How To Find Out Everything About Your Ex Online — Without Getting Caught

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Whether you dated for five months or five years, it's hard to shake the memory of your ex. You spent time together. You cared about each other. You may have even lived together. And despite the fact that your lives have taken different paths, it's only natural to wonder where your ex has ended up.

What if one website could make it easy to peek into their life... without tipping them off that you uncovered their secrets? 

You need to try TruthFinder. This online tool was literally built to help people learn more about almost anyone in the United States (in fact, your own information is probably on this site). We've all done a little Facebook stalking, but this powerful search tool can uncover data that even Google can't easily find. It can uncover new phone numbers, criminal records, aliases, deep web photos, and tons more.

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Here's how it works — and how it can help you find out what your ex has been up to.

How To Find Details About Your Ex

Maybe they broke your heart. Maybe you just fell out of love. No matter how much time has passed, their information likely lives online because it's part of the public record. Local, state, and federal records offer a treasure trove of information that is legally and publicly accessible online.

This info comes from court dockets, police reports, marriage records, property ownership records, and census data, among other sources. Of course, if you don't know how to look through public records information, finding the data you really care about can be exhausting. TruthFinder makes it easy.

All you have to do is enter a person's first and last name, and TruthFinder does the rest. Trust me, it's pretty incredible to see: once you hit "search," the search engine compiles all of this incredible data from tons of sources into one easy-to-read report. It really makes you wonder what people can discover about you!

Your ex's report could include the following information:

  • Location History: Where are they living now? Maybe they finally made that big move to the city they always talked about.
  • Aliases: If you find an unfamiliar name listed on their report, there's a chance they've gotten married since you last spoke.
  • Social Media Profiles: If it was a messy breakup, they might have blocked you. But you can get a snapshot of their online life in their background report.
  • Jobs and Education: They always wanted to go back to school. Maybe they finally got that degree, or maybe they ended up with their dream job. Wouldn't you like to find out?
  • Even More Info: They were a vegan when you dated, but now they have a hunting license. They always wanted kids, and you discover their Amazon wish list includes toys for toddlers.

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How To Look Up Friends And Family (And Yourself)

TruthFinder is a pretty addictive tool. Once you start finding details about your ex, you might want to look up your friends, family members, coworkers, and even yourself! What’s on your report?

People have used TruthFinder to reconnect with old military friends, reach out to long-lost family members, and discover important details about their neighborhood safety. It's an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to stay safe in the digital age.

After all, everyone has secrets. You never know what someone is hiding in their personal history. Maybe it's something small, like an ancient traffic ticket — or maybe it's something major, like a criminal conviction.

I never thought I'd care about what was on my background report, but I had no idea what people could find out about me online: ancient email addresses I never deleted, an old link to my personal blog from high school (yikes), and even a ticket when I blew through a stop sign ages ago.

The best part? Once I became a TruthFinder member, I was able to pull as many background reports as I wanted. I looked up all of my exes and friends, and then I used the reverse address lookup to see who exactly lived around me. It was insightful — and a little scary!

All in all, I completely recommend this website to anyone who's curious about the people in their lives. Use it to check on your exes, look up yourself, and research the people you meet. You might be surprised by what you find!

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