The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Tuesday, May 10, 2022

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zodiac signs with best horoscopes tuesday may 10 2022

As Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini today for the first time this year you will be invited to reflect on whether the life you are living is truly the one that you are meant to.  

Mercury is the planet of communication, both in how you think and how you speak.  

In Gemini, it is energy is expansive, open, and ready to converse about a multitude of possibilities and options. 

This means the same will be true for you.  

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With this first Mercury Retrograde of the year and Jupiter in Aries, it will also tie back to last year’s which occurred from May 29th, 2021, to June 22, 2021.  

Reflect on this time because many of the decisions, contracts, and verbal agreements that you made then may now need to be reviewed and changed.  

This means that you may have to bear the fact that through the last year you have changed your mind about things.  

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Whether that means it is affecting your career, living arrangement, or even relationship, the hardest thing that you are often faced with is simply acknowledging there is no other reason that you simply changed your mind.  

But changing your mind means that you are no longer in the place you were when you made certain agreements.  

You have grown, healed, and experienced certain events that made it impossible to go back to who you were.  

This is what happens to the butterfly too as it leaves its cocoon, let yourself fly during this period instead of wishing you could go back.  

The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Tuesday, May 10, 2022 

1. Gemini  

(May 21 - June 20) 

Mercury in your sign means that a lot of the reflection that will be coming up has to deal with your sense of self and who you truly are apart from what you may have been conditioned to believe is true.

This represents a time of immense growth where you can more fully step into your own power and not let the words or feelings of others dictate your path.

As much as being able to see many different sides of any given situation is an asset, it is also one that is challenging because it can become easy to get lost in that array of possibilities.

Much of the energy of the past year has asked you to reflect more deeply on your own truth and what you really want instead of always playing devil's advocate.

During this retrograde, you will have a chance to review not just the choices that you made during part of last year but also the beliefs that you held about yourself.

Reflect on what you have dreamed for yourself and make sure that you have not sold yourself short over what is possible. At any given time, you can always become the person that you have dreamed of, which makes that life you desire even more accessible.  

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2. Sagittarius  

(November 22 - December 21) 

Gemini is your opposite sign which means this retrograde is going to bring up matters of the heart, a theme for you lately. Between the Pisces energy and now this retrograde, you are reevaluating your home, family, and romantic relationships right now.

This is no small feat, but it is something that arises to help bring greater harmony and abundance into your life. For you, the choices that you make a very connected to how you feel about yourself and where you are on your path of growth.

Because of how intense the past year has been you have; you are not the same person that you were before. This means though that your relationship choices will have to change as well.

Reflect on June of last year and what was going on for you then as it is time to review the romantic choices you made so that you can now make new ones.

While having new romantic partners during this time is discouraged, it does favor reviewing current and those individuals who have been in your life for a significant period.

This is an incredibly exciting time because with Jupiter in Pisces you know that you are being supported by the universe to make these changes, you just need to trust in yourself and the process so you can make the decisions that you need to.  

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3. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 

Mercury is not always the best planet for you, especially in Gemini because it lacks some of that emotionality that you naturally exude in your communication style.

But in this case, it will be activating your home and family themes which means that emotions are going to be a big part of what comes up for you.

Today Mars in your zodiac sign is also still in union with the Sun in Taurus which means that you are going to be filled with greater confidence and security so that you can speak your full truth. As a Pisces, your home and family atmosphere can be a rough one to navigate as boundaries are inherently part of what you will have to learn.

But it is also about receiving the love that you desire so that your heart can feel safe, whether it is with a partner or even those who are simply family.

In the coming weeks, there will be conversations coming up about this area of your life that will change things forever for you.

With Jupiter spending time in your zodiac sign at the beginning and end of this year, it is set to be one for the books. Nothing will be as it was after this time and this retrograde is an important part of it because it is time to address what is closest to your heart.

Allow yourself to speak about everything and not hold back, because that is how you create what you have always dreamed of.  

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