Each Zodiac Sign's Horoscope For The Week Of April 25 - May 1, 2022

Trouble is stirring.

horoscope for all zodiac signs the week of april 25, 2022 t0 may 1, 2022

Your horoscope for the week of Monday, April 25 - Sunday, May 1, 2022 is here with an astrology forecast for each zodiac sign during the 2022 Taurus season.

Here's how the weekly horoscope and astrology forecast affects your zodiac sign throughout the week.

With the presence of Pluto retrograde coming our way, we may feel a drain on our energy this week, and though this transit does begin until the very end of the week, we won't be able to avoid feeling slightly 'tired', if not world-weary and ready for a break.


What's extraordinarily helpful during this time and during this week is the fact that we have our Sun in Taurus, which is the transit that won't let our energy sources become depleted.

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We also have some expansive energy to work with, thanks to the Jupiter influences, and this helps us heal. If we are having a rough go at something, Jupiter's positive vibe will aid in the healing of whatever ails us, whether it's health-related or mental.

This is a good week for mental health, however, and this is mainly because many of us will know when to call it a night. We aren't about overdoing anything this week, in fact, we're completely ready to keep a nice, orderly pace.

Communications will be both troublesome and awe-inspiring as the Gemini transits of the week will be bouncing us around like a ball. For some, this could imply that we'll either be upping our game in our love relationships, or, we'll be losing our minds over romance and intimacy. In the long run, it just depends on what your sign is. Let's find out now what's to come.

To find out what your horoscope is for the week of April 25 - May 1, 2022, check your zodiac sign below.


(March 21 - April 19)


This week, you'll be feeling very good about some of the recent decisions you've made, which will make you feel even better because while you were making them, you doubted that anything good could come of them.

Now, you can trust in yourself again. You're so used to worrying that your anxiety has gotten the best of you, and you no longer wish to be defined or associated with anxiety. All of your friends think of you as 'the nervous wreck' and those days just have to end soon — especially considering you've succeeded in choosing the right path for yourself.

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(April 20 - May 20)


This week brings you the idea of trying hard and getting what you want. If you've learned one thing in this life, so far, it's that you are the one who makes things happen. Waiting for others to fulfill your dreams is a waste of time.

You are the one who is your own agent of change, and this week makes that crystal clear. You foresee success in your creative endeavors because you are ready to commit to being a participant in your own life, rather than a bystander. Life at home feels better, too.

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(May 21 - June 20)

This week, if you aren't on the road, traveling for work, then you are at home planning on some wild adventure that might very well take you across the planet to some interesting and new destination.


You are charged up with the idea of doing something new and exciting, and this is the week where all of that starts to gel as a plan. You are working on energy that makes you feel as though you're wasting your life and that you need refreshing change. You'd be right. One's time on Earth is limited, so get out there and experience it!

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(June 21 - July 22)

What you need is what you will be attempting to get, this week, and that would be time alone. You need to clear your head as it seems that you've been through something highly emotional as of recently and you need to clarity that being alone gives you.


You know you can handle it, and that all of the responsibilities of the week will be tended to — what's most important to you, however, is just finding the time to be on your own without the noise and confusion of other opinions or directions.

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(July 23 - August 22)

There's a good chance you'll be stiffed out of some money this week, and that is not only unfair, it's ridiculous and definitely something you will not stand for. It seems as though there is someone in your life who is playing you for a fool.

This person literally thinks they can get over on you, and wow, have they ever made a mistake. Talk about poor judgement skills. Well, you will be reading them the riot act in more ways than one, and...you'll get your money, to boot!


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(August 23 - September 22)

You've just about had it with someone in your place of work, and you will probably let loose your temper on them this week. There's advice here, as communications can go wacky during the week: watch what you say to this person as it seems they are keeping track of your 'bad moves.'

You think that your seniority is going to protect you, but this is not true. This fellow worker has it in for you, and it doesn't matter if they are there for two day or twenty years — they are much more vicious than you think. Watch your back, Virgo.


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(September 23 - October 22)

It's business as usual for you, although this week may have you putting in a little more than you generally tend to. You won't complain but you will notice. Plus, the people who work with you are not fond of how things have been turning out, and there's a feeling of 'mutiny' so to speak.

Others in your position are feeling rebellious, as if they can actually do something to make things feel more fair. Unfortunately, nothing will come of this mutinous attitudes and someone in your place of employment will lose their job for their seditious behavior.

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(October 23 - November 21)

Your usual controlled calm is about to be seriously interrupted with major silliness. This week brings playtime to those who have been overworked and you certain qualify for this pleasure.

While you may come across as self-obsessed or too indulgent, you won't have to care what others think of you because you'll find something that will engage you so completely this week, that everything else will seem like unnecessary noise. This is what passion brings you, Scorpio; fun, frolic, senseless giddy good times ahead. Are these events meaningful? Only in so much as they bring you happiness.

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(November 22 - December 21)

You will get a taste of what being generous brings you this week, Sagittarius, and that feeling is pure joy. You will be buying someone special a gift this week; either that, or the person you've treated will be receiving that gift during the week, and their immense happiness will make you feel so good and so grateful for your ability to provide in such a manner.

You are filled with gratitude this week and it will inspire you to continue working as hard as you do now so that you can afford to treat friends and family with more gifts and things of love.

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(December 22 - January 19)

Temptation is what rules your week, and the choice will be yours as to whether or not you give in. You sense the doom and dread of Pluto retrograde, and it's pushing you to feel like you need to take a risk in order to feel lively again.

You could do a lot of damage if you don't watch yourself during this phase. This could cover a lot of area, too, meaning, you could jeopardize your romantic relationship if you do the wrong thing, OR, you might end up doing something less than wonderful to your health. Stay on target if you can, Capricorn.


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(January 20 - February 18)

Creativity is what your week is comprised of, and if it means that you have to lose yourself in order to find yourself, then have fun doing so, Aquarius. You rarely get the kind of time you'll have this week to invest such creative skills in, so strike while the iron is hot, my friend.

There are opportunities all around you, and this isn't just metaphorical. You'll be receiving one such opportunity to do some professional creative work. Say yes now, and figure it out later. The name of the game is 'be creative'. Do it.

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(February 19 - March 10)

You'll be cutting corners this week as it occurs to you that so much of what makes up your household goes to waste. You absolutely do not like wasting things, especially food, and it will be during this week that you make a firm commitment to change your lifestyle.

OK, so you got lazy and forgot what it's like to be conscientious. Now, things are changing and you want to get on board. This is a very positive week for you, and it starts out by acknowledging what you've done wrong with a realistic plan to make things right again.

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