3 Zodiac Signs Who Have A Great Horoscope On March 25, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Have A Great Horoscope On March 25, 2022

As the energy slows on Friday, you are reminded that there is great benefit from simply surrendering to the flow of life and a subtle peace.  

March 25, 2022, marks the Half-Moon or crescent moon phase, in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, and it is asking you to look at what you need to surrender to and accept so that you can manifest your intentions with greater intensity. 

The crescent Moon phase in astrology is symbolical of letting go, release, fertility, new opportunities, and the ebb and flow in the cycle of life and death.  

In Capricorn, it is asking you to look at the balance between obligation and dreams, what you value versus what you are giving the most time to, and where you are holding on in your life that you are being guided to let go of.  

As you are being guided to see, a fulfilled satisfying life is one that is knowing when to work and when to let go and trust.  

There has been a lot of work done recently in your life, your beliefs, and what is standing in the way of you living the life that you dream of.  

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At a certain point though if it is not manifesting, it is not always about more work but recognizing that it isn't coming together because that path isn't meant for you. Surrender to the flow of life today.  

Allow yourself to not do anything today but instead see what comes instead. There is an auspicious meeting of the Capricorn crescent moon and Uranus today which will heighten your intuition and let you have that internal certainty that change is on the way. 

It is just that sometimes all you must do is simply allow it to come. 

Here are the horoscopes for 3 zodiac signs who have a great day on March 25, 2022.

1. Capricorn  

(December 22 - January 19) 

With the crescent moon occurring in your zodiac sign today it is an excellent omen that there is something important for you to release so that you can create more space in your life for what it is you want.

Yesterday’s energy would have guided you to reflect and notice how you felt when you booked a trip, hung out with friends, or even had a romantic night in.

The same internal fill-up that you get from work is possible to achieve from spending fun time with people that are close to you.

You often just need to see that. Today gives you a chance to renegotiate your life terms, so that life is about more than just getting things done, it is about enjoying them too.

This is not a work mentality though but either the releasing of something or surrendering to it. It might be that you have too much on your plate, or you are the go-to person in your workspace, whatever comes up or feels like it is in the way of the life you are living and the one you dream of must go.

There is also a lot of peace that arises when you can just accept things as they are and realize you should not have to try that hard to be happy.  

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2. Cancer  

(June 21 - July 22) 

While Capricorn is being asked to focus on releasing with the moon currently in that sign, you are going to be having that spotlight shine a little bit closer to home. Anything in Capricorn always lights up the relationships in your life.

Usually romantic, it does not have to be and can also include any personal relationships that are significant to you. With the energy here today, it is about recognizing the flow that exists within everything in life.

Something cannot begin unless something else ends first. It is a cycle and while you might try to hold onto a relationship or person for security, you cannot get that new beginning while doing that.

Today should invite you into a greater sense of confidence and security at recognizing this pattern and being okay that you must let go sometimes to create space. It will come down to what seems stable and secure in your life and if it does not, then there is really no reason to hang onto it.

But today should also bring some opportunity to grow or at the very least plant the seeds for what you want to manifest in the future. Just remember it is all a give and take.  

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3. Taurus  

(April 20 - May 20) 

As Uranus in your zodiac sign snuggles up to the moon later today, you will feel your intuition heighten. This is important for you because even though you innately have a profound sense of intuition you often discount it because it lacks logical rationale.

But tonight especially is one where you are going to be getting intuitive hits and downloads about things that will be or are currently starting to change in your life. Instead of feeling anxious over this though there should be peaceful energy within it all allowing you to make the most of the energy.

Make sure that you write down any ideas that you get or file them away for later so that you do not miss the opportune energy that surrounds you today.

Especially as a sign that is going to be going through drastic changes over the next year because of Uranus and the eclipses moving through your zodiac sign,

it is important to harness these moments of intuition and calm. It is also something to remind yourself of in the future because change is never something you should fear.  

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