3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love During The Month Of November 2021

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love November 2021

Welcome to the insane astrology of November, where we kicked off with Moon in Libra, making love feel questionable for many zodiac signs.

So, you went ahead and did that thing you promised yourself you'd never do — you went and fell in love. But that was then and this is now, and being that you are spontaneous and free-spirited, you did what you knew would happen: you fell out of love.

Well, you weren't alone. You had the push of the Moon in Libra to speed things up, and honestly, you're only being true to yourself. That's part of what this month's horoscope brings out in people.

Sometimes what might sound like tragedy or let-down is really just the universe balancing the scales for us. When we fall out of love, what we're really doing is being honest with ourselves. It was great while it lasted, and now, it's kaput.

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Are you feeling as though maybe you don't have the same level of infatuation for your person as you once did?

Do you think that you'd be happier if the pressure wasn't on you to be in love?

Have you been having that conversation with your person where you discuss the meaning behind 'being in love' and 'loving a person'?

You'd be surprised how insulted people can get when you tell them you love them but are not 'in love' with them.

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Why The Taurus, Gemini & Leo Zodiac Signs Will Fall Out Of Love During November 2021:


(April 20 - May 20)

You've just been told that you are the most special person in someone's life and that they are madly in love with you.

Your first reaction is a trembling smile and a nervous stomach. Sure, this person is the bee's knees and all, and you could probably see yourself sticking with them for a long time, if not forever but 'in love' with them? Nah ah.

The month of November gives you clarity; and with a clear mind and honesty in your heart, you know for sure that you no longer have that same spark of love for your special person.

Do you love them? Oh yes, you do, but are you in love? Well, you might have been only a few short days ago, but you're fickle — and you like being fickle.

And what your fickleness tells you is exactly what the Moon In Libra is telling you: You are no longer in love with the person in question.

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(May 21 - June 20)

Nobody loves to throw themselves into the madness and mayhem of being in love more than you, Gemini. In fact, if you could only maintain that kind of magical romance, it would be ideal.

What you do know is that — with the astrology of the month of November — you see rationally, and you know the state of being in love can't last.

You don't want to hurt your partner by telling them that this is how you feel, but you aren't fawning over them 24-7, either ... and they've noticed.

You might expect a confrontation this week, as this transit likes to clear the air with truths, both necessary and unnecessary.

Nothing lost here, Gemini — you may not be in love any longer, but the love you do have is long-lasting and loyal. Do we really need more?

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(July 23 - August 22)

You take your love extremely seriously, Leo, and when you fall in love, you're the kind who goes out of your way to make your partner feel like every day is a great day.

You pride yourself on being in love as if being in love is some kind of badge of honor — you've climbed to the top of the vulnerability heap and you've still maintained your heart on your sleeve and your crown on your head.

Until Moon In Libra started off the month of November and disrupted the picture.

You don't like yourself now. You are disappointed in yourself for falling out of love, but, but, but — you can't help it. It just happened and now you think there's something wrong with you.

How could you just stop being in love with a person? Back up, Leo. This happens to just about everyone, and sometimes NOT being in love only strengthens the solidity of the real love you have for each other.

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