3 Zodiac Signs Who Reconcile With Their True Love During New Moon Starting February 1, 2022

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Reconcile With Their True Love During The New Moon Starting February 1, 2022

We need to talk about the New Moon. Generally, when we have a New Moon, we ourselves are in the beginning stages of a transition that could affect the rest of our lives. 

The New Moon is when we get our ideas we then take those ideas and adapt to them, and by the time our Moon in Full, we may be well on our way to manifesting whatever it is that we began at the time of the New Moon.

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This New Moon falls in Aquarius, on February 1, 2022, and will stimulate us in such a way that all we really want is 'to get along.' 

There are times in a person's life when the drama and the craziness are just too much. We crave simplicity, and we can also see ways to make that simplicity possible.

During the New Moon, we will see our mistakes and we will get a chance to rectify them. 

If this means that we will reach out to someone we love, then this reunion is particularly auspicious. This is, after all, the time for reunions with old loves, and reconciliation with the loves that we call 'true.'

3 Zodiac Signs Who Reconcile With Their True Love During New Moon Starting February 1, 2022:


(June 21 - July 22)

You've never let this person out of your heart, and though they may live separately from you at this point, it's as if the two of you can feel each other, through the distance. 

The New Moon is where it all starts up again, as you both have been harboring feelings for each other for way too long, and something's gotta give, as they say. 

This is your true love, the person that for some reason, time and fate took away from you...though they still do exist and honestly, they feel the same way as you do. 

This is the transit that has the power to start the motion up again. If you both want to be back in each other's lives, then one of you has to make the first move.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Your true love has always been alive and well in your heart, no matter how many miles, years or other relationships have come between the two of you. 

During the New Moon, thoughts of this person will become almost obsessive, and you'll start to think that if you're thinking this much about them, then they must be thinking of you in the same way. 

You'd be right. Now, all that's left is to take this thinking and make it into reality. Are you ready to take this to the next level, Virgo? You know you want it, and you know they do too...now, it's all on one of you to do the reaching out. Knowing you, you will be the first to suggest a reconciliation with this true love of yours.

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(February 19 - March 10)

There's only one person who can fit the bill of 'true love' in your life, and you've been through way too much with this person to even consider reconciling with them. 

Yet, that's all you really want. During the New Moon, the idea of getting back together with this person will be all-consuming, and you may just get the chance to at least 'feel them out' on this idea. That's one thing the two of you had in common. 

The ease by which you could communicate. The New Moon makes communications inspired and easier. Use this transit to get what you want, if this kind of reconciliation is what you want, of course. It can be so, if you wish it to be so.

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