3 Zodiac Signs Who Want To Breakup During The Moon Square Pluto Starting March 21, 2022

It was never going to work out.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Want To Breakup During The Moon Square Pluto Starting March 21, 2022

Moon square Pluto is just the kind of transit that will press us to make an important decision and to do it now.

There's something about this transit that lacks patience, and if there's something must be done that's and avoided, today is the day to tackle it and mark it done.

And for those of us who are in relationships that we've already admitted to ourselves are gone, done, and over with, it's time to do the hard thing — break up once and for all.


While breaking up is hard to do, when we're at the point where it seems feasible, it also feels like it can't happen fast enough. Nobody 'likes' breaking up, but nobody likes staying in a relationship that is either dead or just plain awful.

Just ask the folks who stay married forever to people they can't stand. The only reason they never ended it was because of the fear of the unknown. And that's what we need to trust in: the unknown.

We always assume the unknown is filled with darkness and isolation when all it is, is unknown. And the unknown has just as much potential for happiness as it does for unhappiness. It's unknown; we can't project disaster simply because we don't know.


And that is what keeps people together, even when they can't stand to look at each other. That, and the fact that people must think they are going to live forever, which, by the way, is not going to happen.

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So, keep this in mind: Life is short. Don't waste your time feeling obligated to be someone's partner if the partnership is a dead weight on your soul. Break up with own your decision. Trust that the universe has plenty of good in store for you.


Heartbreaking? Yes, but for the 3 zodiac signs whose relationship ends, it’s the start of a new beginning, March 21, 2022.


(May 21 - June 20)

You're feeling strong today, and your mind is on point. You know what you have to do, and you're ready to make a move. Because Moon square Pluto is there to boost your energy levels and add to your concentration, you'll be able to swiftly end a relationship that is no longer alive and well.

Who you’re with now may not even be the relationship you are in right now, which implies that you have two or more partnerships going, and one of them has to end now.

So, if you are in a committed relationship and you've gone outside that relationship where you became involved with someone, that is the relationship that will end today.


When to let go is a lesson to you, and one that ‘got away’ comes in harshly — it's telling you to be more careful with what you consider precious. If you love your mate, be honest with them. Don't cheat and put yourself into this position again.

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(October 23 - November 21)

There's just so much you can take, and the person who has gotten on your last nerve is now the person you must remove from your life. Let's face it; you made a mistake.

Your judgment was way off, and you believed that the person you got involved romantically with was someone you could trust. You’ve discovered that this person is playing you, using you, and your ego is having difficulty accepting that you could be played this way.


Yet, it has happened, and it angers you to your core. To save face, you will have to do one thing: end it. Now. While this may have been one of your biggest mistakes, it's not a hopeless one.

You will learn from this, and you will feel a great sense of freedom the second you throw the bum out.

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(December 22 - January 19)

In your mind, you dream of breaking up with the person you've been with for years. You've never done it, and you probably never will, but that doesn't mean you haven't threatened it. During Moon square Pluto, you will do more than threaten, Capricorn.


You will walk out the door in frustration.

You are with a difficult person, and they only seem to be getting more difficult as the years pass.

You don't know if you can stand another minute of their presence as they've started to represent a failure to you — which is an absolute no-no in the Capricorn world.


Will this walk-out be permanent? In your mind, yes. But in reality, you'll drag yourself back, and you will, once again, maintain your post as a suffering martyr in a relationship that desperately needs to end.

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