3 Zodiac Signs Who Find Their Soulmate During The Moon Square Jupiter Starting March 9, 2022

The one who was meant to be.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Find Their Soulmate During The Moon Square Jupiter Starting March 9, 2022 Vildana Hasanagic/Shutterstock.com

Everyone wants to find their soulmate, and sometimes it feels impossible to do after a string of disappointing relationships.

Moon square Jupiter belongs to those who have the biggest hearts among us. Certain zodiac signs are more prone to kindness and sweet behavior, and while those are also the zodiac signs that tend to suffer heartbreak and sadness, they are also the people who believe in love.

These people spend a lot of time alone, because they don't want to waste their time working with the energy of those who aren't truly loving, and these folks have come to realize that the only romance they will ever know will be in the form of a soul mate.


Moon square Jupiter brings out our sappiest, most adorable, most over the top romantic notions, and finding a soulmate is at the top of the list.

Jupiter expands emotions, and when it makes a connection to the Moon, the symbol of our past lives and feelings, we have the potential for a soulmate connection.

Thanks to the universal Law of Attraction, we can attract to ourselves exactly what we need and what we want, and because this transit is all about love, kindness, and togetherness, there will be a few lovely zodiac signs here that will find the one that was meant to be 'their own.'

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Most people don't believe in soulmates, but...does it matter? Does it really matter what label we call the person who really does the trick for us?

Because during Moon square Jupiter, 3 signs of the Zodiac will absolutely meet the person they will fall head over heels in love with, and they might call that person 'soulmate,' whether we like it or not.

So, if you're looking, and are one of these 3 zodiac signs, you may find your soulmate on March 9, 2022 during the Moon square Jupiter transit.


(June 21 - July 22)

You like stability; this is known. You're not the person who dates everyone they find attractive, and even though your libido is just as active and alive as anyone else's, you prefer to be with someone you love.


Casual sex is a waste of time to you, which is why, if you're going to share love with someone, you want that person to be even more than special — you want a soulmate.

And you are the one who defines what soulmate is, in this case.

There's someone you are going to meet that may just fulfill this bill, and that's going to happen during Moon square Jupiter, on or around the 9th of March. What you desire is a love you can trust with your life, and you're about to meet that person very soon.

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(September 23 - October 22)

You've had your share of romantic relationships, and just the idea that there have been as many as all that makes you feel tired.


Sure, when you were very young, it seemed a cool thing to do: get involved, break up, and get involved again.

If only you had met the right person — if only ONE of those romances was what you actually wanted, things would be so different today.

And that is what you dream of, Libra: a soulmate love who will surpass all the others. This is your season for love. Moon square Jupiter can bring this to you, but in order for this to happen, you have to admit to yourself that it's not about the numbers, but about the quality of the person.

Your quality person is your soulmate, and they will make themselves known to you during this transit.

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(November 22 - December 21)

You have spent the majority of your life believing in love and the idea of that one special person — the one that is supposedly 'meant' for you. You have longed for a soulmate to spend your life with, and you've known a few people in your life who might have fit the bill.

That little thing called 'life' got in the way more than once, and so you moved on, still wanting, still unsatisfied, still hopeful.


Moon square Jupiter brings out your best side, and when you are at your shiniest, you attract the shiniest people in return. Soulmates shine like diamonds, and they are recognized by our souls. You'll spot that person over the next few days, and you'll know that they do indeed have what it takes to become your soulmate.

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