3 Zodiac Signs Whose Crazy Ex Returns During The New Moon In Taurus On April 30, 2022

Crazy, but maybe you like it?

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The New Moon in Taurus takes place during a solar eclipse and this makes it a bit crazy for a few zodiac signs.

In fact, on April 30, 2022,  three zodiac signs may have a crazy ex return and this could be a good thing or perhaps one that provides a sense of closure that is long overdue.

Whatever makes this crazy ex of yours get the notion that reuniting with you would be a good idea is truly the madness of the gods, or rather, the stars in action.


I suppose that's why they are the 'crazy' ex, as opposed to the ex we left on good terms.

Why must it be the crazy one and not the one we'd at least appreciate for their efforts? Well, because that's the way it is. Sometimes we get what we want, and sometimes we just get...a visit from our crazy ex. Them's the breaks, as they say.

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One of the reasons that the crazy ex gets it into their mind that returning to YOU might be a good idea is because on this day, April 30, 2022, we have a major player in the sky: Moon conjunct Uranus, and anytime we have a Uranus transit in the zodiac sign of Taurus, we will have to deal with mishaps like weird ex's trying to get back with us, as well as that moment of confusion when it comes to whether or not we want them back. Odd!


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As for being the ex that is considered crazy, this person will be directly affected by Uranus, and while this transit may blur the lines for them, placing them in the position of not being able to differentiate right from wrong, they may very well just think returning to you is a good idea.

Get ready for a shipment of "Oh no" because this ex is bringing plenty your way, during the New Moon in Taurus on a solar eclipse this April 30, 2022. You can sign for that package, or you can refuse.


This one's on you, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aquarius. 

Here's the horoscope for three zodiac signs whose crazy ex returns on April 30, 2022.

During a New Moon in Taurus solar eclipse no less. 

1. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Moon sextile Uranus may have you on edge during this day as if your intuition is telling you to beware of something, and yet, you can't put your finger on what it is you need to beware of. And then it hits you; your ex is back and they have reached out to you. They are now waiting on your word:

Can you get together with them, just to 'talk'? Hearing from this particular person is just about the last experience you wish to be a part of, and it will instill a stroke of anxiety in you, one that will last the entire day.


What's good is that this feeling of anxiousness won't last, and neither will the ex's pursuits of a good ol' conversation with you — the person in their life who seriously wants nothing to do with them. They will get the hint that you are not interested in returning the communication and they will skedaddle back to wherever they came from. You missed this bullet, Scorpio. Phew!

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2. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

Considering you've probably been in a committed relationship for a long time by now, the idea of a crazy ex returning once again is so preposterous, that it's hard for you to imagine this person as anyone other than the crazy person they once were. And that's exactly what they think you believe, too, which is why they are back and trying to convince you of what a sterling example of non-craziness they have turned into.


Just the idea of this person reaching out and starting up the conversation with, "I'm not the same person as I once was," makes your spine tingle with dread. It's over and it's been over for more time than you can even remember.

And yet, this person seems to have gone through some kind of spiritual awakening and now they believe they must back together with you. It looks like Moon sextile Uranus is making a fool out of someone who dared to think they were wise.

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)


The ex that will be reaching out to you on April 30 may not necessarily be a romantic ex, but more along the lines of a crazy friend ex, which gives them the idea that because it's platonic, it should be OK.

And, of course, it's so far from OK that you'll both shiver and laugh at the idea of accepting this person back into your life. This is someone whom you have come to understand as pure trouble; yes, they may be a ton of fun and one of the greatest friends you'll ever know, but they have a tendency to slowly-but-surely turn into a massive control freak, and your experience has shown you that when they turn, they turn on you.

You learned from experience that this is a really troubling person who is not satisfied until you are subservient to them, and for all of their 'platonic' seduction, this person is someone to avoid at all costs. Some friendships just aren't meant to last, and you've come to know this firsthand.

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