative cycles that have taken place during the past few months.

This is a period of you ultimately moving into a space that is more positive and abundant, however, to receive that you will need to do some clearing out. When Jupiter is in retrograde it makes you go within and reflect on things more deeply. This is of great benefit, but it is also a time, especially with how many planets were retrograde, where you likely did not act.

Even if you have had moments of great awareness and understanding, you were more apt to get into cycles of overthinking than being in a place to recognize what changes needed to be implemented. As Jupiter turns direct, you will be able to bring together both your thoughts and the actions required to manifest change.

There is a relationship or connection in your life that you need to release. You have been thinking differently about it but were not confident yet in what that meant. As the energy progresses this week you will see that a break-up or ending is inevitable.

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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Once in a while, a zodiac sign falls into the space of either having a week of love fails or of finally feeling like you are having a win. This week that is exactly where you fall. Currently, Venus and Mercury are in your sign, as the week goes on the Sun will join them as the New Moon in Sagittarius occurs.

This is a lot of energy that is focused on yourself, your beliefs, and your needs which often brings to light where you have been settling in your relationship. Jupiter also finally turns direct in Pisces which is the sign that represents home, family, and a committed relationship for you. As it does, all those thoughts of whether this is or is not the relationship for you will become clear, which means that action is more than likely as well.

As a fire sign, you sometimes feel like you act so quickly that you often overcorrect by waiting too long to act. During this phase, you confuse yourself more than necessary as you try to make the right decision. But Jupiter is your ruling planet which means that as it turns direct not only will all those thoughts have had time to adequately marinate but you are also going to be feeling yourself more during this time.

Jupiter turning direct in Pisces means it is time to allow your relationship and home to be a space of abundance rather than lack. All of this leads to a change in relationship status and even likely in your address. Not all break-ups are sad though, sometimes they bring peace because you finally know you are ready for the next level.

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3. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

When you think about what you really want from life and relationships, you sometimes do not see the parts that matter most to you. You like things bold and beautiful so you can often become distracted by a relationship and its qualities that appeal to your senses without noticing the parts that feel like they are lacking.

Although you like a big love, you do also need to feel a great connection within your life. You need to feel not just special to your partner but like they genuinely see you in a way that no one else does. This is the aspect of a deep soul connection that you do crave but do not always give yourself time to find. Jupiter in Pisces has been ruling this part of your life, first at the beginning of the year and then more recently when Jupiter moved back into this water sign. Now that it is turning direct, you will see things differently.

It is not your fault that you are realizing your relationships are not really adding up to what they are that you truly need. This is what it means to grow. It does not mean the relationship was bad, but if you do not acknowledge the truth that you see then you will never actually be in the place to receive what it is you want. Jupiter turning direct in Pisces brings clarity about the type of connection you need and the desire to transform. As it does, you will likely transition right out of the relationship that just is not measuring up.

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4. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

You have been through a lot of romantic changes already. Specifically, the recent eclipses brought up themes around your home, family, and committed relationship. It was likely positive, but this week throws a curve ball as you are suddenly feeling like you have a different set of values governing your life. Jupiter in Pisces has been affecting your reflections over who and what you value. This means not just your partner specifically but also what you need from the closest relationship in your life.

As Jupiter turns direct, those tugging feelings that you have had that something is not quite right become clearer which means that it is also time, to be honest with yourself. You are reaching the point where you are simply growing out of your relationship as you realize that you do not need the lessons that your current situation is providing.

You are not the same person that first entered the relationship which means that you likely need a different kind of relationship at this point. You can try to have conversations around this and see if things can be fixed but ultimately no matter how much you try to talk it out, you may not reach a point of mutual understanding. As you move through this process, focus on what you have learned rather than what it feels like you are losing.

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