The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love & End Relationships During The Month Of September 2022

Closure arrives when you are brave enough to create it.

The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love & End Relationships During The Month Of September 2022 Kierferpix via Getty Images

For many relationships, this month the incoming winds of Libra energy will create the ultimate ending in what was already breaking apart.  

Libra Season is a trying time for many relationships as that sense of compromise and balance is highlighted making you realize just how much of your connection has been one-sided.  

But this month with Venus, the planet of love, changing signs, first into Virgo and then into Libra makes this an active month.  


First with being able to see the truth and then second with being able to envision a way to improve things. 

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The only thing is that sometimes in relationships, the only way to improve them is to end them altogether.  


Mid-month the Full Moon in Pisces shines a spotlight on what it is you truly need and desire from love which will be a reminder to stop settling for less.  

This also intensifies Mercury Retrograde this month which will have you rethinking your original relationship agreement and may even leave you wondering why you have stayed as long as you did.  

But there is no sense in looking back because this month the only direction you are headed in is forward even if that means you have to be the one to create the closure you have been seeking.  

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Here are the four zodiac signs that fall out of love and end their relationships starting in September 2022.

1. Sagittarius  

(November 22 - December 21) 


You have seen a strong amount of energy in the cosmos lately asking you to reflect on who you truly are and where it is that most feel like home. For you, September brings clarity about moving on from a relationship that has been holding you back and moving in general.

It may be closer to family or even to a better neighborhood to start a family. However, there is strong energy here that it will be a larger scale move, even possibly internationally. This is part of your bigger journey of yourself though and what it is that you truly need. You are the eternal seeker, so it comes as no surprise that home for you may be somewhere completely different than when you grew up or were raised.



The thing though is that it often takes quite a bit to acknowledge this and then find the courage to be able to follow through. For you, the month of September is about looking at what you need in a romantic relationship instead of trying to figure out how you can make yourself fit, look for what genuinely fits you.


This is shifting your mindset from keeping a relationship alive to life support to you being able to let what is outdated transition naturally. The relationship in your life is likely one that is very committed and that you have been living with even part-time. Of course, this makes ending a relationship more challenging as there are logical things to figure out, it also represents the freedom that you have been ultimately seeking.  

2. Taurus  

(April 20 - May 20) 

This year the eclipses are occurring within both your sign of Taurus and that of Scorpio. This alone means that there are going to be dramatic changes occurring within your romantic life; however, September brings the third of three closely tied aspects which will change your relationship forever.

The North Node in Taurus within a span of just a few weeks will align with Chiron in Aries challenging your healing and the desire that you have for more. This aspect of more means that you crave a fulfilling, unconditional, adventurous, and stable relationship.




You are not just satisfied sitting next to someone watching Netflix anymore, instead, you want to feel that your relationship has a purpose. You want to be inspired by the person that you are in a relationship with and that feeling that you may love them but ultimately know that they are not your person is a feeling you will not be able to ignore this month.

The challenging aspects between The North Node and Chiron will peak on September 6th before the remaining two, one in the beginning of October and one at the end of December occur.

Even though there are two more this year because three occur in such a brief period of time it will feel like a sudden wake-up call to what you have been ignoring, and you will not be able to continue any longer. It is often said that a relationship ends long before both people actually say anything, and this may be the month you realize that it is true.  


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3. Scorpio  

(October 23 - November 21) 

Similar to Taurus, with your sign being one of the ones that the eclipses fall within this year, you have already begun to realize that you cannot continue on as you have. While Taurus is having the realization that they want more, for you it is affecting your whole sense of what love even is.

You are a deep-water sign which means that you always feel things more intensely than others. It is not just a relationship, but a once-in-a-lifetime relationship. It is not just a relationship, but your twin flame. You crave this intensity, but by doing so you also may miss what the reality of the relationship truly is.


This is something that you have been focusing on this year, despite the story you have regarding love and relationships, what has actually been showing up in your life is vastly different and, in many ways, not particularly healthy.



This month there is a turnaround though. It is time to call everything for what it is and to see the truth in all aspects of your life, which also means seeing it within your relationship as well. In this sense, it feels like there is some final aspects of closure coming which will be able to set you free for new love right around the time of your birthday.

To be able to be open to that though, you need to make sure to clear out any remaining cobwebs of old stories or old lovers this month. No more accepting what is offered just because in that moment it is the only thing that is. It is time to embrace your worth and take those feelings to someone that will actually value them.  


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4. Cancer  

(June 21 - July 22) 

When you speak your truth, things cannot help but change. This has been your major work for this year and because of that, you are nearing a peak at the end of a relationship that you knew was coming for quite some time. It is a normal part of your process to need time away to reflect and feel what is actually going on.


But by doing this you also often keep a lot of feelings to yourself. Whether it is about how you felt after an argument or even something that you noticed that your partner did, you often will keep more to yourself than you will speak up about. All that has changed though as the year has progressed.



You have become bolder in speaking your mind. You are not afraid of upsetting someone or even if things change because of your truth. For you, this has been a big part of self-love and in realizing that you cannot keep so much to yourself within a relationship that is supposed to be based on love.

Yet, this month, the situation peaks with all the Libra energy coming in affecting your committed relationship and even your home environment. You are done. There is no going back and there is no longer the delaying of the inevitable. Now it is time for you to finish what you started, and this time make sure you hold nothing back.  


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