The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have Great Horoscopes During The Month Of December 2022

Everything comes together in a nice little bow.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have Great Horoscopes During The Month Of December 2022 Shironosov from Getty Images via Canva Pro

We're in Sagittarius season right now, and that should have us all feeling rather merry and open to new, fun experiences.

December 2022 is looking very good for many of us, and even if we feel the pangs of doubt, the dark feeling that accompanies old memories, or the sadness that comes with reminiscing, we know we'll rise above...sooner or later.

As we approach Capricorn season, we'll be going through a Full Moon in Gemini, which will put us in the position of having to make a choice.


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We will choose the right path, and that is comforting.



We've got lots of stabilizing Sagittarius transits, however, which should make this month feel comfortable, even when we might otherwise feel wary or unstable.


We start off the month of December with the Moon in Aries, which delivers positive energy right off the bat.

Communications stand to be upfront and honest as Mercury enters Capricorn early on, and we can look forward to Venus in Capricorn to make us feel settled in with our romantic relationships.

Friendships stand to grow stronger during December, and we don't have to worry about the Mercury retrograde until the 29th. We leave the month in Taurus Moon, which should give us clarity and vision for the year to come.

The three zodiac signs who will have great horoscopes during the month of December 2022:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

While the rest of the world is settling in for the holidays and all that comes with it, you will be jumping at opportunities left and right, and all of them are positive and have extreme potential.


You are looking at the chance of nailing down a super great job that will pull in more money than you've ever made before, and basically, that's the only thing on your mind.

You are well loved and you feel good about the people in your life, but you are distracted by the prospects that lay ahead of you.

You are, by nature, a worrywart, and while you are ready, willing, and able to sit down for a family dinner holiday celebration, your mind will be somewhere else.

What's incredible is that this 'big money' opportunity is something that will concern you might be working together on this new project. Go for it!

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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

The year wraps up for you with a surprise; something you had no idea could even are about to be reunited with someone who is very special to you.

This reunion may even turn into a living experience, meaning, you may end up living with them, or close to them. While you had December set aside for creative projects and intentions for the future, this surprise is going to set you on a different course of action.

It's all good because you love this person and even though you weren't expecting anyone to enter your life to change it, you're more than happy to accept this person into your world. You feel charged up, energetic and happy during December, whether you are a November Sagittarius or a December archer.


You feel strong, certain, and able to make the right decisions, even under duress. December of 2022 is looking mighty fine for you, Sagittarius.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)


While this may be the time when you think of the people and experiences that made up the year for you, you are also ready to start looking toward the future. You are so pragmatic that you are able to set aside time to feel bad, knowing that you can easily extract yourself from that depressed feeling and move on to the good.

There is so much good in your life at this point, and you have so much to look forward to. You're looking at overcoming personal obstacles and rising above so many of the things that have held you back.

You will make a resolute decision to change your ways in the coming months, and this will not only help you with your health, but your love life will smooth out and make you feel as though there really is nothing to worry about. And you know what? There is nothing to worry about, Capricorn. Good for you.

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