3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 13, 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 13, 2021

As we see both Mars and Mercury change signs today, three zodiac signs who will have a great day on December 13, 2021, will feel a shift in our priorities as well as a change in what we hope to accomplish or manifest.

Under the Aries Moon, we are feeling driven to pursue what is most passionate to us.

The Moon is ruled by the water sign of Cancer, but in Aries, she feels everything more deeply. She becomes aware of what it is she truly wants, and she takes more decisive action to create it.

Adding to this burst of focused energy under our Sag Sun is Mars and Mercury, both changing signs today.

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Mars has been in Scorpio which has been about exploring our truth and exposing the parts of ourselves that normally stay hidden but in Sagittarius, it suddenly starts to look at the future.

We’re not concerned as much about the past or even the present moment but instead feel inspired to experience all that we can dream of.

Mars is bigger here, more driven, and more expansive.

But as we know we can’t create anything without planning first and this is where it gets interesting with Mercury moving into Cappy.

Mercury governs our thoughts and how we communicate, while he was moving through Sag we likely were overthinking at times putting a little more of a philosophical or self-serving spin on things than necessary.

We got tied up in all the options and truthfully a little lost.

But in Cappy, Mercury gets grounded.

This pairing creates a solid foundation for us to be able to think through challenges and obstacles as well as helps us be very clear in our communication with others.

Plus, the benefit of this earth sign is that it will continue to work for what it wants and what it believes in most deeply.

Together these two will be bringing in a much-needed energy shift for us to get more focused and clearer about what exactly we want to come next in our lives.

Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On December 13, 2021:


(December 22 - January 19)

Venus has been hanging out in your sign already for over a month which has been helping you look at what you truly value and how you feel valued in your interactions and relationships with others.

There’s still a great deal of truth and reflection to come as she stays in close proximity to Pluto through the beginning of January but there is some great benefit coming in today.

With there being so much fire energy around and Venus slowing way down for her retrograde you likely have felt a bit of a stop and go when it comes to situations or even feelings in your life.

Even on the good days, it was like you could still feel an energetic slowness or haze that was somehow blocking you. That all changes today as Mercury moves into your zodiac sign until the first of January.

This will activate your first house along with Venus and Pluto which is a really interesting combination of planets suggesting that you are on the threshold of making some major life changes that have to do with your own self-worth as well as having your outer life better match your inner self.

Today will bring great opportunities for some important conversations and for you to start sharing some of your plans with others. This is the part of the story where it’s full steam ahead, enjoy it.

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(October 23 - November 21)

Having Mars move through your sign can be wonderful but also a bit exhausting. It’s like a constant excavation of everything that has been lurking in the depths or that you’ve felt blocked on pursuing or changing.

It helps you get focused on the parts of yourself that are actually working against what you really want, but it seldom is easy.

After a long stint in your sign, he’s finally moving onto Sag which means you can finally have a chance to breathe. Things should be looking and feeling more positive for you today.

The work that you are just wrapping up thanks to Mars in Scorpio will be processed through the beginning of his reign in Sag. The focus will also shift from pursuing and living your authentic truth to really looking at what is of value to you as Sag rules your second house.

These are the pieces of life that matter most to you and include everything from how you want to live to who is most important to you, but it also involves how valued you feel to others.

This will be the start of you incorporating the lessons you learned while Mars was in your sign so that now you can build a brand-new chapter on what you’ve come to realize matters most.

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(July 23 - August 22)

With fellow fire signs both Sag and Aries being activated today it’s a day for you to feel confident and sure of your next steps. As we’re seeing Mars finally leave the water sign of Scorpio, you’ll be feeling like you’re back on solid footing once again.

It’s likely that you have felt unsure of what direction to go in next or even what it was that you wanted.

All that changes today. It may feel like you have a sudden realization or even several that leave you feeling like finally, life is making sense again.

Instead of feeling blocked or overwhelmed by the past or even your feelings, you’ll be ready to charge ahead today with both the moon and Mars in fire signs. This inspires both your emotions and your motivation to pursue and go after what it is you truly feel called to do.

With both Aries and Sag being hit today it will activate your ninth and fifth houses. These rule your sense of spirituality and pleasure. Life will make more sense today for you, the path ahead will be clearer and because of that, it will feel like you can finally get back to what you do best, enjoying life to the fullest.

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