3 Zodiac Signs Who Find A Lost Love During Venus Conjunct Pluto Starting March 3, 2022

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zodiac signs who find a lost love on march 3, 2022

Three zodiac signs who find a lost love on March 3, 2022, can put the blame on Venus or maybe Pluto.

When we have a transit such as Venus conjunction Pluto, our intuition is sparked, and we may be entitled to receiving great insight, especially when it comes to love.

The doors to our mind are opening, and what we may find could surprise us, considering there's a good chance we will stumble upon a long-lost love that is just waiting to be discovered.

What a strange idea — a lost love, returning, or rather, waiting to be re-discovered. So strange that when it does happen, and it will, we will be shocked by the obviousness of it.

Life is so convoluted and complex, and even though we gain experience, we tend to forget what we left behind, and sometimes what we leave behind are people who meant something to us.

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Time and life happen, and before we know it, the people who made up our past are now forgotten. That's where Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto comes in to shake things up a bit.

March 3 brings this lost love back into view for Gemini, Cancer and Scorpio zodiac signs. 

Certain signs of the zodiac will have the pleasure of remembering some good old times with special people, and for some, that remembrance will hold a revelation: there is someone in our lives, a person from the past, that we not only loved but was someone we once thought could be 'the one' in our romantic world. Yet, we missed that opportunity because that's what life had in store for us.

On Thursday, Venus conjunction Pluto will transit our sky and will bring with it memories that need revisiting.

What we do with this information will be up to us, however, knowing this person is still there, still wonderful, still amazing — will make us question ourselves: Did we make a mistake, so long ago, by not holding tightly to this loving person? We shall see, as old love makes itself known once again during Venus conjunction Pluto.

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So, when Venus conjuncts Pluto on March 3, 2022, there are 3 zodiac signs who find a lost love, per astrology ...

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

Because you've been a little more socially active these days, you'll be running into a lot of old friends. As the weather gets nicer, you'll be out and about, and so will so many other people in your life — especially the people from your distant past.

It's funny how you've all gravitated to the same area, and it does seem as though the same habits of attending this place or that stomping ground are still in effect.

During Venus conjunction Pluto you will run into 'the one that got away' and it will stir up such intense emotions in you, Gemini, that you'll have to catch your breath.

You are with someone else now, and a lifetime's worth of experience is between you and this lost love, but the timing is off and you can do nothing but cherish the time once spent together while wishing this person well for the days to come.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

Venus conjunction Pluto is getting you at a very vulnerable time in your life, and will present to you a person from your past, someone you once thought was 'the one.'

What you did not expect was that this person would approach you again, as if out of nowhere. You'll be caught off guard and you will not know how to respond.

They will take this well enough, as they realize how surprising their appearance may be to you. Nonetheless, seeing them again, this lost love of yours, will jar you and make you feel more inhibited than accessible to them.

You're not ready for your lost love to return, Cancer. And though it's nice to see them again, you don't really understand why they are here or what they want from you.

While it's essentially a sweet meeting, it's not on your terms, and these days, you only work with what you can control.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

There's a very good reason that you will find a lost love during Venus conjunction Pluto, on March 3, and that is because you have been in an active pursuit of this person for years. It's like they went AWOL years ago, and you somehow lost contact with them. This is a person whom you not only loved but had it in mind to build a life with them.

You lived it up together and then went your separate ways. The old days were incredible, and you've kept it in your mind that you've never had as much fun as you did with this person.

And, during this transit, you will locate them and yes, Scorpio, you will reach out to them.

Will they be open to your advances? Will they see you in the same light as you see them? That remains to be seen, but you will definitely find this lost love, and you will let them know that you are still alive.

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