Weekly Love Horoscope For November 29 - December 5, 2021

What a week for love.

Weekly Love Horoscope For November 29 - December 5, 2021

Your weekly love horoscope for November 29, 2021 to December 5, 2021 is here with predictions for relationships, romance for singles, couples, and married zodiac signs.

This week's love horoscope can be a little chaotic to navigate for the signs as relationships and love are up and down.

This week kicks off with the Moon being in Libra. In this position, our heart’s desires are at the forefront of our thoughts.


We cannot get that special someone out of our heads and will do anything to make sure that they see as much happiness in life as they bring you.

But be aware of rose-colored glasses that make it impossible to speak on red flags you’re not addressing.

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With the Libra Moon square with Venus in Capricorn, there can be an uptick in passive-aggressive remarks.

We don’t want to pop the love bubble we are in but we actively contribute to polluting it when someone within a connection is not working through problems with mature conversation, but rather causal digs and playing mental games.


This can come to a head when the Moon moves into Scorpio, especially as it becomes square with Saturn in Aquarius, where some may feel as though the relationship they thought would last forever is truly a big mistake.

Some couples may feel as though their partner has never made the effort to really understand them, which can lead to withdrawal and even breakups.

But have no fear!

Towards the end of the week, we will see justice reign true, especially for couples who put in the work. Love will return to bliss and even in flaws, there will be an energy of perfection within your connection.

How will this week influence your love life?

Weekly Love Horoscope For November 22 - 28, 2021:


Aries, this week it’s important that you give your partner space and freedom to be themselves. Your connection will not be sustainable if you put too much pressure on you as a unit.


Having the ability to express yourself outside of the “we” you’ve become is important. Your partner, and yourself, having your own separate identities is a good thing.

Do not lose yourself in a connection. You lived without their existence before, and if it were to happen again, you would survive.

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Taurus, don’t hesitate to establish a new routine within your romantic connections. Don’t fall into old patterns, no matter how easy they may be to re-visit.

You know the outcome, they are tried and true. It can feel more natural to return to habits that you and your partner or crush swore you wouldn’t return to.


Don’t repeat the past anymore, change the path you’re on.

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Gemini, don’t fall for the first person who offers their hand. Fall for the person who reflects back all of the things you love about yourself.

If you are seeking a new partner try to find someone you can connect with on similar interests. This will keep you much more entertained. I

t’s not a bad thing that you can’t connect to people who are so different from you.

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Cancer, how can you expect to grow in your partnership if you aren’t advocating for your needs in the foundation of the relationship?


You don’t need to please your partner by being easy going; in fact, when you do this, you do the opposite.

Be outspoken about what you expect or need from this connection so later down the line you aren’t left wondering why it feels as though they don’t know you very well at all.

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Leo, sometimes you aren’t great at showing others how much you care for them. People often fawn at your feet and offer you praise, and while you appreciate it, this may not be communicated back to them effectively.

This week try to focus on how you can show your love instead of steamrolling through it. Your partner needs the worship you receive, divine one.



Virgo, the most beautiful ways you are able to express your love this week is unlocked when you keep a calm and level head.

The stress that you eliminate this week will help you find that loving others and being loved is the easiest, most natural thing in this universe. Try to simplify what is on your agenda and go back to basics.

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Libra, you must apologize to your partner. You must make a priority of admitting when you are the one who made the mistakes instead of searching the world to find a scapegoat.

You are imperfect, capable of hurting others, and being flawed. This doesn’t make you a bad lover. However, not having the ability to admit when you were wrong does.


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Scorpio, people may think you play around a lot and that it’s hard to lock you down, but truly you just want to find the one person you can trust in this world and love them with everything you have.

Don’t associate dating or getting to know someone as being a player. Keep your standards high; you have been burned and while you nurse your wounds it’s important you continue to protect yourself.


Sagittarius, you are the motivating factor to a happy relationship. However, your partner’s happiness can not be derived strictly from you.


You would give anything to see them smile, even at your expense. Sometimes this brings you to a point of exhaustion and unconscious resentment.

You cannot be enough, in any lifetime, to bring your partner the peace they need to find themselves.

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Capricorn, if they are not able to see all you are doing for them, especially after an exuberant amount of time, they never will.

There comes a time where you have to know you’ve done all you can and walk away from situations that take more than they give. You cannot continue to pour into someone who can’t thank you for all you’ve provided. You deserve better than this.


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Aquarius, was it love or the excitement of something new? Going forward you may want to practice not getting into a commitment when you’re excited about the rush of things.

It’s okay to enjoy the slow burn and to honor your heart’s wishes of recognizing when the flame has been extinguished.


Pisces, this week you are focused only on finding the truth within your crush's true intentions.

Something doesn’t feel right and the more you ignore it the more resentful you become. Try to open up the conversation without placing judgment before hearing their side. You may be surprised by what you hear.


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