3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day February 4, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day February 4, 2022

Today offers an astrologically active day for three zodiac signs — Virgo, Aquarius, and Pisces.

Several lunar transits on Friday, February 4, 2022 finally help us to understand and explain what we’ve been going through.

The feeling of not being able to put a finger on our emotions or share with others the burdens in our minds and hearts has been an ongoing theme for so many of us because of Venus and Mercury retrogrades for the past month.

But all that is shifting today.

Mercury finally turned direct yesterday, just before midnight, so today gives us a break in the recent heaviness and sense of overwhelm we have been feeling.

Friday is finally a great day for three zodiac signs, and it will feel like a huge relief.

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Coinciding with the first full day of having all planets direct since the middle of last year we have multiple transits today that are all about communication and deep realizations.

When we have all planets direct in our skies it means that it’s an intense time for action, movement, and change.

This lets us move past any restrictions or blockages that we’ve felt so that it feels like everything within us is on the same operating level. Both our head and heart are headed in the same direction.

While the Moon is still in Pisces it will form a sextile to Mercury letting conversations just flow without us feeling as guarded about what we’re saying.

Before going into Aries midday, the Moon will also be sextile to both Pluto and Jupiter. Together these energies are about us truly embracing our deepest desires and truths and then exploring ways to integrate them into our lives.

This has been the theme for the past month.

Not to just learn about what we value most and what we need but also being able to no longer repress those parts of ourselves that make us who we are but instead realize that we can’t ever feel free if we’re the one setting ourselves in a cage.

Because until we’ve become aware of how we restrict ourselves, we’ll never be able to truly set ourselves free.

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The 3 zodiac signs who will have a great day today, Friday, February 4, 2022:

1. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20) 

With the Moon in your zodiac sign for the three different transits today there will be a lot of activity around you. Whenever the Moon is in your sign you feel more like yourself. You’re better able to feel your truth and to embody those Piscean qualities that make you so unique.

But when the Moon forms different transits to other planets, in this case, three sextiles to Mercury, Pluto, and Jupiter there is a rising intensity. Because these three planets represent such various areas of yourself and your life the effects will be far-reaching.

Mercury governs communication, Pluto the unseen or subconscious feelings and desires, and Jupiter abundance, luck, and the expansion of whatever area of your life it touches.

Today is a big day Pisces, not just in terms of what may come up but also for your sense of self as it seems there is a big corner you’re turning.

It seems things may be finally coming together today so that life or recent events start to make more sense. But the other big news is that today also brings the energy of Mars in Capricorn sextile Jupiter in Pisces helping bring some big ambitious energy to anything that you’ve been considering lately.

While there is so much going on in the skies affecting your first house of self, it’s a clear sign that once you get the inside right, the outside will then follow.

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2. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

You’re still having the energetic boost of the New Moon that we just experienced a few days ago, today’s aspects will only magnify that. With the Moon moving into Aries lighting up your third house today you will feel a shift to moving towards a greater understanding of things that you’ve been moving through in your life.

There is also a conjunction between the Sun and Saturn in your sign today which encourages you to take accountability for your part in what has been going on and also represents a need that you’ll have for others in your life to do the same.

Friday is about owning our part in whatever has been going on and an opportunity to move past some big hurdles that have been taking up space in your head and heart.

During this transit, there will also be a level of living up to what you expect for yourself which will be even stronger than any expectations that others may have of you.

Between your third house of communication and understanding and your second house of value being activated, it’s a day to remember what matters most to you and to make sure to hold yourself accountable for that, not letting anything else distract you.

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3. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

While there aren’t any big happenings in your sign at the moment with so much happening in Pisces this will light up your seventh house of relationships. This will affect dating, relationships and even how you’re feeling about love and romance.

It’s set to be a big year for you with Jupiter in this sign spending much of this next year helping this sector of your house.

Today brings up the truth about how you and another person feel and leads to some important conversations about what to do in the future.

Jupiter expands whatever he touches and today in the sextile with Mars it hits your eighth house of sex and passion as well so this could be set to be a day that not only is packed with truth and some big realizations but also the opportunity for some powerful connection as well.

A lot of what will be happening for you this year will take time, but it doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to wait until the end of the year to see results. Part of Jupiter in Pisces is all about you being more positive for what is to come and how you feel about things in your life.

Let today’s transit give you that boost to break free from whatever has been holding you back from living your truth.

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