The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Find Their Soulmate During Moon In Taurus, August 16 – 18, 2022

It's meant to be.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Find Their Soulmate During Moon In Taurus, August 16 – 18, 2022 South_agency via Getting Images Signature

We're such a complicated species, we humans. We want love, yet we idealize it to such a degree that we set ourselves up for disappointment when we finally find it. We create ideals in our heads of what love will look like, and how we only want the perfect love.

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We bypass people who could potentially be 'perfect' for us because they lack one or more qualities that we believe we need in order for them to be the right person for us. We have a soul mate ideal, and sometimes this is unrealistic and sometimes, it's not.




That's the funny thing about love; some people really do get to experience the best of it. While that might not seem fair, it would be off base to think that soul mate love doesn't exist.

So, while it's not exactly what everybody 'gets' in this life, it certainly isn't impossible, and during the Moon in Taurus, the concept of soul mate love reaches the level of possible. For some signs of the Zodiac, today points us in the right direction where we might actually find and discover our soul mate.


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Whenever we have a transit that works with Taurus energy, we are looking at possibility and hope. Taurus is a strong constellation, and the way it hits us here down on Earth is by inspiring us to seek for that which is glorious and fantastical.

We desire a love that is better than what we've seen; we want truth, honesty, a soul connection to another person that makes us feel alive and filled to the brim with hope. In other words, we wish for a soul mate lover to fulfill our dreams. During the Moon in Taurus, a few of us will actually get the chance to find the one.

Here are the three zodiac signs who find their soulmate during the Moon in Taurus starting August 16 – 18, 2022. 

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)


You don't have to look far to see that your soulmate is here with you, right now. Yes, that's right; the person you are in a relationship with now is the person you will continue to be with for the rest of your life, and while that may make you shiver with either dread or love, you know in your heart that this is the person who was made for you.

The 'dread' is only temporary, as the idea of anything that huge is bound to inspire feelings of being burdened in anyone, but you know there's truth in this.

The person you are with now has exceeded your every expectation, plus, you get along with them as if you've spent a lifetime together, already. This is the one for you, and you both know it. You've discussed the idea of soul mates with them, and they agree: you two have got the whole package. Your soulmate is the person you now call your partner. How lucky and divine!

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

You have a soul mate who happens to not be your lover, but your best friend. At this point, it's just a matter of words. You have such an affiliation with your best friend that if your partner left you, you'd be OK with it, because the only thing you feel you really need in this life is a partner and that partner doesn't have to be amorous.

Platonic love is the most beautiful love you can think of, and while you like to flirt as much as you sincerely DO like being in a romantic partnership, you are happier when you are with this best friend person. This is your soul mate and you've always known it.

During the Moon in Taurus, the discussion will come up, and you and your friend will walk down memory lane together, once again, going over old times and wonderfully funny moments. Your soulmate is your friend, and with them in your life, all is well in your world.


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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

Your soulmate is out there, somewhere. You've chosen who this is, and there's a good chance they have no idea you exist, but you believe that they must be 'feeling' you, as you put out energy that is created to lure them in.


While others might think you are just a crazed fantasist, you are actually overjoyed in your thoughts; you know that your soulmate is out there and that on some profound level, they have to know it, too.

You don't let the jeers of the ignorant mob sway you; let them live their shallow, unimaginative lives. You have something special, something no one can touch, and you KNOW it's real.

You don't have to prove it to anyone, but you know that your soulmate is there, waiting for you, happy to receive you emotionally and as part of your life. During the Moon in Taurus, you commit fully to the idea that the person you call soulmate is indeed the love of your life. More power to you, Pisces. We are, indeed, a complex life form.

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