The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On November 12, 2022

The heart opens wide to receive.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On November 12, 2022 RODNAE from Pexels via Canva

Right here in the heart of Scorpio season, on November 12, 2022, we may just be lucky enough to see some super positive changes come about in our love lives.

Scorpio is harmonizing with Neptune in Pisces, and their relationship is symbolic of how we feel about the state of our love lives. And for three zodiac signs in astrology, they will be the luckiest in love.

Are we getting what we want out of it all? Is the passion still alive, and can we still 'dream' with our partner?


It's a good day for love and luck on November 12, as this is the day we free enough to ask the important questions of the ones we love.



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One of those questions of import is, "Do you still love me?" It's to be taken seriously, and while it's always assumed that the other person still does love us, of course, it's not always that clear.


This is a good day to start that conversation up. Do not be afraid to say what's on your mind today, zodiac signs, as Neptune softens our words and helps us to present them with grace and style.

We will find out today that, yes, our person still loves us, but we will also find out that there's more to it than just love. Do they respect you? Are they still attracted to you? Often times we shy away from asking our partners these intimate questions, but not today. 

During Neptune trine the Sun, we will not only start up great conversations with the people we love, but we will also find out what's on their minds as well. Much to our surprise, we may just find out that they are madly in love with us, after all.

The three zodiac signs who are luckiest in love on November 12, 2022:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)


What backs you up today is a feeling of authentic power and wisdom; you feel so good today and it's because you're at that place in your life where your experience is starting to work for you.

You have spent much time trying to work things out in your relationship, and you can happily and proudly declare that it's worked.

During Neptune's relationship with the Sun in Scorpio, you'll find that it's even easier to talk to your partner than ever before. You and they might even want to start planning for the future.

There's a lot to look forward to, and Neptune's presence alerts you to this fact. It's time to take your luck in love and parlay it into a plan: where will you go? Where have you wanted to go with your loved one?


This is a very good day for the two of you to take a look at destinations and travel, and make a plan for next year!

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2. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

What makes you feel like this day, in particular, is so good for you and your partner is that it feels as though you've both gotten over the hump, so to speak. You've been dealing with an issue for a while, and due to good communication skills, you managed to get through it all and come out smelling like a rose. You feel proud today, and that puts a smile on your face.

When your partner sees that sunshiny smile on your mug, they, too, will smile, and this may turn into a giggle fest, as you both are prone to have every now and then.


So, today's luck in love is all about the present; you smile, you make jokes, they laugh, you prepare food together and you eat. It's a day to celebrate that which is mundane, easy, and nonchalant. Nothing like a good day off spent cuddling with the one you love and adore.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Today comes with a sign on it that says, "no drama, thank you very much." And while you are usually the one to bring the drama, you've come to know that some things are better left unattended, and drama is one of them.


You and your partner no longer feel the need to stir things up just to create a situation where you can spar and then come back together.

It's just too much energy being spent on the wrong things and during this Neptune phase, you'll both get to know this inside and out. You share a life together, and it's on this day that you come to realize that this is a true blessing of sorts.

You don't want to lose them, and you know they feel the same about you, so you and your person will sit down today and have a calm conversation about your future together. Don't worry, luck is on your side, Scorpio! You got this!

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